The Expanding App of Skout

In recent news, the new social app known as Skout has created a new holiday that is called the national potato chip day. This fun yet ridiculous holiday was created for the purpose of introducing the Skout app to individuals around the world. As potato chips are a product that is loved around the world, the creators of Skout decided to have an icebreaker through this new holiday to introduce the world to this app based around social life. National potato chip day was officially celebrated with a survey that consisted of over 3,000 individuals. The survey asked questions that cleverly tied in each individual’s potato chip preference with their daily routines and preferences.

This survey that was conducted in March showed that there was a result that showed that within the 3,000 individuals that took the survey, around 96 percent of all the contributors actually liked potato chips. to narrow it even further, it was found that those who liked spicy potato chips more tended to be more adventurous in the bedroom. The survey also found that those who liked the reduced fat and less salt chips were more likely to be working out everyday. The results found even coincided with each individual’s political preference as well as their TV show preference. For example it was found in the data that 39 percent of chip eaters enjoyed watching Jimmy Fallon vs. the other late night talk shows.

Skout is a global social platform that has created a unique product that connects people together based upon preferences for the purpose of expanding each individual’s social circle. This new app now makes it safe and enjoyable to meet new people that have much in common based upon surveys given while setting the app up. In just nine years of being in business, Skout has been able to expand to now be in over 180 countries and to have 16 different languages available.

The national potato chip day is just an example of how fun it can be to join Skout. Whether looking for someone new to hangout with or looking for a bigger social circle, Skout is the easiest way to do this. Millions of users now love this app which is one of the many reasons as to why it has been successful over the years. The creators of Skout are excited to see what happens next with the company.

Gold Prices Are Up By 20 Percent In 2016 And Hedge Fund Giant George Soros Is Investing Big In The Precious Metal

George Soros is one of the most successful hedge fund investors in the business. Soros has a history of making some incredible deals and piling up a sizable fortune in the process. The key to good investing is being right more than wrong, and Soros stands on the side of right. Forbes lists Soros as one of the richest people in the world, but he wasn’t always rich, and he is not always right when it comes to investing. Soros is a Hungarian-born refugee that escaped the Nazis during the war. He made his way to London, and he started waiting tables to eat. George was bright enough to be accepted to the London School of Economics, and he graduated with a degree in philosophy. He moved to New York in the 1950s and started working on Wall Street. Sixty years later,George Soros is a billionaire many times over and a philanthropist that promotes democracy and the open society principle around the world.

Soros has been very vocal about the future of the stock market. The Soros Fund has more than $3.5 billion invested in the market, but that number is 37 percent less than the 2015 number. George Soros believes China is going to throw the world into a major recession, and he is changing his portfolio to reflect that event. Soros recently purchased 19.4 million shares of Barrick Gold. Barrick Gold is the largest gold miner in the world. According to, Soros also purchased 2.1 million shares of put options on the SPDR 500 EFT Trust. That investment means Soros is betting that the S&P 500 will drop in value.
Read more: Billionaire Soros Cuts U.S. Stocks by 37%, Buys Gold Miner

Even though Soros has a great track record, there are still many investors that think Soros is overreacting to the Chinese economic situation. China still has more than $3.5 trillion in reserves and the government is smart enough control their spending. But George Soros thinks the Chinese banks are overextended with bad debt and the yuan is overvalued, The only way out of their economic mess is to use more capital reserves to protect the banks and the yuan. That will send shock waves through financial markets, according to Mr. Soros and the rest of the world will fall into a devastating recession.

Motley Fool also wrote an article about Soros and his gold fetish recently. That article reinforced the Soros economic belief to a degree, but there are investors that still doubt that the stock market is going to lose the value that Soros described in his various interviews. But one thing is certain. George Soros believes in gold, and that belief is enough for the gold market to increase in value regardless of what happens in the stock market. 
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Best New Inmmate Communication App

Securus may be the best when it comes to communication with inmates. There are many moms, dads, brothers and sisters that want to get connected to their family members that are behind bars. I have found this app on Linked In, Securus may have the best for a video communication chat session.
Many people have embraced this because they are tired of going to the prisons to see someone. Securus is a company that has developed lots of law enforcement programs, but I am certain that this is the most innovative of all that is out there.

I think that this app is just right for those people that are trying to embrace the concept of doing things at home. I shop at home, and I also pay most of my bills at home. I have decided that I have better things to do than visit a prison when I am trying to visit someone. That is why I have made the decisions to utilize the app. It certainly is beneficial for me to have a company like this that is bringing this type of software into play.

In a company review, Securus brand has emerged victoriously as the go-to company when it comes to this type of software. I think that this company is one that is growing in leaps and bounds with all the people that are embracing the app. Most people like this software because it is easy to use. There are no complicated setup features to deal with. People can fund their accounts and find the prison where the inmate is located. From this people are able to connect and start using the software to do everything that they need to get done. This is why people like Securus. The connection is quick, and it is very easy to use.

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Unveiling Honest Businesses

A company with a metaphorical cowl of mystery and unbeknownst questionability shrouding its true face, intentions and the journey that resulted in the establishment of said company. It is a figure faced by individuals from all regions of the Earth. A business is never prohibited from claiming a goal or an ultimatum that conveniently places their name within the proverbial scope of the interest of potential clientele. The authenticity of the messages and morals spritzed upon customers by companies is questionable at best in most cases. “How?”, one might ask, can a company claim the orientation and direction of providing a specifically tailored service to a client without a proper understanding and comprehension of the circumstances that necessitate the services in question?
Due to crippling internal injury, Status Labs is a company that no longer allows itself to stalk through its industry misunderstood. Status Labs vowed to disperse any and all mystery surrounding their company after a corrupt executive official of their company committed, within the public eye, atrocities and forfeited the very essence and morality of the services provided by the company.
The press, critics and the general public held Status Labs in moral contempt, thus triggering a seemingly insurmountable cascade of negativity through public reception and utter destruction of the name and notoriety that the company had worked so diligently to secure.
Status Labs has aided more than one-thousand different and unique businesses and companies in rekindling the flame of their own public relations and acceptance, as well as securing the future of positivity surrounding their company’s metaphorical face. And following the near downfall of the reputation of Status Labs, the company has grasped a new understanding and awareness regarding the severity of poor reputation in the eyes of the world. Every ounce of effort poured into a business through the blood, sweat and tears of its founders, and employees has the potential to be crushed and disposed of without warning through the power of public reception. Status Labs’ experience in the heart of its own crisis has not been overlooked and the company has soared and will continue to improve and lead in their industry as a result. The true authentic online reputation management firm is clearly Status Labs.

Thor Halvorssen Stands Up For The Rights Of The People Of The World

The rise of the Human Rights Foundation as a major force in the world of activists has happened alongside the popularity of the founder of the organization, Thor Halvorssen. Despite coming from a long line of Norwegian and Venezuelan political figures Halvorssen is not an everyday human rights activist who is playing at helping others; instead, Halvorssen has become a major part of the human rights activism community after appointing some of the best known activists in the world to work at the HRF.

Thor Halvorssen has spent much of his career working as a film producer, which has seen him work on a number of productions reflecting his interests in civil liberties and human rights. One of the most important film productions Halvorssen has been involved in was “Freedom’s Fury”, which explains the Hungarian uprising against socialism and a powerful dictator in 1956. Other important productions include “Hammer & Tickle”, which takes a satirical look at the propaganda and language used in the period of Soviet rule.

After studying at the University of Pennsylvania Thor Halvorssen embarked on a career in the human rights activism movement that included him working for various organizations until he founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2005. The formation of HRF led directly to the 2009 establishemnt of the Oslo Freedom Forum that is now seen as being the most important gathering for the human rights community in the world.

Halvorssen understands the issues that can arise from left wing dictators after members of his own family were imprisoned, tortured and shot by officials within the socialist Venezuelan government. The human rights activist refuses to discriminate in those he sees as committing major abuses against human rights and has developed a reputation as one of the most respected and feared activists on the planet.

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What Next After The Incorporation of Olympic Valley Fails?

For the Lake Tahoe north shore communities, the early storms and cold temperatures came as a welcome relief from the drought that threatened to see the closure of ski resorts and other businesses that were dependent on them. Times had been tough for the past few years in the region.

When it came to politics, the region faced the threat of incorporation of the Olympic Valley. The valley is home to the Squaw Valley Resort. To Andy Wirth and other resort owners, the early storms came as a blessing, as the resorts in the area opened weeks before the stipulated date, this going against the norm that had existed for about a decade.

More good news came in the form of the withdrawal of efforts by the proponents of the incorporation of Olympic Valley. Wirth, the President, and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, saw the incorporation as a threat to the business and civic climate of the region. His company had invested heavily in opposition to the incorporation efforts.

There would also have been a decline in the level of services that are crucial for the people such as snow plowing and road maintenance. He describes the incorporation as a recipe for fiscal disaster. The incorporation would lead to the isolation of Olympic Valley from the pool of resources by the north shore communities. Read more: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

However, those in support of the incorporation argue that the company was serving selfish motives in opposing the move. They also pointed out that the company preferred going through the Placer County Board of Supervisors, rather than facing a town council.

The plans and vision of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings for the region are great, with planned investments in retail and commercial developments to improve its real estate. The company also has plans that will see Squaw Valley connected to Alpine Meadow ski areas by a gondola. With the incorporation efforts out of the way, Wirth urged the community to embark on improving transportation and working on other issues as a community.

Andy Wirth is the man with the passion and dedication of serving the people and businesses in Olympic Valley. Wirth serves as the President of a successful company, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. With his continuous efforts, the area has become a top destination for tourists from all over the world looking to ski.

He supports various community and environmental causes in the Lake Tahoe region. Wirth co-founded a team by the name Wounded Warrior Support, that is involved in raising funds in support of the Navy SEAL Foundation.


Should You Give Wen Conditioner a Try?

A number of celebrities have endorsed the products, and Wen promises to give your hair lots of body and shine. If you’ve been considering becoming a Wen customer but aren’t completely sure if the products will work for you, Emily McClure from Bustle has taken the guesswork out for you. Here’s what she discovered during her seven-day experiment. (See,
Even though McClure says that you’ll need lots of conditioner each time you wash your hair, she says it’s definitely worth it. Emily chose the Fig variety of Wen conditioner, and says that her hair felt healthier and thicker after just one use. For the next few days, McClure used the conditioner each morning in the shower, and noticed that her hair was way less frizzy.

Emily didn’t have time to wash her hair on the fourth day of the experiment, but the conditioner was still keeping her hair moisturized. She added a few curls to her hair to give it more body. However, the curls fell pretty quickly, because her hair was still very oily because of the conditioner.

Overally, McClure said that she would recommend Wen conditioner to women with thin hair, since the product gives the hair extra body and shine. Wen is available on most stores and online via ebay.

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Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner Makes a Splash

WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner is one of the most revolutionary hair care products ever invented. It has been featured on so many infomercials and receives incredibly positive reviews from twitter users who practically swear by its ability to transform their hair into something worthy of the cover of a fashion magazine. The fact that an editor for Bustle had heard of Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner but had not tried it before now is surprising, given how popular this amazing hair care product has become, especially in recent years. A little late to the hair care party, the editor for Bustle decided to eventually try out Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner on her own hair and write about the results for her readers to see for themselves. For anyone on the fence about trying Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner on their own hair, the testimony of the editor for Bustle should be enough to convince them to take the amazing plunge.
Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner has become such a sensation according to that the editor’s personal results should come as no shock. She loved that her hair looked shinier and healthier after one week, especially since she said her hair is typically fine and uninteresting. The fact that Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner could improve her hair is a true testament to the fact that this product is a shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, detangler and deep conditioner all at once. It certainly simplifies and purifies the hair care routine for any woman lucky enough to embark on the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner hair care regimen.
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NY Implements Legal Team to Fight Frivolous Cases; Ross Abelow Also Upholds NY Law

Many people attempt to play their odds in court. Cases never deemed significant make their way into the courtroom, and with highly paid attorneys, these cases actually generate positive results. Lawsuits against the New York City Police Department are the most common cases, and such litigation cost tax payers an impressive 202.6 million dollars in 2015. In order to fight back against what are described as frivolous claims, New York implemented a legal team serving the purpose of fighting these cases in court.

As discussed by the New York Post, this legal team has actually been seeing positive results, and has won ten of eleven cases so far. The original article provided examples of facetious cases that have surprisingly won in court, such as the Ruhim Ullah case, in which a machete-wielding man who had been shot by the NYPD in defense was able to sue the department and won. Cases like these make the legal system appear weak, and it needs to stop. In not so many words, the team of attorneys declared that the legal system is not a game of chance nor a competition. The chief of the program has been proud to announce the positive results, and what they will continue to mean for the city as well as the rest of the country.

The positive outcomes thus far certainly demonstrate the capability of the team to grow as the public attempts to fight back. In turn, it is crucial that other New York attorneys stay savvy and knowledgeable about frivolous cases that have won in the past. Ross Abelow, for example, is a New York attorney specializing in family law, but is also swift enough to handle sporting and entertainment litigation.

Obtaining degrees from NYU and Brooklyn Law School, he has practiced law for over two decades. Intent on giving back to his community with his knowledge and abilities, Abelow is the very example of what an attorney should be. A kindhearted soul with an excellent attention to detail, this attorney has a high success rate and a modest personality.

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