Andy Wirth Speaks About Drought During Interview On Press play

Madeline Brand is one of the reporters that works for Press Play on KCRW. She is one of the interviewers that takes the top stories and runs with them. Recent droughts has become an issue for the state of California. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

People are worrying about the water shortage and how it is going to affect plants and everything. Some of the leaders that are responsible for the ski resorts are looking towards the future of the ski season.

People like Andy Wirth are watching the weather and making sure that they stay on top of the drought. During the recent interview with Andy Wirth, Madeline was questioning the feelings regarding the drought and what this meant for the ski slopes.

Apparently, a ridge is blocking moisture that the mountains need. Andy Wirth  is positive that the slopes will be fine this ski season. He also reminds people in the resort area of the money they can make during other seasons. Making money during off seasons can help off-set decreases in revenue during the winter.

Andy Wirth always tries to see the glass half full not half empty. He is always trying to help people see the big picture and not stress on the small stuff. Andy works hard to keep Squaw Valley Holdings in a good place. Andy was instrumental in helping to improve the reputation of Squaw Valley.

Andy is determined to make this ski season a success and he is doing his part to educate others to do the same. He took the time to explain to Madeline about the 6000 acres of ski area. He believes that the slopes will be around 4000 acres and that this is enough ski area to be profitable and entertaining to guests.

Lake Tahoe and surrounding area mountains are beautiful during the summer and winter. The lake is a popular place for boating and swimming during the summer months.

People are always hiking the mountains and visiting the snowy mountain resorts. During the winter people like snow skiing, snow boarding, snow jet skiing, and snow surfing. After a entertaining day outside, people can snuggle up by a roaring fire in some of the resorts. Andy Wirth is always doing good deeds to help the resorts to focus on the people that are visiting the area. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Andy Wirth took the time to explain that he does not think that the drought will end up affecting the ski seaon to the point of closing down.

He is telling others to try to stay open and make what money they can. Andy explains to KCRW’s Press Play interviewer that the drought will most likely be over or atlease by less of an affect in the long run.

Thor Halverson Makes Waves as a Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen, filmmaker and founder of the Human Rights Foundation has made some enemies over the course of his career. Unlike some advocates that doesn’t seem to phase him. Instead, it seams to make him work harder. Thor Halvorssen is not your typical rich, white human rights crusader. Unlike most, he is willing to get down and do the dirty work.

Halvorssen was born in Venezula to a Swiss father and a Venezuelan mother and has seen first hand the kind of human rights violations and deplorable conditions that citizens of this “socailist” country have to live under. When he was young, his father was arrested because of his politcsl beliefs. Later his mother was shot in retaliation during a protest. But Halvorssen is not just fighting for revenge either.

As mentioned on, Halvorssen studies hard and works hard to fight for the injustices he sees being committed by all kinds of dictators. One thing that really makes him stand out among his peers is that he is not swayed by political ideologies, no matter how well-intentioned they may be. He is will to fight against dictators on all sides of the political spectrum. For example, Halvorsson is known for speaking against the current leader of Venezueala, President Chavez, who is a socialist, as well as Chile’s right wing Pinochet. As far as his own political leanings, Halvorsson considers himself a classical liberal.

Whatever his political leanings, it is clear that Thor Halvorssen is hard working and is not wiling to let anyone stand in his way. A particularly memorable incident, as related in the Weekly Standard occurred in China. While filming an excited religious leader, Halvorssen was arrested by the police and his cameraman had to flee with the footage. This is not the only time that he has proven that he is willing to go far for his beliefs.

Halvorsen’s next big job is to free the people of North Korea from the decades of tyranny they have lived through. It is certain that he will use the same kind of dedication and determination that he does with all of his work. With Halvorssen holding the reigns it is certain anything can be achieved.

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Wen By Chaz Is A Win Win For Your Hair

When we see the commercials of women shaking their gorgeous hair around we always ask what are they using. Often times, we’re at the point were we’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. Every woman seems to be looking for a magic pill, a shampoo, or condition that will strengthen or grow their hair. In fact, hair extensions have damaged thousands of women’s hair and they need and crave repair solution. WEN By Chaz is a genie in a bottle and thousands of women have seen and participated in their infomercial with displays proven results.

A recent article in Bustle reported that one user heard about all the hype and wanted to try it for herself. Her unique hair dilemma called for the Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner. Her goal was fuller, longer, healthier hair without using expensive products or prescription medicine. She wanted to see if she could get the luxurious strands of hair that she’d seen on television. The Cleansing Conditioner was also away for her to maintain her locks. Wen By Chaz is sure to produce different results for different people, but this young lady wanted to give it a go for herself.

After just one week of using Wen By Chaz she noticed stronger thicker hair that wasn’t falling out in the shower like before she started using the sephora endorsed product. Wen comes in a variety of products for all types of hair. The instructions and the amount you should use is clearly listed on every bottle. Wen By Chaz has revolutionized the way women take care of their hair. In fact, it’s reasonably priced on Amazon, recommended to use on a regular basis for hair care treatment and support. Visit for more details.


Fabletics: The Perfect Collection Of Athleisure

You’re likely familiar with the popular actress Kate Hudson, but her talents aren’t limited to acting. She is co-creator and spokeswoman for the successful clothing line called Fabletics. Thanks to her active lifestyle, she has become an inspiration to women everywhere to not only dress in the fun active wear, but to be fit and healthy as well. Just like everyone, it can be a struggle to find motivation to workout in the morning, so instead she incorporates fun activities like soccer and dancing into her active lifestyle. She is currently teaching dance on the set of the popular television show, Glee. She finds great motivation in being that role model for women, and her line of clothing, and their channel On YouTube allows her to show off the results of remaining active.

In a recent article at, she discusses how being that role model has changed her outlook on working out. She wants to stay that inspiration so she works hard to encourage others. But she also prides herself on making a lien that can fit women of all shapes and sizes. The form fitting pants of are support, lifting you where need be, and hiding your flaws well. She’s worked hard to make sure that her styles are flattering. She’s also made sure that her styles can be worked into any outfit for any occasion, one of the biggest benefits of athleisure.

Fabletics is a cool way to grow your perfect athleisure wardrobe. By subscribing, you receive new styles each month at the same price. One promotion they offer to new subscribers is that the first outfit is only twenty five dollars-a total steal!

The outfits of Fabletics are bold and vibrant, and are offered in many different styles. It’s hard not to fall in love with the unique fashions on Fabletics and no shock as to why they’ve become so popular in recent years.

Goettl Air Conditioning has some tips for pet owners

The Summer has finally arrived and everyone is noticing the scorching hot temperatures. In some parts of the country the heat feels absolutely unbearable. Beating the heat feels impossible for people, but pets suffer in the summer as well. Pet owners around the world love their furry friends, but many people do not know how to protect them from the heat. Recently, the Las Vegas-based Goettl Air Conditioning company issued some tips for people that want to protect their pets from the Summer heat.

Goettl recommends that people avoid having their dog walk on pavement. Pavement can burn the pads on your pet’s feet. If you can feel the heat when you touch the asphalt, then the asphalt is too hot for your pet. Your pets can also experience sunburn. To protect your furry friend apply sunscreen to their ears and nose before you take them outside.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

Many pets have thick hair that can make beating the heat almost impossible. If you have a thick haired pet, then you should visit a pet groomer to get the best hair cut for your pet. They’ll appreciate the new look as it keeps them cool throughout the Summer.

The summer heat can leave your pet dehydrated, so you have to keep water available at all times. Check your pet regularly to ensure their mouth is not too dry. You should also consider providing your dog with a small pool that they can splash around in. These small pools will help your dog splish and splash while also keeping them cool. Finally, you should pay attention to your cars during the summer. The heat can make your car leak antifreeze, which is lethal to pets. Check your car regularly and keep your dog away from it.

The summer heat is dangerous, so you must take action to protect your dog.

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