Facts and Updates About The Water Contamination At Squaw Valley

In October of 2016, a large scale rain event in the Squaw Valley region inundated the newer water system that had been installed at the resort this past summer. The heavy rain that flooded the water systems created a contamination of the water reserves used by Squaw Valley in two regions of the resort. The two regions affected are the High Camp and Gold Coast areas. The two contaminants discovered in the water systems of these two regions were E. coli and coliform bacteria.

Once the contamination of the water in these areas was detected, the resort contacted the two primary agencies in charge of handling water contamination. The two agencies contacted were Squaw Valley Public Service District and the Health Department of Placer County. Both agencies were contacted on November 9, 2016 after contamination was confirmed through testing. Once notification of these agencies was complete, Squaw Valley immediately hired and consulted with water private water expert firms to identify and help properly treat and mitigate the contamination. Since this time Squaw Valley Ski Resorts has been working with both their private and local and regional municipal agencies to restore their water systems to their previous high quality standard.

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Since early November, with the assistance of several water safety expert agencies and companies, steps have been taken to eradicate the water contamination problems. Squaw Valley has confirmed that they will not allow any water usage of their water reserves in the High Camp or Gold Coast areas to resume until the water contamination is completely resolved. The water in these two water systems is being continuously treated and monitored by experts. This process continues to be ongoing and will be until the issue is completely resolved and the water quality is restored to proper levels for both areas of the resort.

At present, both the resorts water resources have been treated consistently and both are showing significant improvement. However, three out of the four wells that serve upper mountain are showing low levels of coliform. On a positive note none of the wells tested are testing positive for E. coli. This information was confirmed by Wesley Nicks, who is the director of Placer County Environmental Health. Restaurants in the affected area have remained closed during the contamination eradication process and guests are not allowed to drink any of the water in these resort areas. Bottled water is supplied for anyone visiting these areas of the resort and the public will be notified as soon as the situation has been remedied. Squaw Valley Resort has issued a previous statement in November assuring all patrons and the general public that their commitment to the safety and well-being of their guests is their top priority. They indicated they believe the situation will be remedied soon.

Get Quality Lung Stem Cell Treatment at the lung Institute

Lung Institute is a holistic medical facility that aims at providing solutions to chronic lung diseases. Our various medical personnel gained global recognition in successful application of revolutionary stem cell therapy for chronic lung disease treatment. the website Lifestylesafter50 says Lung diseases are devastating because they inhibit people from enjoying their favorite activities or spending time with family. At our facility, we do stem cell transplants using autologous stem cells and platelet-rich plasma to enhance healing of damaged tissues of the lungs.

Patients undergo series of screening to establish a proper treatment option for them. Proficient doctors at the Institute study medical history of patients and consider their present conditions so that best treatment results are achieved. Stem cell therapy involves withdrawal of stem cells from the patient’s body. We reintroduce the stem cells into the body where they ultimately rest in the lungs hasten healing, and prevent Inflammation.

The Lung Institute doctor, Jack Coleman, Jr., presented at the Third International Congress in Italy. The event was held to discuss the application of stem cells as a therapy for chronic lung infections. Dr. Coleman affirmed that traditional processes of introducing new medications are expensive and limiting to new technologies like stem cell therapy. Although technologies such as stem cell therapy are better treatment methods in the contemporary medical field, the process of making it available to patients is slow and cumbersome. The modern way of introducing new technologies in the medical field increases the time taken by new techniques to be used for the treatment of infections.

Since stem cell therapy uses natural healing abilities of the stem cells, hence, the treatment is holistic. in a recent story on hawaiinewsnow, sufferers of chronic lung diseases are unable to enjoy their favorite activities because they are weak. After treatment, their lives would be elevated, hence, they would not need to walk around with oxygen. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is also used together with stem cell therapy to reduce inflammation in the lung region. At the institute, we do stem cell therapy to the outpatients to improve the quality of their lives. There are plenty of medication options available for you and if you want quality treatment, please contact patient coordinators today and schedule a free consultation. You can also check us out on https://www.facebook.com/LungInstitute/.


Doe Deere’s Continued Success with Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere Ideamensch
Doe Deere has gained recognition for her innovative line of cruelty-free cosmetics. As a self-described adventurer, Ms. Deere always had a passion for color. When she began looking for cosmetic products to use on herself she discovered that most products on the market were designed to help women hide the imperfections they had. Doe wanted colors that would allow her to express her creative side rather than using those designed to create a natural look. It was this drive for freedom of expression that led Doe Deere to create her unique line of bold colored eye shadows, lip colors and nail polishes.


Creating a Successful Company


Doe Deere’s cosmetic company Lime Crime, was named for her favorite color. She actually registered the name on an online shopping site where she had intended to sell her own line of fashions. Doe modeled all of her fashions herself, which she accented with bold colored makeup. The idea for creating an alternative line of brightly colored cosmetics started during the time she began sewing her own clothing. When she discovered how hard it was to get brightly colored makeup she decided to launch her own line, which is how Lime Crime got started.


Doe Deere often attributes the success of her business to the many people she deals with. She comments on how she always treats her employees with respect and love. She extends the same courtesy to her vendors and any people she deals with as partners. She also makes time to keep in touch with what her loyal fans think of the products her line produces and tries to keep her line fresh by listening to their ideas. Her one regret is that the company did not have a customer service department right from the start. She believes the key to her company’s success is in the relationship she has with her customers.


Inspiring Others


As a successful businesswoman, Doe Deere is often asked to provide advice to other women looking to find their own success within the business world. Doe Deere’s business sense comes from following her own gut instinct. Even though she gathers information before making a decision she still relies on her own instincts to make sure her brand stays true to what she believes it stands for. When speaking at events such as PHAMExpo, Ms. Deere advises women to find their inner voice and pursue the passion that is their heart’s ambition.

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EOS Lip Balm Is Quite Popular Among American Youth

EOS Lip Balm is a product that looks to the youth of America as their best customer. This article explains why EOS Lip Balm is so popular, and it shows that kids are attracted to something that was made only for their eyes. Every kid who grabs a tube of the product will find a color they like, corresponding products, and something that comforts their lips every day.

#1: How Is The Product Packaged?

The packaging for EOS Lip Balm (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm/smooth-spheres.html) is a simple tube that comes with the product inside. Everyone who uses the product will appreciate how it has been made for those who are trying to moisturize their lips. The balm is smooth when it is applied, and it will last for hours until the user is done with their day. Kids carry it with them because it helps them make their lips look good, and it fits in their pocket.

#2: Keds As A Partner

Keds is a partner company that makes shoes matching their lip balm. It is an excellent partnership because the shoes are popular with kids just as the lip balm. The innovators at EOS know that they must work with the youngest crowd to find new customers, and they have approached quite a few different partners with new concepts for products. Keds is just the first, but they are performing quite well with their shoes.

#3: EOS Catching Up To The Market

The market for EOS is large as they catch up with the most-popular products on ULTA. Lip balms are in-use every day, and the EOS brand is now selling so well that is may easily overtake the largest names in the business. Their corresponding products, excellent lip balm and fun colors make EOS lip balm the go-to for every kid.

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