The CTRMA and Mike Heiligenstein

If you ask practically any Austin resident what is the number one concern, the answer is a unanimous “traffic”. An editorial in the American-Statesman made the point that “traffic congestion will increase in Austin, and our community needs a tech solution to solve it.” Congestion is such a sore point with drivers, and multiple resources are needed to address it. This is where the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority steps in.


The Mobility Authority builds solutions. The completion of the 183A Toll road in Cedar Park and Leander has brought growth to the area, which has transformed the communities. The achievement of the U.S. 290 toll road that unites Austin and Manor has tripled the capacity of the highway. These are great solutions. The best is seemingly yet to come.


The Mobility Authority is now working on the new MoPac Express Lanes, which will implement the latest in technology to co-ordinate and manage traffic flow. Of course, nothing will entirely eliminate congestion on the highways and by-ways. But the upcoming changes will make a difference.


Often, the answer to a problem is not a new or updated road, but technological improvements. Future projects are in the works to make “smart roads.” Fiber lines are planned to be imbedded along the 183 South project. This is in anticipation of the days when our vehicles will have dialogue with the roadway. This is also in preparation for the days when “driverless cars” are seen on our roadways. This sort of technology could also single out a vehicle going the wrong way on a highway or an exit ramp. Partnering with Metropia will create a phone app for drivers that will provide some alternative routes for drivers in real time. Collaborating with Carma will bring a carpooling app. The high number of cars with single riders is equal to 900,000 empty car seats each day. Carpooling can be a great improvement in the congestion.


The Statesman also suggested that Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s ideas be adopted, and the Mobility Authority is borrowing quite a few. The Mobility Authority is also creating Shared Use Paths. These are dedicated pedestrian and bicycle paths that will tie in to trails that already exist. One other concern for the congestion is the high number of minor breakdowns along the busy roadways. The Mobility Authority came up with a solution. The Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) program provides free assistance to help motorists with their minor concerns. Mike Heiligenstein points that the need is to focus on roads, and improve the capacity for buses. There may actually be a future need for 12 lanes of traffic on U.S. Highway 183 and State Highway 290, both in Austin.


And if you’re wondering why Mike Heiligenstein sounds like a traffic expert for Austin, that’s because he is. He is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The agency was created in 2002 to provide answers to congestion problems and Mike stepped on board with them from the beginning. The Mobility Authority has in motion carefully-planned designs that will meet the current and future needs of traffic in Austin. Mike is currently the President of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. Mike also serves on the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s advisory board.


Mike’s experience with traffic and congestion concerns resulted from his 23 years as a public official with Williamson County. Dealing with those issues helped him gain insight for dealing with groups that deal with chronic transportation issues. Mike and the Mobility Authority are creating options to help drivers and riders get to their destinations in a safe, secure manner.

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How Karl Heideck, An Expert Litigator Views the Legal Field

How Karl Heideck views the litigation processOne thing that happens to all societies when they become industrialized and socially developed is that people become very litigious. In the country, you will find many disputes, even some of the minor and seemingly trivial ones finding their way into the courtroom. There is a certain legal procedure that should be followed any time that disputes between different parties arise. The process usually includes the arrest of the suspect, the pleas, the discovery trial and when the case has been heard and the sentencing done, there are times when there will be appeals. What many people tend to overlook is the fact that most of the civil disputes can easily be resolved before they find their way into the courtroom. In reality, there are cases where arbitrations and out of court settlements have been found to yield better results than the actual trials.

When the discovery has been done, the judge and jury have to decide whether the plaintiff is indeed guilty of the crime that they have been accused of. The evidence that is presented to the courtroom is what determines the ruling that will be made. The other thing that is put into consideration is the counter arguments that are put up by the defense team. In case you are involved in any civil or criminal tussle, it is important to hire a litigator. This is the person that can help you skip punishment and if you are the plaintiff, get a fair hearing.

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About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck specializes in risk management, assessment & compliance.
Heideck specializes in risk management, assessment and compliance practices.

One of the best litigators in the greater Philadelphia region is Karl Heideck. Heideck has been specializing in areas such as risk management, assessment and other compliance practices. Karl Heideck also has the training and experience to handle other legal matters such as product liability law, legal writing, commercial litigation and also employment related laws. Heideck first studied English at the Swarthmore University and then joined the Beasley School of law of the Temple University for his legal degree. For the past decade, Karl Heideck has practiced law and he states that everything he has experienced as a lawyer has made him better at the job.


Why George Soros Banded With Donors to Resist Trump, ‘Take Back Power’

George Soros gave or submitted more than $25 million to lift Hillary Clinton and other Democratic competitors and causes, as per Federal Election Commission listings while working together with other Democratic fundraising operatives on Furthermore, some of Soros’ associates supported him amassed a fortune approximated at $24.9 billion via risky currency trades, to give significantly more as Election Day neared. Unfortunately, their supported candidate Hillary Clinton did not become the winner of the race and George Soros did not take anything lightly.

While addressing the audience in Davos, Switzerland at World Economic Forum, George Soros cautioned that Donald Trump was a scoundrel who may transform into a dictator if he could escape with it. “Trump is a conman and regardless, he is only a future tyrant, however because the Constitution and the United States organizations are adequately strong – the force division is at work, yet tragically in case he escapes with it, he would turn into a dictator” said George Soros.

Soros has trust that with foreign policies on Forbes Trump has more unmistakable powers contrasted with the one locally, yet thinks Congress will be a defense securing its rights, and when Trump surpasses the stamp, they will fight back. Besides, if they have a bipartisan coalition on Politico, they will truly win to obliging him. Before Donald Trump was the elected as the President of the United States, Soros had sent holiday greetings to his colleagues that read “The circumstances we now dwell in are no longer the same as we are used to – am wishing you all the best in this world that has troubles. I saw it an incredible need to impart the message to the world at this point”.

George Soros complained that Trump would make China a more significant partner to the global group compared with what the Chinese could manage without any other people’s help. According to Soros, Trump was going to fail in office since he declares that the thoughts and arrangements that Trump has maintained are restricting, and hypothesizing hence people will fight against the new president when he surpasses his rule of law. More so, George Soros predicted that the current market quality within U.S. would likely not do well in the first term of “45th president” Trump ruling. At the moment, economic instability stood at its peak while vulnerability with most of the investment carries the day.

Soros insisted that the selected members of the cabinet highlighted some of these failures that there would likely be steady infighting among the internal drift of the Trump bureau. Another highlight is the state of the European Union (EU) and the results of the Brexit vote in June a year back. He attested that people in Europe have ended up being distanced and Europe had ended up being unreasonably befuddled.

He named the rising of populist teams such as the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Germany or the France’s Front National as “against European” and ensured that Europe was at present going the wrong way. As for Brexit, he said that both the EU and UK must get a shared opinion and whatever might cause breaking up, both sides would get hurt.

The Expansion of the DeVos Family Legacy

Of the many businessmen as well as philanthropists that are located within the United States and have helped local communities grow and have encouraged economic growth, one individual in particular stands out due to the contributions that he has made in both time as well as in regards to generous donations. This individual is Dick DeVos, a member of the prominent DeVos family, a family that has an expanding legacy due to not only their multi-billion dollar family business, but also due to the generous donations that are constantly made to deserving organizations all across the United States. The DeVos family is a family that believes that a successful family is not defined by wealth, but is defined by the amount that is given to help others. The DeVos family is a family that encourages opportunities and wants to provide many opportunities to individuals all over the United States.


Dick DeVos is not only a member of the family business that is known as Amway Corporation, but is also a dedicated worker who has worked hard to lead the company to advance and to continue to be a growing legacy. Dick DeVos has dedicated over 40 years of his career to Amway Corporation and has been lucky enough to watch Amway Corporation grow from just an idea into an international business. Dick DeVos possesses natural leadership which inspires individuals to not only work well with Dick DeVos, but to also truly feel like they are a part of the company.


As a businessman who has found success, Dick DeVos wants to make sure that others across the United States see the benefits of his success and are able to gain opportunities. As a result, Dick DeVos is a dedicated philanthropist who is especially dedicated to giving back to the education initiative. Dick DeVos believes that an education system should be based around merit and not based upon the amount of money that a family is able to contribute for the higher education of their child. As a hard worker himself, Dick DeVos continues to push for education initiatives to offer excellent opportunities.


Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos have given a calculated total of $139 to countless organizations that help improve the local economies and boost economic growth. Dick and Betsy DeVos have not only given money in order to create scholarships, but have even gone as far to fund the building of excellent schools and thrive in present day. The goal of Dick DeVos has always been to follow in the footsteps of his father and to make sure that he is the best that he can be. Dick DeVos’ goal to expand the family legacy has been accomplished.


Why Cotemar Mexico Is One Of The Best Employers In Mexico

Cotemar Mexico is a Mexican based company began in 1979 with an aim of developing oil fields, by incorporating specialized vessels in the process. The company also specializes in offshore constructions and maintenance and petroleum services. It is one of the largest oil service companies in Mexico. The company has been able to maintain their reputation across the nation and the world from their values and culture created. Some of the values they hold strongly include business ethics where they communicate to their management, employees, stakeholders and the general public about the company’s transparency and commitment to doing what is right.



The company is dedicated to the quality of life by offering education and creating awareness to the employees and the community in general. Being in an industry that most people are skeptical about environment and pollution, Cotemar has clear guidelines on the protection and sustenance of the environment. The company also works towards giving back to the society be ensuring that they offer employment opportunities to the communities. Cotemar Mexico uses their values as a guide to help them in their future endeavors.



The management at Cotemar puts their employee’s needs first. The company offers training for their employees on how to handle operations and how to behave during their work. In the training they are taught safety measures and how to handle equipment. When asked how their work experiences are, employees claimed that the company is a great employer. Working at the company, they feel safe and comfortable. Employees are guaranteed of a good pay, rewards and also, they enjoy the off days offered and most agree that they the employer is considerate. Most employees also agreed that the services offered by the company regarding food and lodging are excellent and gives them a sense of belonging in the company.

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Doug Levitt Continues The Tradition Of Woody Guthrie With “The Greyhound Diaries”

At a time in popular culture when the work of Woody Guthrie has once again come to the fore with a few lines of his being sung by Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl and an Online campaign attempting to mark 20 years of the festival held in his honor it is comforting to know the traditions of his career are being upheld by Doug Levitt. The former journalist is looking to find new ways of bringing news of the problems facing people in areas like the ‘rust belt’ who have been largely ignored by the mainstream media, which has led to an innovative project Levitt has titled “The Greyhound Diaries”.


Doug Levitt has had one of the most interesting careers one could imagine as he appeared to have reached the pinnacle of his broadcasting career at a young age when he was working as an international correspondent for some of the world’s leading media outlets. Levitt himself admits he had spent much of his life yearning to explore his artistic side and began this exploration by joining bands and performing around the U.K. where he was stationed as a news correspondent.


In his own life, Doug Levitt points to the trauma of his own father’s death as being a major influence on his life and career as it was this event that pushed him to become an artist. Art, news, and politics have always combined in the life of Doug Levitt as his family have been important community leaders in Washington D.C. for a number of years.


Growing up in Washington D.C. may have given Doug Levitt a glimpse of politics few of us will ever see, but he readily admits the recession proof nature of the U.S. capital often left him unaware of the issues of poverty that affect millions of Americans each and every day. In 2005, Doug Levitt embarked on an artistic journey he hoped would last around six weeks spent largely traveling by bus across the U.S. Inspiration had come from Depression era artists and writers like Guthrie who had brought news of the social issues facing the U.S. at the time in a way Levitt replicates on film, in music, and through his extensive writings.

Ohio Realtor Tammy Mazzocco Sees The Strong Sales Of The Sector Continue

Ohio’s housing sector has reported the year 2016 as the best year after 2005. The performance of housing market was even better than the country average. While the country experienced 7.5 percent growth comparing to 2015, many areas of Ohio including Northeast Ohio experienced growth above 8 percent. Ohio-based realtor Tammy Mazzocco sees that the trend would continue as the sales surged even during winter.

The sales during December was 2.8 percent more than 2015 of the corresponding period. The average price of the unit stood at $159,531 last month, which shown a healthy improvement of 4.8 percent corresponding to the previous year period. Due to the upward trend, there are reports confirming shortage of supply in the market. The year saw low mortgage rate, and it combined with a good number of job creation throughout the year, created the demand for housing, and hence market went up.

Tammy Mazzocco expects that the mortgage rate would remain low in 2017 and hence there is a steep growth in demand can be expected in the coming months. Though the year saw some fluctuations in lending rate during U.S. Presidential election, it got stagnated again and still at the lower level. Especially considering the demand in Ohio, finding the right property will be a challenge for the buyers in the coming months.

“A highly experienced realtor can only help the customers to get the property according to their expectations,” says Tammy Mazzocco. Since she has more than 20 years of experience in working with both residential and commercial sector, many of her clients use her opinion and expertise to fit their requirement into the market supply.

Tammy Mazzocco, became a licensed real estate agent in 1995 and during her career, she worked with Scotland Yard Condominiums, T&R Properties, RE/MAX, Judy Gang & Associates, etc. She contributes her success to her ability to understand the clients’ expectations and requirements and convert it into reality.For more info, visit her Facebook profile.