End Citizens United: Dealing with Impunity

America has always been the land of the free. It is a country that for many years has attracted people from all over the globe in search of better opportunities. When you compare the United States of America with any other nation in the world, it proves to be superior by all means. For centuries, this great nation has relied on democracy to elect its leaders. However, a 2010 ruling took the country back to its dark days, times when ordinary citizens were subject to oppression.



The 2010 decision, although meant to do the American people a lot of good, has resulted in immense pain and suffering on the part of the citizens. It has provided a legal loophole where billionaires can take the electorate and entire nation at ransom without experiencing any consequences. Since the amendment allows for people with money to support campaigns of their most preferred candidates, selfish billionaires have seen the above as an opportunity to puppeteer leaders they might have helped bring to power so that they can benefit in one way or the other. In so doing, many people have become susceptible to poverty due to a struggling economy and underdevelopment. Without a voice to air their grievances, a group of disgruntled members of the public formed a PAC by the name of End Citizens United.



End Citizens United has been incredibly vibrant in fighting against rich people who have active engagements in matters regarding politics. With the group being controlled by five people, it has been able to subscribe new members to its course. Before 2016, the organization had collected $2 million from donations and advertisements. The money was used to support Democrats and other grass root leaders who have the best interests of the people at heart. The organization has also been passionate about bringing more of its members to power so that they can overrun puppet politicians. As of March 2017, the PAC had come up with $4 million, money sourced from members. The group plans to raise more than $35 million before the end of the year, so as to support its candidates during the 2018 Congress Elections. Currently, End Citizens United only takes money from its members since it wants to avoid a scenario where it falls prey to donors with devious means.



With its team of expert lawyers, End Citizens United is more of a risk to billionaires that have taken our country by the throat. Since the PACs fight is not physical but rather psychological, the organization might be successful in having the courts reverse the 2010 decision, and even put injunctions so as to protect Americans in future. So far, the group has achieved much and very soon, the American people will be able to regain control over their beautiful nation.


The NFL and Fantasy Teams

One of the best parts of the NFL season is the ability to build the perfect fantasy team. Many people work very hard to figure out which players are going to work the best with different teams and they are actually able to make money from this unlike with regular football where they simply have to rely on the different things that are going on in the games to be able to make money. Thanks to the MLB Lineup site that has created more options for people to see, there are new things that are going to come up. The fantasy season is going to be much different from seasons in the past because the actual NFL season is going to be different. There are many new changes coming and that is going to change things for people who use fantasy sports as something that they can do successfully with everything that they have.


For the fantasy players, they will need to keep a close eye on the games that are going on. They will need to do what they can to ensure that they are going to get everything that they need out of the different playing opportunities. For fantasy players, they will probably be able to figure out what is going to work the best and what they will be able to do to make the most amount of money possible. Thanks to everything that the NFL has done, they are going to be able to get more options out of it.


Those who like to do different NFL drafts and fantasy lineups will be able to keep a close eye on the games and the different things that are going on which each of the games. This is something that is going to allow people the chance to make sure that they are making the most amount of money possible. It is something that has allowed many players the chance to do more with what they have and to do everything that is going to be offered to the players. They will also be able to see that there is more for the teams to do.

Renown Health Expands Its Primary Care Clinic Coverage to South Reno

Renown Health, which is the largest nonprofit healthcare network in Northern Nevada, will be soon opening a new family practice clinic in South Reno. The clinic is located at The Summit Mall and is designed to be a comfortable place, including the waiting area which looks similar to a home’s living room.

Dr. McCormack, who serves as the Medical Director of Renown Medical Group, said that the space the clinic occupies was made to be flexible in order to meet the future needs of the clinic. She added that due to uncertainty in the industry the leadership of Renown Health want to keep their options open. The biggest uncertainty is what is going to happen if President Trump and Republicans fulfill their vow to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Once the clinic is open it will have a staff of 11 medical professionals. Dr. McCormack said that the area has a growing population that needs better access to primary care clinics. The new clinic will join Renown Health’s 12 other primary clinics in the region including ones in Carson City, Fernley, and Fallon.

It was in 1862 that Renown Health was established in Northern Nevada. In 1864, they opened the region’s first hospital which was the same year that Nevada became a state. Some other notable events in the history of Renown Health include it establishing the first pediatric unit in the area in 1949 and performing the first open-heart surgery in the region in 1977. Click here to learn more about the organization.

The University of Nevada School of Medicine has a deep relationship with Renown Health. The university’s residency program was established at Renown Health’s hospital in 1979. Later on, they partnered on a research study involving brain MRI. In another partnership, the Renown Regional Medical Center is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. This hospital remains the only children’s emergency room in the area and includes 11 children’s examination rooms.

For Those That Have No Idea On How To Plan Parties

Party planning can be stressful even for the more experienced people. However, for those that have never planned a party before, things could be even more confusing. This is why it is important to look up information on everything that goes into planning a party. For one thing, people can learn a lot from the examples that are made available online. It is important for people to make sure that they take the time to get as much comfort as they can with party planning so that they can have a successful first time around.


Among the things that people are advised to do when planning parties is to keep things simple, write a list, choose a theme, and plenty of other stuff. Even more important is to find some corporate event planners in NYC that could help with the process. After all, people are going to have an easier time with even planners in NYC because of the experience they have with the parties that are handled. Also, they can consult the event planners that are available so that they will be able to come to an agreement on how everything is going to go with the event.


Among the event planning companies in NYC that are worth looking into is Twenty Three Layers. This company has a lot of experience with the work they do, and they are passionate and creative when they are at work. This is one of the reasons that Twenty Three Layers has one of the best reputations among all of the other event planning companies. For one thing, Twenty Three Layers does not mess around when it comes to the equipment and materials needed to take the event beyond expectations. The professional event planners with Twenty Three Layers will work on every aspect of the party.