Bradesco’s Current President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Worked In Almost All Facets Of Banking

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an enigma in the Brazilian banking industry. He currently serves as the president of the country’s second-largest private bank, Banco Bradesco. Arguably one of the most experienced bankers in the country, his opinion on matters related to the economy is highly sought after by those in government and members of the press. In fact, it was highly reported that held the respect of former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff and was at one point in contention for the finance minister’s post. Consequently, Bradesco is quite fortunate to have him overseeing its hundreds of billions worth of assets and over 100 thousand employees. Equally, Brazil is also lucky to have such an informed and experienced man as one of the greatest influencers of its economy.

While Luiz Carlos Trabuco has excelled at every single position he has held, it was his time at Bradesco Seguros that got him noticed in the industry. After initially working as the executive vice president of the insurance company for four years, he was promoted to become its president in 2003. At the time, just as with other facets of the Brazilian financial sector, the insurance industry was experiencing tremendous growth and was consequently characterized by numerous players trying to jostle for the available clients and profits. Despite the industry’s dynamism, Luiz Carlos Trabuco won the number one spot in the market for Bradesco Seguros by growing the number of policies held to approximately 25 percent of all those available in the market. In addition to the client base, he was also able to grow the insurer’s asset base as its value more than double from R$ 32 billion to R$ 78 billion within Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s six-year stay as the company’s president. At the time of his leaving, the subsidiary contributed an estimated 38 percent towards Bradesco’s overall returns compared to the low 26 percent it contributed before he took over.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s time at Bradesco Seguros was the last of many positions that prepared him for his destined role: that of the president. Following the retirement of Marcio Cypriano, on account of hitting the retirement age of 65 stated in the company’s bylaws, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named the president of Bradesco in March 2009. His ascendancy to the top had been a long time coming given the fact that he was one of those considered by the board a decade earlier when Cypriano eventually got the post. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was fortunate to find a foundation already laid out by his predecessor and went about quickly building on what had been started. With the first six years alone, he was able to grow the bank’s branch network coverage from about 3,500 to about 5,000 agencies spread across the country. Additionally, he has also adopted faster growth strategies where they have availed themselves – for instance, the 2015 purchase of HSBC Brazil in a multi-billion dollar deal.

While Luiz Carlos Trabuco has very much remained true to the Bradesco way, he has brought a slightly different brand of leadership and management to the bank. He time and again shown that he is not afraid to scout talent outside the bank, as opposed to within, where it is in the best interest of the bank. Additionally, he has also introduced a corporate university at the bank with the goal of optimizing its leadership capabilities. The university has been highly effective and has empowered drones of executives within Bradesco. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the university was named the best corporate university globally for 2017 by GlobalCCU.

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Aloha Construction Matters in the Construction Industry

Many individuals hear the words “construction industry” and immediately think of multi-billion corporations in the industry. However, the construction industry, which is associated with the highest number of jobs created in the US, is made of small to medium firms like Aloha Construction. Firms like Aloha Construction contribute in generating jobs for employable Americans. For instance, in July, the construction industry created over 6000 jobs; 12,000 jobs less than the industry introduced last year. The noticeable decline in the number of jobs created by the sector is blamed on the presidential election conducted last year. Aloha Construction is part of the companies that recruited new staff.
Immediately firms in the construction industry reported weak business; the effects began being felt by other sectors of the economy. Apparently, these sectors depend on each other more than we all think. For instance, companies like Aloha Construction borrow money from lenders such as banks. When business is low, they refrain from borrowing, and lenders experience slow business. Likewise, when local manufacturers of building materials have few orders, the manufacturing sector immediately begins feeling a pinch. Loans and construction materials may become expensive forcing consumers to stop buying homes or requesting roofing, guttering, siding, and window & door replacement services offered by Aloha Construction.
Recently, Aloha Construction was among many companies that indicated that business in the construction sector was showing signs of improvement. The lake Zurich based company is known for its roof repair and roof installation expertise. Many contractors in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin prefer to contract Aloha Construction to install roofs in their projects even though those contractors are capable of roofing; the company is revered in roofing because it has specialized in roofing for many years. Also, the company has undertaken thousands of projects in the Lake Zurich area. All their customers have rave reviewed their services.

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Jason Hope: ‘Pilot Of The Future’

Jason Hope is a businessman, entrepreneur, futurist, investor, and philanthropist. Hope, a native of Arizona, is currently located in Scottsdale. He grew up in Tempe.


Hope is well-known for his love of modern technology. Some sources believe that Hope’s passion for technology could actually harken back to his teen years. Certainly, his solid background in business can be traced back to his college years.


Following high school graduation, he attended the Arizona State University in Tempe. There Hope majored in finance. He completed his bachelor of science (BS) degree. Next, he attended Arizona State University’s business school also known as the W. P. Carey School of Business. He graduated with a master’s degree (MBA) in business.

Top Interests

It was 2004 when Hope merged his two top interests. He signed on to work in the mobile tech field in January of that year. To date, he has worked in that same area for about 13 years.


As this piece goes to press, Hope presently has several independent entrepreneurial interests. They are all ventures that involve using different computer data systems and other related tech. A number of online sources report that Hope possesses numerous useful, pertinent skills including (but not necessarily limited to) business strategy, start-ups, SaaS, financing, business development, and, naturally, entrepreneurship.

Other Interests

Hope has additional interests too. Hope’s interests include not only science and tech but also education and health. He is also involved in community service. He “gives back” through his support of different charities and his volunteerism.

Favorite Charity

Jason Hope’s favorite charitable cause is the SENS Research Foundation. He also has connections to some additional organizations including The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, TGen, Celebrity Fight Night, the Arizona Science Center, and the Goldwater Institute. Additionally, beyond his various business enterprises philanthropic interests, he more recently has garnered a special interest in the area of politics and exactly how they influence business practices at both the federal and state levels.

End Note

In a recent online interview with, he made a suggestion to entrepreneurial hopefuls. He said that SEO, internet marketing, “and social media related services are, at present, “always in demand.” He also suggested that they learn these type of skills and they will then be able to start their own business.

He added that it does not require a lot of money to launch a website and market services today. Finally, Hope also recommended they read a specific book: “The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies“ by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee.

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Why Prisons Can’t Run Without Securus Technologies

I can tell you that if me and my fellow officers are not working around the clock to keep drugs out of the prison, we would have a war on our hands in short order. These inmates are a handful enough to control, but add into that mix some drugs, and we have a deadly situation on our hands. Any resource we can get our hands on to stop the flow of drugs to the jail is always helpful, some more than others.


One resource we depend on to stop drugs inside the jail is the scanning equipment in the visitor center. These inmates will go to great lengths to get their friends or family to try and hand them over contraband, so we need to use these devices before and after visits to make sure nothing is getting into the inmate’s cells. We will even follow up with random cell inspections in case we feel something could have slipped by.


Perhaps the one resource we depend on more than any other as of recently is the inmate call monitoring system that was installed by Securus Technologies. The company is based in Dallas, and has already put 2,600 of these monitoring systems in jails all over the country. Securus Technologies employees are dedicated to the objective of making the world safe for all.


As soon as we began getting comfortable using the LBS software, it didn’t take long for us to see some pretty amazing results. The one call that surprised us the most was an inmate asking his elderly mother to come to the jail with her medications so she could give them to him when they were in the visitor center. We did not let his mother in that day and explained to her drugs were not allowed inside the facility.


Mexican Entrepreneur Named the Best Franchisee in the World

Omar Yunes, owner of 13 branches of the restaurant Sushi Itto, was recently honored with the title “Best Franchisee in the World,” for his contributions to the chain he represents. Omar became a franchisee of the Japanese chain at 21 years old, and is now the owner of Sushi Itto branches in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz, representing almost 10% of the total branches of the chain.

He said on the occasion, “I am very proud today, but really I am just a representative. This award goes out to the more than 400 collaborators who manage the 13 stores, and to the company for allowing us to innovate.”

The 2015 BFW competition brought in representatives from 34 countries including Portugal, Hungary, Brazil, France, Italy, Argentina, and Mexico. The judges evaluated the franchisees based on their contributions to their respective chains, based on criteria such as: leadership ability, how much they had influenced the chain, savings measures they had implemented, the motivation level of their employees, and how many improvements they had made to the company model. The goal of the BFW competition is to encourage the franchisees, as well as to promote and share the innovations that they have brought to their respective industries. To know more about him click here.

According to Diego Elizarrarras, the organizer of BFW Mexico, Omar was given the award for his role as an innovator in the relationship between franchise and franchisee. Omar has worked towards better management of information in his branches, which includes the implementation of scorecards to better measure the performance of each branch.

Omar is an entrepreneur and businessman based in Mexico City, who started his career in his early twenties. While Omar comes from a family of politicians, his personal goal is to expand the Sushi Itto brand, add additional stores to his investment holdings, and continue to innovate with his work in the area of “professionalizing the role of the franchisee.”

Roofing specialists and how Aloha Construction has become a market leader

The construction industry continues to see sustained growth and has proved to be one of the biggest employers in the country.The industry has been able to add over six thousand jobs in the last month alone and according to an industry expert, Dave Farbaky the director at Aloha construction the growth is sustainable based on the promise by the government to inject an extra trillion dollars into infrastructure.

Residential and commercial developments continue to be some of the fastest growing projects and this has led to a need for more experts and professionals in the industry. Construction companies have come to this realization and have started to specialize in order to be in a position to offer clients the best in their line of work. Aloha construction company is a specialist in roofing and is one of the companies leading in this front. They offer various services under roofing that include roofing, siding and gutter works they are able to work with any type of roof be it asphalt, steep or metal. Clients can also offer other suggestion that they may have encountered and would like to have done.

Aloha construction also offers renovation services they have trained specialist in this field to ensure that there is minimal disturbance during the process especially when dealing with family homes. This is due to the various needs of families as some may be still around when the renovations are taking place. Pets such as dogs are also a major consideration for Aloha construction and they have been able to work with pet experts to come up with activities that families could do together with there pets during renovations to ensure that they do not become nervous or emotionally stressed.

Aloha construction has Certified Vinyl Siding Installers who are entrusted with ensuring that all siding jobs are done not just as a job but an art leaving clients extremely satisfied. For them, the client is always first.

Earning a Living from your Favorite Wine

Your night out or any kind of party will never be complete without wine. Thankfully, Traveling Vineyard ensures that you cannot only enjoy your favorite wine anytime you feel like but also make money from it.

Ditch your Regular Job

Many people in the traditional 9 to 5 work settings are not happy with their jobs for many and obvious reasons. These include having to report to the same work place at the same time and meeting the same people every day, for years. In addition, many people are in it just for what they get at the end of the month not because they like their jobs. Often, the jobs leave no time for family or friends and they are the culprit for many broken marriages invaluable friendships.

Luckily, Traveling Vineyard offers great flexibility. You can spend as much time with your family and ensure that your children are raised the right way. In addition, you get to enjoy enough time with old and new friends while sipping wine in social gatherings and parties. Remember, the same friends are likely to be your first and long-time customers.

Get Started

Established in 2001, Traveling Vineyard has become one of the biggest platforms for tasting and direct selling of wines; a fact made clear by its huge social media presence. It has over 5,000 wine guides who are independent and free. To become one of them, you only need to part with a small fee after which you will get a Success Kit. In it are 10 bottles of wine, tasting glasses, sample accessories, and materials for wine education as well as bags for carrying wine. You will also get a personal website as well as training about drinking wine and any kind of support you might need in your efforts to reach your sales goals, including trips whose every expense will be met by the company.

Parting Words

There is no reason to be held in a regular job whose earnings are not only fixed but may also not be enough for your needs. With as little as $99, you can get started on your road to success and prosperity with Traveling Vineyard. Keep in mind that there are no limits to what you will earn. You don’t even have to move from your house or neighborhood when you don’t want to—you can always host your friends as well as their families in your home for wine tastings (and finally, sales!) For more info about us Social Media: click here.