Everyone Knows that eCommerce Personalization is the Same as Customization

Imagine that you’re Harry or Harriet. You just wear a white shirt and white pants. You walk away and everyone else is wearing the same outfit: white shirts and white pants.

Everyone in your entire neighborhood works at the same time at the exact job: as a computer programmer.

Of course, we understand this was horrifying for a large assortment of reasons but mainly because a society that is built around the same routine as everyone else wouldn’t be able to function.

Adding a bit of variety to this scenario, everyone is a computer programmer but they all program several different mobile apps, different desktop applications for your computer or even an IoT application that factories that can use in a factory setting.

The fact that everyone can build their own computer app or use their programming talents in a different, unique fashion from everyone else in the world allows for people to customize their own life.

However, what if people didn’t have to customize their own life. What their lives were personalized to fit their needs.

With the understanding of the difference between customization and personalization, we can focus on what we can use e-commerce personalization.

The Silent Customization Machine

Today, customers live in a world where they can customize their own Internet experience.

While the super tech-savvy or the out-of-the-box enjoys finding apps to install on their desktop or onto their mobile phone fantastical, the average person, especially when they are going to ecommerce sites, are not looking for a customizable experience. The experience that they are desperately looking for is one that supports ecommerce personalization.

In fact, ecommerce personalization is the “Silent Customizer” that the people who are ready to purchase items from your site are primed and ready to buy from your site right away.

Understanding what your customers want to buy is just as equally important and imperative as knowing what they previously bought from the ecommerce site.

Your customer will look at items on your site and it is necessary that you employ the smooth transition to suggesting which items that they should buy from your ecommerce site.

This is why ecommerce personalization is “The Silent Customizer“.

Smooth McGroove

The largest difference to understand about ecommerce personalization is not customization. Customization is active: it forces the user to be active, not then passive-active in a sense.

To further explain, the actor in question is looking for the item that they are looking to purchase but the recommendations are coming to them in a smooth, silent manner.

All that truly matters is much attention to what certain detail when applying the ecommerce personalization for your ecommerce site.

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Kate Hudson; Driving The Wheels Of Fabletics In Fashion E-commerce

Amazon was until recently a near-monopoly in the fashion e-commerce industry. Without a doubt, the firm has always been at the helm of the venture, matter of fact Amazon accounts for 20 percent of total sales online. Other brands have had to settle for the piecemeal, even though they are offering the same goods as Amazon.


Fabletics as a competitor of Amazon have had to dig deep to get a strategy of knocking off Amazon from the top spot. This has led to them posting tremendous revenue results. In fact in the short span, they have been active, they have already reached their set financial goals. Critics said that the path they took would not get to the height required to challenge their competitors in the robust industry. This pessimism has proved to be far from the truth as they have managed to hit over $250 million in sales consisting of women’s athletic clothing and other workout apparels.


How did they manage to get their right footing in an Amazon monopolized industry? They benefited through an excellent start. Fabletic’s marketing and customer service strategies have been the cornerstone of their success. By introducing a membership reward system, they have been able to retain a majority of their customers. Their reverse showrooming technique has also contributed a great deal to their extraordinary growth.


In a Fabletic’s mall, shelves are stocked with the latest designer apparels including leggings, tank tops, sports bras sweatpants, yoga pants and many more. Women from different locations line up daily to try the various attires available. They have managed to deviate from the traditional method of hiring sales representatives to convince the customer to buy.


Kate Hudson, a Fabletics Co-founder, has praised her venture terming it fulfilling. She was in the middle of her acting career when she decided to partner with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, enthusiastic entrepreneurs. She has starred in the movie ‘’Almost famous’’.


The company is predicted to be on an upward trajectory in the growth curve. It rewards their customers through a loyalty point’s scheme. It also offers excellent discount on a customer’s product of choice.