Gareth Henry Talks about Adding Value to Your Real Estate Ventures

As an investor, you may encounter various limitations, but you will always strive to ensure that your profit margins are stable and growing progressively. Investors such as Gareth Henry are confident that technology has also had a positive impact on industries such as real estate. At the moment, the repositioning trend is the most implemented when it comes to the real estate industry. Since urban renewal was being applied in the past whereby people would move to the suburbs for security and convenience, this term has now been replaced with the repositioning practice. Repositioning has come in handy since it is helping investors to increase their profit margins. Investors should also pay close attention to the following guidelines.

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Always Appreciate Your Strengths

According to Gareth Henry, repositioning entails enhancing the quality of a property. It can be applied to any real estates such as a multi-family resident and a single-family home. It can require even repainting a piece of property among many more activities. Although anyone can accomplish various tasks such as painting, the question remains whether people have the time and money to carry out such a business. Unless you have a huge amount of money at your disposal, it is good to appreciate your strengths.

Always Choose Your Targets

Some regions have the scarcity of property regarding commercial and residential entities. Gareth Henry concludes that property in such areas is costly and every square foot must be utilized to ensure that you have obtained the value for your money. Technology is also playing a significant role in transforming our workforce. Statistics showcased that a large number of employees in the U.S. had relocated to remote areas and this opens more opportunities for repositioning. Online purchases are also gaining popularity.

To carry out some minor repositioning, you can consider the following factors:


Some changes such as adding a coat of paint have a significant impact on how a tenant will feel after viewing your house for the first time. Factors such as appearance determine how much a tenant is willing to pay on a monthly basis to reside in your house. You can also enhance the landscaping around your home and exterior, and interior finishes can also be adjusted.


According to Gareth Henry, structural repositioning involves making changes to the layout or facilitating the construction of facilities such as pools as a way of attracting additional revenue. The structural repositioning strategy will cost you a considerable sum of money, and it involves higher risks.



Matthew Fleeger

Upon realizing his entrepreneurial flair, Matthew Fleeger knew he’d thrive in the business domain. In the hopes of equipping himself for the entrepreneurial realm, Fleeger earned a degree in business from Southern Methodist University. Honing his skills in finance and marketing, Fleeger acquired a keen understanding of the dynamics of business. Following his graduation, Fleeger dove head first into his desired line of work. The oil and gas industry piqued his interest, prompting Fleeger to assume various roles at numerous Texas-based oil and gas companies. Over the course of eight years, Fleeger graduated from entry-level positions to executive roles.

After gaining ample experience in his field, Fleeger decided to branch out and embark on his own pursuits. In 1993, Fleeger founded MedSolutions, a company responsible for overseeing the management and disposal of waste. More specifically, MedSolutions was in charge of treating waste that healthcare facilities created. From his inspired solutions to his revolutionary paradigms, Fleeger’s innovating thinking enabled MedSolutions to thrive. The company even earned the title of “regional leader in healthcare waste management.” Come 2007, Fleeger was wholly satisfied with the progress of his company. So satisfied, in fact, that he felt accomplished enough to sell the company for $59 million.

Once he bid MedSolutions a fond farewell, Fleeger rejoined the business world. Given his extensive experience, Fleeger had no issue landing a job in the oil and gas industry. He decided to return to his roots and work for his family’s oil and gas company, Gulf Coast Western. Fleeger is presently the company’s CEO, a role he’s no doubt familiar with. As a businessman who keeps his ear to the ground, Fleeger is constantly monitoring up-and-coming trends. What’s more, he leaps at opportunities to invest in burgeoning industries including the tanning domain.

JHSF – José Auriemo Neto: Understanding Property Development

Many people are attracted to real estate investing and property development. This industry has made numerous people very rich but it takes great effort and dedicated to reap great rewards.

JHSF is a well-established property development company in Brazil. This renowned firm has been working on big projects for a long time and has a great reputation in the industry. JHSF focuses on the development and administration of real estate properties.

If you want to get into real estate development you will need to acquire property upon which you plan to develop your real estate projects.

As a reliable property investment and development firm, JHSF has highly knowledgeable professionals and access to top-notch industry resources. Its Chief Executive Office, José Auriemo Neto, works hard to ensure that the firm keeps running smoothly.

The use of leverage is often the way to approach most transactions in this industry. As a successful development firm, the team at JHSF understands this very well and take advantage of it. Leverage allows a real estate investor to acquire properties, for residential or commercial use. The great thing about using leverage is that you don’t have to have the upfront cash to pay for the property. However, using leverage in real estate transactions requires knowledge of the industry.

If you are planning to start a real estate investment or development firm, you will need an expert on your side. In fact, you will need a team of professionals to carry out a wide variety of tasks involved in completing a project.

Real estate developers handle both commercial or residential projects. These include office buildings, retail stores, industrial sites, and family homes. You need education and experience in order to grow and succeed in this challenging industry. José Auriemo Neto can advise and guide you on your way to real estate success.

José Auriemo Neto takes the time to evaluate his clients’ situation and help to develop the right strategy to meet their needs. He has a good understanding of property investing and development and has helped numerous people reach their goals.

Ryan Seacrest Has Learned How To Balance His Very Busy Life In Show Business

Ryan Seacrest is one of the hosts of Live with Kelly and Ryan, and he recently made the move from Los Angeles to New York to be a part of the show. He is also a producer who has produced hit shows including American Idol and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Every morning, he loves to wake at 6am in order to get himself ready for his busy day. He enjoys a tasty matcha tea each morning and then gets down to business with a coffee in hand.

When Ryan Seacrest has to travel for his job, he keeps up with his physical exercise by bringing his personal trainer along. He also trains in boxing, on the side, enjoys bicycling, and is a runner who skips the treadmill so he can get a good run in outdoors. Before heading off to work, which is just a seven minute drive, he likes to check out the latest news.

Ryan Seacrest is one of the busiest people in show business, and he is learning that he can only do so much during any given day. On top of being a host of the Live with Kelly and Ryan show, he also started up his own men’s skin care line called Polished, which is not even the half of it. Seacrest is also the original and continuing host of American Idol, is a radio show host who created On Air With Ryan, and also runs the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Ryan Seacrest is always sure to keep up with his daily emails. He has learned to respond to people using as little words as possible because he gets a lot of email. He has admitted that he has attention deficit disorder and will sometimes lock his phone when during a trip so he can be more present. His charitable organization is one of his favorite projects, and he has helped to build many broadcast centers located in children’s hospitals so kids can get a taste of what it feels like to be in show business. While many people think that he is way too busy, it is all in a day’s work Mr. Seacrest.

Marc Beer Backs Women’s Health Startup With Millions

CEO Marc Beer, formerly with Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, announced the closing of Series B funding for his new company Renovia Inc. with $32 million in funding.


Renovia Inc. is a medtech company based in Boston. It specializes in diagnosing and treating pelvic floor disorders which affect an average of 250 million women worldwide. Their first product, Leva, received FDA approval back in April.


Beer, working with Perceptive Advisoers from New York and Ascension Ventures from Missouri, was able to secure investments from the Longwood Fund. Known for its interest in healthcare companies, the backing from the Longwood Fund will be used to develop three new products and a new iteration of the Leva.


In a recent statement, Beer expressed his excitement with the support he gained from investors looking to innovate healthcare with products and methods dedicated to improving the quality of life for millions of women. With proprietary technologies and an innovative digital health platform, Beer envisions new empowerment for patients by increasing their understanding of pelvic floor disorders and inform decisions about their continued healthcare.


Renovia has been Beer’s first foray into venture capitalism since leaving Aegerion back in 2015.


About Marc Beer:


Marc Beer is an American venture capitalist with 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. After graduating from Miami University (Ohio), where he’s held memberships in on the Business Advisory Council, he became a founding member for the Good Start Genetics, a genetic screening company. The experience accrued there led to a seat on the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of MAssachusetts and the Bio (Biotechnology Industry Organization) Emerging Companies Section Governing Board. Beer’s foray into the business world took off with Abbott Laboratories, where he worked in sales and marketing for the pharmaceutical division. This opened doors to Genzyme, a biotechnology company that diagnoses and treats debilitating and rare diseases, where he served as Vice President of Global Marketing, launching products all over the world.


By the time he was ready for executive leadership, Beer founded his own company, ViaCell, focusing on stem cells from preserved umbilical cords. in 2007, after seven years of operation, the company swelled in size, adding 300 employees before being acquired by competitor PerkinElmer. During his tenure at ViaCell, Beer also sat on the board of directors for Erytech Pharma. This was leadership experience that served him well when he teamed up with Ramon Iglesias, MD, and Yolanda Lorie to create Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, providing products to address rare diseases in 36 countries. After leaving the company, Beer founded Renovia, a biomedical company addressing issues of pelvic floor weakness and dysfunction affecting millions of women the world over with innovative diagnosis and personalized devices meant to better inform patients of their conditions. Learn more:


OSI Food Solutions and New Acquistions

OSI Food Solutions, based in Illinois, has more than 65 facilities and 20,000 employees. It is the premier global supplier of custom value-added food products. They sell to the world’s leading food service and retail food brands. They do custom food product development and global food supply chain management.

A lot of major things have been happening with OSI Food Solutions, the company has recently bought the former Tyson Foods plant in the south side of Chicago this summer for $7.4 million. Many of the employees lost their jobs with Tyson, but several were also offered jobs with OSI Solutions.

Tyson isn’t the only endeavor by OSI Food Solutions, recently they have also acquired Baho Food. Baho Food is a seasoned Dutch manufacturer of deli meets, quick foods and snacks servicing the retail arena and food services. The have five subsidiaries overseas in The Netherlands and also Germany.

Furthermore, OSI Food Solutions has bought Flagship Europe. It supplies frozen poultry, sous vide, products and pies in addition to mayonnaise, sauces and dressings to the UK food service market. This is going to give OSI a broader presence overseas in Europe. The CEO of OSI Solutions, David McDonald, is very excited for these future endeavors.

These new acquisitions are really going to continue to put OSI Food Solutions in the conversation of America’s Top 100 Food companies. The products they produce are the best and they have the standards to match when it comes to buying from food vendors. The organization as been in the forefront of growth, innovation, and evolution. OSI has a range of resources, including attending to packaging facilities and plants, as well as all of the connections they have made globally. All of these great things have created OSI as a leader in the food supply industry in America.

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