James Dondero Uses Highland Capital Management To Save Dallas

The name James Dondero equates high-quality financial services. The man has done a great job at ensuring that the people of Dallas, Texas enjoy viable financial services. Dondero works for Highland Capital Management. He has been part of the firm for over ten years. As the co-founder, he streamlined the management to provide the best. Dondero exudes confidence in client service. He understands the value of working with his team to incorporate high-quality services. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Background Look

For more than 30 years, Dondero has garnered vast experience in his field. He equipped himself with skills in handling distressed investing. As the head cheerleader of Highland Capital Management, he commits to excellence. Dondero knows how to develop collattralized loan obligation. He also knows how important the equity market is to clients.


James Dondero’s skills extend to oriented solutions services and developing financial portfolios. His input to the field extends to leadership. He is the board chairman of Highland Capital Management. In leadership, it does not stop there for him. Dondero values community work and development. That is why he partners with charity organizations to elevate the less fortunate. Until now, he has worked with over 10 organizations to stabilize education and businesses.

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Financial Management Skills

In financial management, Dondero has mastered the art of guidance. He offers insight on safe and aggressive financial dockets. To Dondero, the future lies on being able to make critical decisions. That is why he talks to his clients about viable financial planning. Because in business there is profit and loss, Dondero works with his clients to curb losses. He manages their portfolios with due diligence as well.


James Dondero attended the prestigious Virginia University. He bagged the Beta Alpha Psi and Betta Gamma Sigma. Having majored in finance and accounting, he equipped himself with the relevant skills. Besides, he also earned certification by CPA. Dondero is now able to use his academic credentials to assist clients.


The community reveres Dondero for his input. He has transformed Dallas into a major, modern society in many ways. Handling finances is one of them. Currently, he works with many clients to enhance the stability of their businesses and finances. Follow James on Linkedin.

Whitney Wolfe and Her Bumble Innovation

Whitney Wolfe has done a great job when it comes to creating a dating app. She has been very successful in what she has done because she has cater to a millennial generation of consumers. There are many older people that are fans of apps like eHarmony or Match, but Whitney Wolfe Herd knew from the early stages of co-creating an app like Tinder that she would find favor with the millennial crowds once she started her own app called Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe was definitely been accurate when it came to the platform that she chose as well as the user base that she expected to gain. Bumble has been a very exciting app for singles, and the app continues to get a lot of recognition as the app of the millennial generation.

Men and women are both excited about what Whitney Wolfe has done with this dating app. They have become intrigued by the way that she has given women the home court advantage. They have the ability to make the first move. The ball is in their court, and this is exactly what Whitney Wolfe wanted to do to change the way that people looked at dating apps.

She has proven herself to be a very powerful force in the dating app industry, and it appears that she is making great strides as someone that knows exactly what millennials are looking for. She is not someone that has put her time into creating an app that simply looks like everything else that is out there. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe has made her way by creating an app that is designed to look different from what has been considered the norm in the mainstream.

Whitney Wolfe has become a leader because she was not afraid to be an innovator. The app that she created has become well known in many different circles because there are millions of singles that are interested in meeting someone. Many of these singles are tired of the traditional methods that they have used before. This is why Whitney Wolfe has a great advantage with Bumble.

Neurocore Addresses Depression Misconceptions

There are millions of confirmed depression sufferers. However, the actual number of people suffering from the depressive disorder might be even higher than reported. One of the issues that can stand in the way of accurate reporting, diagnosis and even treatment is the misconception towards depression. Neurocore addresses these misconceptions.

One misconception of depression is that it is the same as feeling sad. While it is common for people to say that they are depressed when they are sad about something, there is more to depression than just mere sadness. As a matter of fact, many people who suffer from depression often report a state of numbness as opposed to an overwhelming sad emotion. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Another misconception is that depression can only be treated with antidepressants. There is this movement going around where people are saying that if the person is not on anti-depressants, then he is not depressed. This is dangerous because depression is a highly varied issue. This can also cause many people to go without diagnosis because of shame or fear of ridicule because they don’t have the right type of depression.

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Often times, antidepressants are believed to make the problem worse instead of better. Many people who have been diagnosed with depression opt for something that is less medicine-based such as talk therapy, exercise and healthy eating. This is often accompanied by the belief that some nutrients can actually have an effect on mood.

One thing Neurocore tries to get at is the root cause of depression. Each person is different when it comes to depressive episodes. The best way to solve an issue in this sense if by going after the root cause. For each individual, it could be different. This may require sessions of therapy for the individual to find the cause of depression so that he will be able to treat it successfully. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Partnerships Are Key to Market America’s Success and Meeting Customer Needs

After 25 years, Market America is the number one choice for consumers to purchase their products online, and the number one choice for entrepreneurs. Through shop.com consumers are able to find all the latest products as well as products that are exclusively offered to their shoppers. This type of retail operation has also been extremely rewarding to the company’s independent partners. Independent partners are celebrated for their accomplishments at Market America Events. The company offers ever-changing dynamics of product lines, and independent partners are the first to be exposed to those products and to learn more about the company. Many of independent partners have been attending the events for several years, while some of them are first-time attendees who are always welcomed into the fairly diverse community of partnerships.

The unique business relationship between independent partners could not occur without the 180,000 worldwide distributors that make it possible to meet the high-expectations that Market America has set for their customers. Customers look to the company to fulfill customers needs for items such as groceries, home and garden supplies, automotive repair items, pet supplies and even online financial services, and what Market America knows.

The exclusive cosmetic line “Motives” was designed by the company’s Senior Executive Vice President Loren Ridinger, who recently partnered with actress LaLa Anthony, co-star of the hit series POWER on the Starz Network. The product line has been greatly received by Market America shoppers, and it was recently presented during the company’s 25 year celebration event for independent partners and guests of the event. The company celebrates the great achievements by independent partners and their teams. Because of that recognition, the team spirit is always high and helps independent partners to stay committed to bringing exciting products to customers, and Market America on Facebook.

Market Americas sets a standard that continually brings the type of people who are supportive of one another and want to see others reach their success. The company has achieved more than $7 billion in sales and continues operations all around the world; adding an additional operation in Malaysia, in 2017. Market America headquarters is based in Greensboro, North Carolina, and https://www.meeton.com/profile/market_america/.

Everyone Knows that eCommerce Personalization is the Same as Customization

Imagine that you’re Harry or Harriet. You just wear a white shirt and white pants. You walk away and everyone else is wearing the same outfit: white shirts and white pants.

Everyone in your entire neighborhood works at the same time at the exact job: as a computer programmer.

Of course, we understand this was horrifying for a large assortment of reasons but mainly because a society that is built around the same routine as everyone else wouldn’t be able to function.

Adding a bit of variety to this scenario, everyone is a computer programmer but they all program several different mobile apps, different desktop applications for your computer or even an IoT application that factories that can use in a factory setting.

The fact that everyone can build their own computer app or use their programming talents in a different, unique fashion from everyone else in the world allows for people to customize their own life.

However, what if people didn’t have to customize their own life. What their lives were personalized to fit their needs.

With the understanding of the difference between customization and personalization, we can focus on what we can use e-commerce personalization.

The Silent Customization Machine

Today, customers live in a world where they can customize their own Internet experience.

While the super tech-savvy or the out-of-the-box enjoys finding apps to install on their desktop or onto their mobile phone fantastical, the average person, especially when they are going to ecommerce sites, are not looking for a customizable experience. The experience that they are desperately looking for is one that supports ecommerce personalization.

In fact, ecommerce personalization is the “Silent Customizer” that the people who are ready to purchase items from your site are primed and ready to buy from your site right away.

Understanding what your customers want to buy is just as equally important and imperative as knowing what they previously bought from the ecommerce site.

Your customer will look at items on your site and it is necessary that you employ the smooth transition to suggesting which items that they should buy from your ecommerce site.

This is why ecommerce personalization is “The Silent Customizer“.

Smooth McGroove

The largest difference to understand about ecommerce personalization is not customization. Customization is active: it forces the user to be active, not then passive-active in a sense.

To further explain, the actor in question is looking for the item that they are looking to purchase but the recommendations are coming to them in a smooth, silent manner.

All that truly matters is much attention to what certain detail when applying the ecommerce personalization for your ecommerce site.

A Renowned Financial Advisor, Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider and he initially joined Banyan Hill while publishing as an editorial director in the year 2015. He has with him decades of hands on experience while working as a stocks market investor as well as a financial journalist.

The Total Wealth Insider is typically a one-stop shop that helps one achieve greater heights in terms of richness and prosperity according to youtube.com. It is a very successful newsletter which discloses the value stocks that are set to skyrocket.

In one of his articles, he talks about all the dangers and drawbacks in the investments of value traps on seekingalpha.com. He says that when it gets to investing and investment plans, there are two different kinds of stocks which are value traps on one hand and those with value on the other hand. This article seeks to give an insight on the differences between the two as well as help investors to make wise decisions before picking up an investment plan. You can read or follow up on any of his educative articles with diversified knowledge that proves efficient in the investments world if at all you would not like to regret making the wrong decision. Jeff Yastine also talks about cyber security as well as hacks which currently remain a huge nightmare for Americans.

The Total Wealth Insider is regarded as an exclusive research advisory journal and is also ranked as one of the best newsletters for investors that have foreseen the success of many individuals especially those starting out in the stocks exchange world on tumblr.com. With qualified authors with worthwhile hands-on experience such as Jeff Yastine, you can be rest assure you will be getting quality content that will certainly make a huge step towards helping you succeed.

If you would want exceptional results for your investments, you need to read exceptional articles about the investment world from qualified personnel such as Jeff Yastine. Although he may not be perfect, Yastine is the right guy for your financial concerns. There is nothing that can help you realise your result as greatly as following the advice of someone with the necessary experience to keep you going.

Find more about Jeff Yastine: https://stocktwits.com/jeffyastine

Kate Hudson; Driving The Wheels Of Fabletics In Fashion E-commerce

Amazon was until recently a near-monopoly in the fashion e-commerce industry. Without a doubt, the firm has always been at the helm of the venture, matter of fact Amazon accounts for 20 percent of total sales online. Other brands have had to settle for the piecemeal, even though they are offering the same goods as Amazon.


Fabletics as a competitor of Amazon have had to dig deep to get a strategy of knocking off Amazon from the top spot. This has led to them posting tremendous revenue results. In fact in the short span, they have been active, they have already reached their set financial goals. Critics said that the path they took would not get to the height required to challenge their competitors in the robust industry. This pessimism has proved to be far from the truth as they have managed to hit over $250 million in sales consisting of women’s athletic clothing and other workout apparels.


How did they manage to get their right footing in an Amazon monopolized industry? They benefited through an excellent start. Fabletic’s marketing and customer service strategies have been the cornerstone of their success. By introducing a membership reward system, they have been able to retain a majority of their customers. Their reverse showrooming technique has also contributed a great deal to their extraordinary growth.


In a Fabletic’s mall, shelves are stocked with the latest designer apparels including leggings, tank tops, sports bras sweatpants, yoga pants and many more. Women from different locations line up daily to try the various attires available. They have managed to deviate from the traditional method of hiring sales representatives to convince the customer to buy.


Kate Hudson, a Fabletics Co-founder, has praised her venture terming it fulfilling. She was in the middle of her acting career when she decided to partner with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, enthusiastic entrepreneurs. She has starred in the movie ‘’Almost famous’’.


The company is predicted to be on an upward trajectory in the growth curve. It rewards their customers through a loyalty point’s scheme. It also offers excellent discount on a customer’s product of choice.

Delectable Delights from OSI Group

OSI Group is a high quality foodservice and retail food brand provider. OSI is privately owned American company with humble immigrant roots. Founded in 1909 as a family meat market, it expanded as a wholesale trade. The company changed its name to Otto & Sons and established itself a solid reputation offering quality meats. In 1955 McDonald’s was developed and needed a supplier of fresh quality ground beef patties. Otto & Sons was one of the four providers selected, and the rest is history!

In 1975 Otto &Sons became OSI and was still in business with McDonalds as one of its exclusive providers. As McDonalds grew in its size and prosperity, so did OSI. Today, OSI Group has a global presence in the market having Aurora, Illinois as its headquarters and operating 60 facilities in 17 countries. OSI expanded as a supplier to Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut. In 2011 Forbes listed OSI as America’s 136th largest private company with a revenue of $3 billion. In 2016 Forbes listed OSI again, this time as 58th with $6.1 billion in revenue. OSI Group offers several various career opportunities. You can find entry level jobs ranging up to management and upper management.

Most excitingly the company continually looks for ways to expand and to embrace the future. In 2016 it was reported that OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe from Flagship Food Group of Denver, Colorado. This acquisition made it possible to offer a line of sandwich fillings, mayonnaise, marinades, sauces, and dips. Additionally, the group was given high recognition for its high standards and efforts to ensure quality environmental management. In 2016 the prestigious Globe of Honour Award was given by the British Safety Council. To achieve this OSI Group had a maximum of five stars during the British Safety Council’s audit. This demonstrates self-awareness and working to achieve the standards of excellence, adopting, integrating, and utilizing approaches that place environmental protection as a top priority, and upholding these standards while simultaneously striving for health and safety. The British Safety Council recognized that these achievements have certainly placed OSI Group above others because their operations were more sustainable.

OSI Group has proven itself as a provider of high quality products but, also as a loyal business partner, while seeking to find and implement approaches that ensures the safety of the environment and its staff.

Read More: www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/

Achievements of Desiree Perez

A significant number of women have proved strong to occupy leadership roles in the entertainment industry and thus established the equality between the two genders. The show has improved regarding its operations over the past years and is among the most competitive as well as prestigious industries in the market. Desiree Perez is among the women that have taken roles in the music and entertainment industries and has helped some prestigious artists venture into the field of entrepreneurship. Being a prolific entrepreneur, Perez has helped the actors rise into great investors and acquire extra income from their various enterprises.

The successful entrepreneur has worked closely with Jay Z, and through her expertise, she has helped the prestigious artist expand his business operations into private ventures. Perez`s knowledge has earned her a lot trust and fame in the United States and has also had a chance to work with some of the most successful artists in the states. Besides, Perez has worked together with Jay Z for over twenty years and has played a significant role in ensuring that the artist achieves the best out of his broad range of ventures.

In addition to that, her excellent customer services have seen most of her clients acquire a lot of revenues from their ventures and improve their living standards. Perez recently partnered with Rihanna in the Samsung deal, through which she helped the celebrity on her Anti tour. The deal saw Rihanna achieve a lot of success in her career and was termed among the most influential performer in the country.

In addition to that, Perez has excellent management skills, and through her expertise, she has successfully guided investors in the music and entertainment industry on the best strategies to make their ventures successful. The renounced producer also has an excellent team of management that is profoundly committed to providing the firm`s clients with the best services.


How Richard Mishaan Design is Making the World More Beautiful

Whenever Richard Mishaan Design comes up any conversation, an aura of excellence suddenly fills up the air. Mr. Mishaan has made a name for himself as one of the most visual artists who aren’t afraid to express his genius idea through interior design, jewelry, fashion as well as fine art.

What makes the signature Richard Mishaan Design look to be different and a breath of fresh air is his ability to combine quite some elements, giving a remarkably hot finish that more often than not leaves peoples’ jaws on the floor in awe. A lot can be said about his personality in his art and its such kind of freedom that always makes art what it is – authentic.

Before the Richard Mishaan Design brand became what, it is today, Mr. Mishaan had to work hard. He began by being Philip Johnson’s apprentice right after the Columbia University School of Architecture and New York University where he got himself a BA. From there, he was in a position to get all the required experience which he has used to make sure that his art is cemented as one of the best.

Rich doesn’t stop there. He always makes sure that he is taking things to the next level with his authenticity and has even penned down a couple of books. It is his goal that budding artists are in apposition to express themselves in every single way. He has done so by publishing two books, each showcasing the Richard Mishaan Design and how one can be authentic by allowing their creative juices to flow unchecked.

Through the Richard Mishaan Design, one can easily see and appreciate his deep understanding of the art of luxury and quality, which is what everyone looks to achieve as far as art and design are concerned.