Barbara Stokes Uses her Wealth of Knowledge to Transform People’s Lives

From earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and even tornadoes, disaster can strike at any time. In such moments, families and friends remain stranded and concerned about their lives. Moreover, these scenarios come with tremendous losses that can hardly be recovered in a day. Therefore, to be prepared for such natural disasters, it is prudent to take measurable precautions alongside a plan that can be instigated when the eventuality arrives. However, because these plans involve the application of professional services, people may find it somewhat challenging to develop a constructive plan. At such moments, Barbara Stokes comes in as the hero of the day. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Who is Barbara Stokes?

Barbara Stokes is an entrepreneur who serves as the chief executive officer of the Green Structure Homes in Alabama. For years, she has used this company to support humanitarian relief projects through the Disaster Relief Construction.

Establishing Green House Structures

It all began when Barbara joined her husband, Scott, to create the company. Together with their team, they have extensively worked alongside the Federal Emergency Management Agency to offer a broad spectrum of permanent housing as well as commercial solutions for residents. Moreover, the partnerships encourage the use of proprietary, engineering, and modern manufacturing techniques for construction. Follow Barbara Stokes on


Over and above, Barbara and her team have worked on the planning of land, utility installation, the construction of shelters in public schools and campuses as well as residential developments. To see to it that these projects are completed, Barbara Stokes involves her team in every stage.

Education and Career

For education, Barbara Stokes went to the Mercer University. While there, she majored in biomedical engineering alongside physics. Because of her tremendous performance in the institution, she passed with high-class honors and managed to establish Green Structure Houses. Using the same knowledge she acquired from school, she handled complex construction projects including the manufacture and management of structures, properties and the application of thermodynamics.

Before establishing Green House Structures, Stokes worked for Pisces Corporation then, later on, joined Boeing. Without a doubt, she has brought with her tremendous knowledge to GHS.

The General Observation

Because she is a mother to three children who mean everything to her, Barbara Stokes has developed a soft spot for victims who endure the long aftermath of natural disaster. As such, she uses her company and government entrepreneurial networks to save their lives. It is evident that Stokes is a generous leader who cares for people. In as much as GHS is a business, she is more interested in improving people’s lives.