Experienced CEO, Andy Wirth, Moving Expansion to Next Phase

Andy Wirth has almost 30years of experience working for ski resorts. He is currently the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings. That’s the company that owns Squaw Valley Resort at Lake Tahoe. Wirth started his career in a place in the United States known even more for skiing than Lake Tahoe, Colorado. He was hired out of college to work for Steamboat Spring Ski Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

According to Powder, Andy Wirth worked for this company for many years. He rose through the ranks in the marketing department until he was eventually named the Director of Marketing for the company. He worked in this capacity until 2010 when he was hired by Squaw Valley. It is important to note that he is the first person to be put in charge of that company in 70 years that isn’t from the founding Cushing family.

Wirth is also well known for his philanthropic efforts in the community. He was once nearly killed in a skydiving accident. This led him to create an ironman team called “Wounded Warrior Support”. This team is dedicated to raising money for fallen soldiers in special forces and their families. Wirth has also worked for various charities and organizations that are dedicated to conserving the environment and the ecology in the area.

His latest plan revolves around the expansion of the Squaw Valley resort. The proposal has met some opposition but recently came one step closer to being realized. Wirth said that their latest meeting with opposition and the Placer County Planning Commission went extremely well.

Both sides were polite with each other and the planning commission finally voted to give a thumbs up to the resort to move to the next phase in the approval process, a meeting with the county’s Executive Board of Directors.

The opposition of the expansion mainly cites traffic concerns as the reason that they should delay the expansion of the resort. They also think that the magnitude of the expansion will prevent other small businesses from expanding around Lake Tahoe. These are both concerns that Wirth has addressed.

He says that his company is not responsible for the already existing traffic issues. He also committed himself to working with the county to help them develop a traffic system that will alleviate some of the congestion concerns. He has also said that he will work with the county to help them offer a better mass transit program.

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Andy Wirth Speaks About Drought During Interview On Press play

Madeline Brand is one of the reporters that works for Press Play on KCRW. She is one of the interviewers that takes the top stories and runs with them. Recent droughts has become an issue for the state of California. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://about.me/andywirth

People are worrying about the water shortage and how it is going to affect plants and everything. Some of the leaders that are responsible for the ski resorts are looking towards the future of the ski season.

People like Andy Wirth are watching the weather and making sure that they stay on top of the drought. During the recent interview with Andy Wirth, Madeline was questioning the feelings regarding the drought and what this meant for the ski slopes.

Apparently, a ridge is blocking moisture that the mountains need. Andy Wirth  is positive that the slopes will be fine this ski season. He also reminds people in the resort area of the money they can make during other seasons. Making money during off seasons can help off-set decreases in revenue during the winter.

Andy Wirth always tries to see the glass half full not half empty. He is always trying to help people see the big picture and not stress on the small stuff. Andy works hard to keep Squaw Valley Holdings in a good place. Andy was instrumental in helping to improve the reputation of Squaw Valley.

Andy is determined to make this ski season a success and he is doing his part to educate others to do the same. He took the time to explain to Madeline about the 6000 acres of ski area. He believes that the slopes will be around 4000 acres and that this is enough ski area to be profitable and entertaining to guests.

Lake Tahoe and surrounding area mountains are beautiful during the summer and winter. The lake is a popular place for boating and swimming during the summer months.

People are always hiking the mountains and visiting the snowy mountain resorts. During the winter people like snow skiing, snow boarding, snow jet skiing, and snow surfing. After a entertaining day outside, people can snuggle up by a roaring fire in some of the resorts. Andy Wirth is always doing good deeds to help the resorts to focus on the people that are visiting the area. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Andy Wirth took the time to explain that he does not think that the drought will end up affecting the ski seaon to the point of closing down.

He is telling others to try to stay open and make what money they can. Andy explains to KCRW’s Press Play interviewer that the drought will most likely be over or atlease by less of an affect in the long run.