Whitney Wolfe and Her Bumble Innovation

Whitney Wolfe has done a great job when it comes to creating a dating app. She has been very successful in what she has done because she has cater to a millennial generation of consumers. There are many older people that are fans of apps like eHarmony or Match, but Whitney Wolfe Herd knew from the early stages of co-creating an app like Tinder that she would find favor with the millennial crowds once she started her own app called Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe was definitely been accurate when it came to the platform that she chose as well as the user base that she expected to gain. Bumble has been a very exciting app for singles, and the app continues to get a lot of recognition as the app of the millennial generation.

Men and women are both excited about what Whitney Wolfe has done with this dating app. They have become intrigued by the way that she has given women the home court advantage. They have the ability to make the first move. The ball is in their court, and this is exactly what Whitney Wolfe wanted to do to change the way that people looked at dating apps.

She has proven herself to be a very powerful force in the dating app industry, and it appears that she is making great strides as someone that knows exactly what millennials are looking for. She is not someone that has put her time into creating an app that simply looks like everything else that is out there. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe has made her way by creating an app that is designed to look different from what has been considered the norm in the mainstream.

Whitney Wolfe has become a leader because she was not afraid to be an innovator. The app that she created has become well known in many different circles because there are millions of singles that are interested in meeting someone. Many of these singles are tired of the traditional methods that they have used before. This is why Whitney Wolfe has a great advantage with Bumble.

The Expanding App of Skout

In recent news, the new social app known as Skout has created a new holiday that is called the national potato chip day. This fun yet ridiculous holiday was created for the purpose of introducing the Skout app to individuals around the world. As potato chips are a product that is loved around the world, the creators of Skout decided to have an icebreaker through this new holiday to introduce the world to this app based around social life. National potato chip day was officially celebrated with a survey that consisted of over 3,000 individuals. The survey asked questions that cleverly tied in each individual’s potato chip preference with their daily routines and preferences.

This survey that was conducted in March showed that there was a result that showed that within the 3,000 individuals that took the survey, around 96 percent of all the contributors actually liked potato chips. to narrow it even further, it was found that those who liked spicy potato chips more tended to be more adventurous in the bedroom. The survey also found that those who liked the reduced fat and less salt chips were more likely to be working out everyday. The results found even coincided with each individual’s political preference as well as their TV show preference. For example it was found in the data that 39 percent of chip eaters enjoyed watching Jimmy Fallon vs. the other late night talk shows.

Skout is a global social platform that has created a unique product that connects people together based upon preferences for the purpose of expanding each individual’s social circle. This new app now makes it safe and enjoyable to meet new people that have much in common based upon surveys given while setting the app up. In just nine years of being in business, Skout has been able to expand to now be in over 180 countries and to have 16 different languages available.

The national potato chip day is just an example of how fun it can be to join Skout. Whether looking for someone new to hangout with or looking for a bigger social circle, Skout is the easiest way to do this. Millions of users now love this app which is one of the many reasons as to why it has been successful over the years. The creators of Skout are excited to see what happens next with the company.