Roofing specialists and how Aloha Construction has become a market leader

The construction industry continues to see sustained growth and has proved to be one of the biggest employers in the country.The industry has been able to add over six thousand jobs in the last month alone and according to an industry expert, Dave Farbaky the director at Aloha construction the growth is sustainable based on the promise by the government to inject an extra trillion dollars into infrastructure.

Residential and commercial developments continue to be some of the fastest growing projects and this has led to a need for more experts and professionals in the industry. Construction companies have come to this realization and have started to specialize in order to be in a position to offer clients the best in their line of work. Aloha construction company is a specialist in roofing and is one of the companies leading in this front. They offer various services under roofing that include roofing, siding and gutter works they are able to work with any type of roof be it asphalt, steep or metal. Clients can also offer other suggestion that they may have encountered and would like to have done.

Aloha construction also offers renovation services they have trained specialist in this field to ensure that there is minimal disturbance during the process especially when dealing with family homes. This is due to the various needs of families as some may be still around when the renovations are taking place. Pets such as dogs are also a major consideration for Aloha construction and they have been able to work with pet experts to come up with activities that families could do together with there pets during renovations to ensure that they do not become nervous or emotionally stressed.

Aloha construction has Certified Vinyl Siding Installers who are entrusted with ensuring that all siding jobs are done not just as a job but an art leaving clients extremely satisfied. For them, the client is always first.

Honoring the Life of a Legend, Stephen Murray

Steve Murray was a man who left a large legacy behind. Murray was not only a success in his professional life but his personal life as well. Earning his great deal of knowledge with an MBA from Columbia Business School. Murray quickly became one of the big movers in finance by learning the ins and outs of leveraged finance. Murray was also someone who has been very successful in the world of philanthropy. The donations that he has made have helped to change the lives of thousands of individuals around the country. Murray was a large supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Food Bank of Fairfield County, Boston College, Stamford Museum, and Columbia Business School. His contributions to these organizations will be remembered for many years to come.

CCMP was one of Steve Murray’s biggest accomplishments while he was here on this earth with us. CCMP is a private equity firm that has set very high standards in the financial industry. CCMP decided early on to specialize in leveraged buyouts and growth capital transactions. With over 12 billion dollars of transactions since it’s original inception in the 80s, it is easy to see why many hail CCMP as one of the leaders in the financial market. In 2007, CCMP was among the top 20 largest private equity funds in the world.

CCMP is one of the leading employers in the private equity market as well. With offices in Hong Kong, New York, London, and Tokyo, CCMP moves into the future as one of the global leaders. CCMP has a very impressive portfolio with large companies such as Guitar Center, 1-800-Contacts, Vetco, Quiznos, and more.  Murray passed away at the age of 52, according to