Why Cotemar Mexico Is One Of The Best Employers In Mexico

Cotemar Mexico is a Mexican based company began in 1979 with an aim of developing oil fields, by incorporating specialized vessels in the process. The company also specializes in offshore constructions and maintenance and petroleum services. It is one of the largest oil service companies in Mexico. The company has been able to maintain their reputation across the nation and the world from their values and culture created. Some of the values they hold strongly include business ethics where they communicate to their management, employees, stakeholders and the general public about the company’s transparency and commitment to doing what is right.



The company is dedicated to the quality of life by offering education and creating awareness to the employees and the community in general. Being in an industry that most people are skeptical about environment and pollution, Cotemar has clear guidelines on the protection and sustenance of the environment. The company also works towards giving back to the society be ensuring that they offer employment opportunities to the communities. Cotemar Mexico uses their values as a guide to help them in their future endeavors.



The management at Cotemar puts their employee’s needs first. The company offers training for their employees on how to handle operations and how to behave during their work. In the training they are taught safety measures and how to handle equipment. When asked how their work experiences are, employees claimed that the company is a great employer. Working at the company, they feel safe and comfortable. Employees are guaranteed of a good pay, rewards and also, they enjoy the off days offered and most agree that they the employer is considerate. Most employees also agreed that the services offered by the company regarding food and lodging are excellent and gives them a sense of belonging in the company.

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