Mark Mckenna: Doctor Turned Entrepreneur

Are you interested in the fields of elective healthcare and business? Have you ever heard of a guy that’s known as Mark McKenna? Well, if you haven’t heard about this extraordinary man, then you’re not along. Though he isn’t a household name, Dr. Mark McKenna has done some amazing things to enrich people’s lives. The New Orleans-native is one of the most savvy individuals you’ll ever meet. If there’s an issue, he’ll find some kind of solution, especially when it comes to dealing with health/medical care. Dr. Mark McKenna started his professional career as a medical doctor. Thanks to being so ambitious, this man has taken-over real estate as well as taken-over elective healthcare via medical aesthetics.

Dr. Mark McKenna has played a key role in rebuilding New Orleans. Thanks to his brilliance in the real estate department, he was able to provide low-to-moderate housing for people of a certain income. This housing was heaven-sent, especially after the Hurricane Katrina’s wrath. Hundreds to even thousands of people benefited from his services. In addition to that, Dr. Mark McKenna used his business-savvy sense to buy flooded property in the area and then he would turn around and sell them to real estate developers. What more can you ever ask from just one person? Though he has always had love for the medical industry, McKenna was now turning-over a new leaf in a sense.

His latest project, OVME, is a technologically advanced medical practice with all of the trimmings. The great thing about this practice is that it does a great job of connecting health-conscious consumers with proper health services. OVME goes overboard by providing an advanced application that lists the plentiful services in the area. Minimal-invasive procedures is OVME’s game, and these services can be provided from the comfort of your own home. We should give a round of applause to Dr. Mark McKenna, and his fantastic creations.

Mexican Entrepreneur Named the Best Franchisee in the World

Omar Yunes, owner of 13 branches of the restaurant Sushi Itto, was recently honored with the title “Best Franchisee in the World,” for his contributions to the chain he represents. Omar became a franchisee of the Japanese chain at 21 years old, and is now the owner of Sushi Itto branches in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz, representing almost 10% of the total branches of the chain.

He said on the occasion, “I am very proud today, but really I am just a representative. This award goes out to the more than 400 collaborators who manage the 13 stores, and to the company for allowing us to innovate.”

The 2015 BFW competition brought in representatives from 34 countries including Portugal, Hungary, Brazil, France, Italy, Argentina, and Mexico. The judges evaluated the franchisees based on their contributions to their respective chains, based on criteria such as: leadership ability, how much they had influenced the chain, savings measures they had implemented, the motivation level of their employees, and how many improvements they had made to the company model. The goal of the BFW competition is to encourage the franchisees, as well as to promote and share the innovations that they have brought to their respective industries. To know more about him click here.

According to Diego Elizarrarras, the organizer of BFW Mexico, Omar was given the award for his role as an innovator in the relationship between franchise and franchisee. Omar has worked towards better management of information in his branches, which includes the implementation of scorecards to better measure the performance of each branch.

Omar is an entrepreneur and businessman based in Mexico City, who started his career in his early twenties. While Omar comes from a family of politicians, his personal goal is to expand the Sushi Itto brand, add additional stores to his investment holdings, and continue to innovate with his work in the area of “professionalizing the role of the franchisee.”