Stephen Murray’s Early Departure and Significant Accomplishments

Background Information

Chase is currently one of the most prominent credit card service providers that we currently know today. Much of it’s success wouldn’t have been established without the help of Stephen Murray. He spent most of his life inn the private equity field and became a successful philanthropist. He also supported organizations such as Make-a-Wish, Metro New York, and several universities.

While he was the president and CEO of CCMP capital, Stephen Murray established the $3.6 billion CCMP capital investors III LP fund. It is a balance that can only be control by a selected few in the company.

The life he led was virtually flawless until his death at the age of 52. The main details of his death remains undiscovered, but reports indicted that his alleged drinking could be a potential cause. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

It occured whether it’s due to work or another type of conflict. One month before his death, he resigned from CCMP capital. His wife, Tasmi A.Murrary and his children are currently alive and reside in Connecticut.

Despite living a short-term life, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital made sure that he continued to chase his dreams in the private equity field. This holds true when he decided to spend most of his life in several business firms, especially CCMP capital. There’s no doubt that his unconventional, creative style of thinking would have a strong impact in the economy if he lived a longer life.

Timeline of Events

1984-1989- Completed several undergraduate and graduate studies. He earned a degree in economics from Boston College, followed by a master’s degree in business administration while attending Columbia Business School. In addition, he joined the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as apart of the credit analyst training program.

2005-2007- Stephen Murray became the head of JP Morgan Partners, and eventually the CEO of CCMP Capital. The company was a product of the spin-out with JP Morgan Chase.