The Chainsmokers’ newest music video features Camila Mendes

The newest music video by Electropop group The Chainsmokers’ features actress Camila Mendes as the main character. Camila, an actress on the T.V. show ‘Riverdale’, plays a hotel employee who refuses to accept her bosses orders and instead decides to rip off her uniform and dance across the hotel to the music of The Chainsmokers’ song “Side Effects”. “Side Effects” is The Chainsmokers’ 5th song released in 2018 and the duo is currently working on their next album.

The Chainsmokers’ were first formed in 2012 under Alex Paul and Rhett Bixler as the players and Adam Alpert as the manager. Bixler left the group the same year and young DJ Andrew Taggart stepped in when he was informed by Alpert that a spot in one of his groups opened up. The Chainsmokers’ began by first creating remixes of different groups with a collaboration alongside Prianka Chopra by early 2013.

In September of 2013, The Chainsmokers’ had their first live performance at Terminal 5 with their single “#Selfie” being released just a few months later. The single was streamed to Republic Records by January of 2014 where it achieved great success internationally. Two more singles were released by March of 2015 and the group decided to sign up with Disruptor Records by April of the same year.

The arrival of summer marked the release of 2 additional singles titled “Good Intentions” and “Roses”. “Roses” became successful enough to achieve multiplatnum status in the United States and The Chainsmokers’ went on to release their debut EP titled “Bouquet” in October of 2015. The following year would see the release of 3 new songs, performances at both the Ultra Music Festival and the 2016 MTV VMAs, and the achievement of becoming one of the top 20 DJs within DJ magazine.

2017 brought in more singles and more performances for the group. The song “Paris” went on to gold status in both Canada and the United States with their album “Memories…Do Not Open” achieving platinum status by August. 2018 saw the release of more singles and a collaboration with the American rapper Juice Wrld.