The RealReal Finds the Fakes

The RealReal is sophisticated, classic, and tasteful. When you shop at The RealReal, you are guaranteed to get the real deal and not a knockoff. Their customers appreciate that and know that they are getting a great deal. They can wear what they really want to wear without busting the budget and can look great on a dime.

The RealReal has over $100 million in used Chanel items and has generated $100 million in sales in the past year alone. The RealReal is a luxury consignment shop that has it going on, and it has gotten noticed. Even the big luxury stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus can see the great benefit if the store. The RealReal is helping to boost the value of secondhand luxury articles, and this is boosting the value of luxury items in their stores. This is because shoppers realize that they can sell their purchases later on if they want and make a profit which can go toward purchasing new items that they want.

The RealReal’s CEO and founder, Julie Wainwright, is proud to have developed a brand that is known for its genuine items. All of the items that reach the store goes through a strict process in order to identify any fakes. There are even contests where prizes are awarded to those who find the fakes.

The RealReal provides great service to its customers and will even pick up items. They even once returned a pair of $100,000 diamond earrings that a seller did not intend to leave in a purse that she was selling. Many of the items sell in 30 days, and inventory turns over very quickly. The RealReal is all about providing a service that makes the customer enjoy shopping and prides itself on selling real luxury items.

Whitney Wolfe: Purpose From Pain

One thing that Whitney Wolfe is no stranger to is pain. She has undergone a lot of pain and betrayal that has caused her to take some time off. Fortunately for her, she had a support group that has helped her through the pain that she has gone through. However, she also thought about the girls and women who go through similar types of pain with no type of support. Therefore, she started coming up with a plan for giving support for women and girls who go through a lot of hardships and need some kind of support for them.

When she was thinking about her business, she has met a partner who has convinced her to build another online dating app. However, Whitney Wolfe has wanted to do something for women so that they can connect together and support one another. However, one idea came to her when it came to women and dating. One thing that she has noticed is that women are told not to approach a man. She has believed that this was an arbitrary rule. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe has decided that she is going to challenge that rule with her dating app which she has eventually called Bumble.

With Bumble, men can’t initiate women. However, men can initiate other men. it is up to the woman to start a conversation with a man she is interested in. This is a huge change from all of the other apps where the average woman gets 50 if not 100 or more messages every day from men who are more than eager to go out on a date with them. Bumble from Whitney Wolfe makes it easier for women to decide what they want because they are not as aware of the options that they have for dating and relationships.

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Fabletics Takes Athleisure To A New Level

Fabletics took the challenge of bringing a new marketing concept to fashion. Since its inception Fabletics has risen to international levels and tremendous success. The company was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg as way to bring sleek new products to an overlooked consumer base. It provides a new marketing technique for women’s athletic wear which has drawn shoppers to the format. Fabletics continues to grow and is now opening physical locations throughout the country in order to broaden its reach within the industry. Its sales are in the billions and the products are available in multiple countries around the world.

Fabletics is an e-commerce based business that allows customers to browse its products online. Membership software allows the people who join the website in order to purchase the products at a discounted price. There is a monthly fee for the membership. The Fabletics site also provides unique features that customizes the shopping experience for each person. Their spending tendencies are logged into the system for future reference. From there the customers are presented with potential purchases based on their taste. The brick-and-mortar locations are designed to provide each customer with a similar experience to what they are accustomed to online. Fabletics understands that there is a huge secondary market who still prefers to shop in a physical manner. Adam Goldenberg believes that in the upcoming years 50% of all shopping will be done online. However, that leaves the other 50% available to be marketed to. Fabletics intends to be an all-in-one provider of fashion to women and make their products available through every sales avenue.

Athleisure is a market that continues to grow. It focuses on comfort and usability. Fabletics was able to create pleasing fashionable looks while providing athletic wear that is appropriate for most occasions throughout the day.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg met when they were both young executives at a large firm. They had created startup companies and sold them to the same organization. Adam Goldenberg was a 19 year old COO at the time. He and Don Ressler had an instant connection and began exchanging business ideas. When the organization was bought out by another enterprise, Adam and Don decided that it was time to create something new together. They came up with a concept which eventually evolved into Fabletics. Kate Hudson is now the face of an organization that continues to expand throughout the world.

Kate Hudson; Driving The Wheels Of Fabletics In Fashion E-commerce

Amazon was until recently a near-monopoly in the fashion e-commerce industry. Without a doubt, the firm has always been at the helm of the venture, matter of fact Amazon accounts for 20 percent of total sales online. Other brands have had to settle for the piecemeal, even though they are offering the same goods as Amazon.


Fabletics as a competitor of Amazon have had to dig deep to get a strategy of knocking off Amazon from the top spot. This has led to them posting tremendous revenue results. In fact in the short span, they have been active, they have already reached their set financial goals. Critics said that the path they took would not get to the height required to challenge their competitors in the robust industry. This pessimism has proved to be far from the truth as they have managed to hit over $250 million in sales consisting of women’s athletic clothing and other workout apparels.


How did they manage to get their right footing in an Amazon monopolized industry? They benefited through an excellent start. Fabletic’s marketing and customer service strategies have been the cornerstone of their success. By introducing a membership reward system, they have been able to retain a majority of their customers. Their reverse showrooming technique has also contributed a great deal to their extraordinary growth.


In a Fabletic’s mall, shelves are stocked with the latest designer apparels including leggings, tank tops, sports bras sweatpants, yoga pants and many more. Women from different locations line up daily to try the various attires available. They have managed to deviate from the traditional method of hiring sales representatives to convince the customer to buy.


Kate Hudson, a Fabletics Co-founder, has praised her venture terming it fulfilling. She was in the middle of her acting career when she decided to partner with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, enthusiastic entrepreneurs. She has starred in the movie ‘’Almost famous’’.


The company is predicted to be on an upward trajectory in the growth curve. It rewards their customers through a loyalty point’s scheme. It also offers excellent discount on a customer’s product of choice.

The Problems Faced with People When It Comes To Fashion Addressed by Fabletics and Kate Hudson

Contrary to what some may want to believe, tons of people want to dress well. The only issue is that it is not practical for many people. There are many barriers that people face when it comes to dressing well. Even people that are desperate for a wardrobe update are faced with the issue that they are not going to be able to buy new clothes. The truth is that there are many problems that people believe are avoidable. These same issues have been addressed by Kate Hudson when she has started Fabletics. However, it is up to people to educate others on how they can find better clothes with little problems.


One of the issues that people have been faced with before Fabletics has come in is that it costs tons of money to be able to dress well. While one is typically looking at a lot of spending for their clothes when they want to be stylish, there are ways that people save money. Among the things people look for are deals. Some people use connections to save money. For those that do not have the luxury of connections, there are thrift stores. However, one would have to look for items that they want.


One could shop online at sites such as Amazon. Many people have found success in finding and buying clothes from Amazon. However, there are so many clothes from many different brands that it can be very hard for one to find what they are looking for unless they have the right keywords. However, even the right keywords could make it hard for one to find the exact items they are looking for. Fortunately, Fabletics was designed to make the shop for clothes to be more personalized to the individual.


Fabletics has come to be the solution to all of the barriers to dressing in a desired way. After all, fashion should not be about conforming to strict standards. It should be more about finding the clothes that one enjoys wearing and using them for self expression. It does not matter what style the person has as long as it is decent. There is always going to be someone who loves and appreciates the styles that are being worn by the individual. Fabletics and the other brands of TechStyle are working to encourage a more individual and diverse approach to fashion and style. People need to be free to look how they want.