A Keen Analysis On Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr has been in the production industry for over a decade. She has gradually learned the ropes towards staying relevant in the industry. Being the head of Colibri Studios comes with tasks such as developing content, ensuring that the company gets partnership deals and nurturing creative talent.



The Colibri Studio founder has been exposed to diverse areas of production which has helped her stay competitive. She has experience in animation, advertising, marketing and digital production. Bridget works tirelessly to ensure that Colibri is headed to higher heights.



What makes her motivated is that she has a great team full of talented people who bring in ideas. Apart from that, she prides in her ability to come up with creative ideas. Teamwork is essential which is why Bridget strives to make sure that when she comes up with ideas, her team is aware of them.



Planning is essential towards the success of a business and one’s productivity. For Bridget, she believes in sorting her day out before she reports to work. Her most productive hours are from 9 am to 12 pm. During these hours, she comes up with creative content which she researches on it looking at the pros and cons.



One may wonder how she gets her act together. With family, she has figured a balance to ensure that none of the two aspects suffer. Bridget has to make sure that she takes lunch with her son and partner as it is their main meal. In the evening, away from work, together with her partner, she takes her son for an evening walk around the park.



Afternoons are less busy for her as she tries to get more partnership deals by emailing her potential partners. She also keeps herself updated with the current market trends. This gives her an idea on what areas to exploit.



Bridget has her eyes on Virtual Reality. This is one aspect of technology that amazes her and she believes that it has a way of making people relate. She highly advocates virtual reality for education as well as museums. Her production team has grown from managing only five people to over 200 of them.



Creativity is a feature Bridget has. Her ability to come up with unique content has helped Colibri compete with other companies. For people who are about to start their ventures, she advises that you need to have a well-laid business plan. Also, ensure that you begin communicating about the new business even before it starts to create anxiety to potential clients.


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