Securus Technology Plans to Expose Integrity Issues in Prison System

Securus Technology is an American firm located in Dallas, Texas and provides prison technology. The company offers criminal and civil justice technology platform that can help in improving public safety and a better life for incarcerated individuals. There are many law enforcement agencies, correction agencies and public safety bodies that rely on Securus for simple, secure and modern technology for easy access and use. See their crunchbase page.

Apart from offering technological solutions, the company has realized that Global Tel Link Company (GTL) that provides communication services for inmates has breached some rules that conflict with integrity. Securus, therefore as reported by PR Newswire, claims that it will be a series of reports that will be supported by facts, articles, and findings to highlight integrity breaches and wrongdoings by GTL.

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Global Tel Link Company is said to have override several integrity rules by Louisiana Public Service Commission when during a time they served Louisiana Department of Corrections. The following issues were found:

  • Global Tel Link Company overcharged customers by using call rates that were higher than permitted by Public Service Commission rate or under its tariffs which are unauthorized.
  • The phones used at correctional institutions had an additionally programmed clock that added some seconds (15 or 36) to each duration of a call made which is unlawful.
  • The calls made through Global Link company involved additional costs that inflated the charges by use of add-on programs.
  • The company went to the extent of charging a call more than once which is illegal.
  • The above practices were done deliberately and with the intent to unlawfully overcharge clients.

Securus Technology chief aim is to protect the consumers and prevent these wrongdoings that have been going in for a long time. Use of programmed clocks that added extra time, use of rates that are undetermined, overcharges and doubling of bills are some of the problems that Securus wants to be addressed.

Source article from PR Newswire website.