Jeremy Goldstein Is The Compensation Expert Employers Need

Jeremy Goldstein has been working to solve the current dilemma facing employers around the country when it comes to the incentives they offer. Stock options are what employees of the past are used to, but today they are being avoided altogether, by both employers and employees. Not only are stock options unreliable for employees, not being a guaranteed form of compensation, but they are very costly for the corporation giving them out. What’s worse, even if the stocks drop and the incentive diminishes, the costs are still there in terms of the accounting work that needs to be done to show those costs.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most qualified experts in the industry today when it comes to compensation. He is a highly practiced legal expert that specializes in executive compensations at his law firm, Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. In the past 15 years, Jeremy’s law firm has helped close deals for major corporations around the country, saving billions of dollars in the past decade alone for employers. With a decorated background in the law industry and a strong foundation in academic law and business from New York’s University School Of Law and Chicago Universty, Jeremy Goldstein has the insight to create workable solutions.


One of the best ways to appease employers as well as employees will be to offer knockout options, says Jeremy Goldstein. This way companies will still be able to offer these options without the added risks and substantial costs that are related. That being said, it doesn’t eliminate all of the problems, just the major ones on the table at the moment. Jeremy believes employees are less worried about stock options than they are about better compensation in the form of increased pay. Learn more:


As for employers, should they continue to offer options to their employees, there are still risks associated with it. Jeremy has published several articles discussing the knockout options and how they will affect employees if they use them. In most instances, knockout options are beneficial and even suggest long-term company growth with continued use according to some studies s=done in the past few years.