The Incredible Businessman Behind the Fountain House Wine Dinner: Jeremy Goldstein

Nothing exceeds the good in supporting any given good cause while enjoying a great meal and some fine wine. That is the reason why Jeremy Goldstein, together with Omar Khan and Jim Finkel are hosting the most lavish wine and dine evening in support of the Fountain House organization. This is an organization that was formed to assist all the men and women suffering from mental illness in the state.


The Fountain House and the Difference It Is Offering


The World Health Organization has labeled mental illness as the humanitarian crisis we are experiencing today. Affecting more than 450 million individuals in the entire world, mental illness has known to affect both communities and families. This has led to the loss of jobs amongst many people, prevented people from maintaining their relationships, finishing the educations, caring for their loved ones as well as managing their own finances. Nevertheless, Fountain House has now proven that this could not be the issue.


For over 70 years now, the great Fountain House has been vigorous in the support of those people living in different kinds of mental illnesses. The great organization was formed by six great minds who met as patients in Rockland State Hospital based in Orangeburg, NY. The Fountain House was formerly called “We Are Not Alone”, which was the best fitting label that could fit every person with any mental illness who feels lonely in their struggles.


The Group later bought a great house in the New York City through the support of their affiliates. This was with a key aim of giving their organization a home which they could serve other people from. The building came with a fountain in the outside hence the name Fountain house.


Jeremy Goldstein Involvement in Fountain House


Jeremy joined Fountain House in the year 2010. He has a degree in law from the New York University based in Chicago. He also boasts of his Bachelor of Arts, Jurius Doctor as well as a Masters of Arts. Now he serves as one of the boards of directors of the Fountain House.


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Ricardo Tosto Analysis on Regularization of Assets Abroad Law

Ricardo Tosto is one of the co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Tosto is a greatest entrepreneur of Brazilian law. He represented companies and people in many cases which made him famous. He is more specialized in litigation and he has manoeuvred complex lawsuit that gave him excellent reputation. Moreover, he advocated for the government, prominent politicians and non-governmental organization.

Recently Ricardo Tosto was talking about a law that provides regularization of assets abroad. Law 13; 254 opens a way for technical exchange between foreign lawyers and Brazilian lawyers. Ricardo Tosto said that this law will bring positive partnership. His partner Nelson William also agrees with him that this law creates a bridge between national and foreign lawyers.

Before this law was approved, it went through a lot of hard steps in the congress. At first it was supposed to be taxed an income tax of 17.5% plus a fine of 17.5%. After a long discussion, Mr. Manoel junior, the rapporteur of the text presented a new proposal that minimized the income tax rate to 15% and a fine of 15% too.

Tosto also explain the possibilities of acquittal for crimes like tax evasion, money laundering and misconduct quoted by law 13.254. According to the custom, only major crime like smuggling, corruption, drug trafficking will not be amnestied. In this framework, Ricardo Tosto stresses that it becomes important for the partnership between international layers and national layers to complement laws and map individuals who are interested to keep their resources a secret. Keeping resources secretly abroad without the knowledge of Brazilian tax authority is a major crime. And this is why the law of regularization of assets is significant in dealing with those individuals who own illegal money outside the country. Moreover strong ties between advocate professions in different countries will make it hard to divert resources and use them unlawfully outside Brazil.

The law of repatriation of assets or regularization of assets abroad is very significant. This will enable lawyers from different nations to work together with Brazilian lawyers against illegal activities like corruption and smuggling of resources from Brazil. Ricardo tosto played a key role in implementing this role.

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How Attorney Jeff Herman Advocates For Child Abuse Victims

Corey Feldman, who made a name for himself as a child actor, has endorsed a New York bill that he hopes that state’s Senate will soon pass. It is called the Child Victims Act and it makes a few changes to the law. First, it gets rid of the statute of limitations when it comes to both criminal charges and civil lawsuits. Second, it expands the current window of allowing just a one year window when it comes to civil lawsuits against child abusers to instead be 50 years.
Jeff Herman is a Baco Raton, Florida lawyer who has been an advocate for sexual abuse victims for the past 33 years. He is now nationally recognized for this and he has had a number of high-profile clients making use of his services. He owns and operates his own law firm called Herman Law. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona. His law degree was earned in 1985 at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law.
One of Jeff Herman’s highest profile cases was ruled on in 2011. He represented a client who said that they were abused by the Archdiocese of Miami. This resulted in a $100 million dollar verdict. Other people across the nation came forward after this to say that they, too, were abused at various dioceses across the United States.
Beyond the courtroom, Jeff Herman has also publicly spoken out against child abuse. He has been featured on tv shows and publications nationally such as USA Today, CNN, FOX, The New York Times, and MSNBC. He came up with a unique way to interview people who say they were victims of child abuse when younger. He has taught this to people working for child welfare organizations across the nation.
It was while Jeff Herman was on MSNBC that he introduced the term “pedophile speak” which is now a widely used term. This term refers to how pedophiles justify sexually abusing minors. He says that he wants to give a voice to those who were abused as children which helps in the healing process.

Ricardo Tosto on Marriage

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer working in Liete, Tosto and Barros Law Firm and was recently working on a case that involved the division of assets in a marriage institution. There was a stable union between the two parties of which the man was still married at the time. The union came to a halt later on even before there was a divorce of the partner. The fourth panel according to the portal was able to annul the decision of the union of the two parties. Ricardo Tosto stressed that the wife of the co-partner not summoned to the hearing. Therefore, it was important that the decision of sharing of assets was annulled.

The STJ was able to annul all the documents of the ex-wife citation the superior court does have the right to have an adequate defense that involves her ex-husband and the partner. The partner is said to have separated from his wife but has not yet been able to vacate his house permanently, therefore, raising concerns about the validity of the separation. According to the writer the partner frequently spent weekends at Fortunella before returning to Mossoro during the weekday.

The plaintiff is said to be satisfied that the former wife was not a participant in obtaining the assets that she claims to be among the estate that they will share with the former husband. The man agreed to the involvement of the author but later on claimed to be an adultery case as they continued to live together with the wife. The husband argued that when they separate the properties, the two would not have a chance of having mediation to solve their differences.

The case can be a possible double bond between the parties as the court was able to discover a potential union in cases the marriage continues. The union would have significant effects on the third party who happened not mentioned. The lawyer who represented the ex-wife is Ricardo Tosto who is a famous entrepreneur who has indulged in the field of law. Ricardo is also a renown strategist. Ricardo has gained a reputation among politicians and reputable people in Brazil.

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Geoff Cone Talks About Tax-Free Living

One of the biggest things that people are looking for when they move to a different country is lower taxes on what they are already paying. Most people want lower taxes because they make a lot of money and they are always paying into these taxes. This feels like they are literally getting robbed from what they could be making in the way of different things.

When it comes to taxes, Geoffrey Cone knows a lot about the different things that come from tax-free living. Not only does he live in a tax-free country but he also advises people who want to live tax-free, as well. He wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to live tax free and this gives him the chance to make things better in the countries that people want to live in. Geoff Cone has worked hard to learn as much about tax-free living as possible and has allowed him the chance to make things better for others, too.

There are many options for tax-free living. Each year, there is a list published of the countries that are tax havens. They are described as countries that have very low taxes or countries that have no taxes at all for people to pay. When this list is published, people can compare the countries to see what they have to offer and what they are able to do to help the people out. It has allowed many different people the chance to make sure that they are getting the best experience possible when they are looking for tax-free or low-tax living.

Geoff Cone works with hundreds of people each year to make sure that they know the benefits of tax-free living. He has done it on his own and it has allowed him the financial freedom that he always wanted. He wants to show other people that it can be done and that they are able to get what they want out of the tax-free situations. This is something that he pushes for in the law offices that he has and something that he wants to make sure that everyone has access to. Learn more:

As a global attorney, Geoff Cone is confident in his skills to instruct people on what they should do to become tax-free. He wants to make sure that everyone knows the possibilities that are out there and this gives him the chance to show people what life can be like when they make the right financial decisions. It is also something that Geoff Cone feels is a way to help improve the economies. Many tax-free countries do not have great economies and Geoff Cone wants to help them out with sending new residents.

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New Zealand: A Brief Tax Lesson

There’s a lot of misconceptions regarding New Zealand. Namely, that it’s ideal for those seeking a lifestyle with minimal taxes. But, in short, New Zealand is not such a “tax haven” after all. Not even close, according to Geoffrey Cone.

Geoffrey Cone is essentially an expert on all things taxes. Cone, who is currently a partner at law firm Cone Marshall, has a post graduate diploma in tax and trust law and has been working as a tax and trust adviser in Auckland City, New Zealand for over 18 years now. In short, he knows what he’s talking about.

So, while New Zealand isn’t exactly a tax haven, it does have an impressive record of maintaining transparency, being among one of the first countries to implement an internationally agreed-upon tax standard that would allow for the easier exchange of information internationally, which helps each country enforce their own tax laws locally.

New laws were introduced in 2006, legally requiring trustees of foreign trusts to submit the proper paperwork and maintain accurate financial records for tax purposes. These financial records include the trust deed, details of any settlements and distributions, including names and addresses of all involved, a detailed description of the trust’s assets, and must specify the amount of money that the trustee receives and spends.

To avoid incurring a fine, the trustee has to make sure that, in addition to being very detailed, the records are all in English, as of 2011.

New Zealand has several tax agreements in place with other countries, all which help minimize the likelihood of successful tax evasion. While New Zealand is certainly not a tax haven, it is a pioneer internationally when it comes to safely enforcing solid laws, an ideal location to maintain and keep track of one’s assets.

Internationally, New Zealand-based tax lawyers and accountants are known for their exceptional ability to keep track of and maintain foreign trusts on behalf of clients living abroad. This puts New Zealand on par with Singapore, Britain, and the United States, as all of these also have similar tax laws and require complete transparency. This, New Zealand’s impressive reputation, is hard-earned, and well-deserved.

NY Implements Legal Team to Fight Frivolous Cases; Ross Abelow Also Upholds NY Law

Many people attempt to play their odds in court. Cases never deemed significant make their way into the courtroom, and with highly paid attorneys, these cases actually generate positive results. Lawsuits against the New York City Police Department are the most common cases, and such litigation cost tax payers an impressive 202.6 million dollars in 2015. In order to fight back against what are described as frivolous claims, New York implemented a legal team serving the purpose of fighting these cases in court.

As discussed by the New York Post, this legal team has actually been seeing positive results, and has won ten of eleven cases so far. The original article provided examples of facetious cases that have surprisingly won in court, such as the Ruhim Ullah case, in which a machete-wielding man who had been shot by the NYPD in defense was able to sue the department and won. Cases like these make the legal system appear weak, and it needs to stop. In not so many words, the team of attorneys declared that the legal system is not a game of chance nor a competition. The chief of the program has been proud to announce the positive results, and what they will continue to mean for the city as well as the rest of the country.

The positive outcomes thus far certainly demonstrate the capability of the team to grow as the public attempts to fight back. In turn, it is crucial that other New York attorneys stay savvy and knowledgeable about frivolous cases that have won in the past. Ross Abelow, for example, is a New York attorney specializing in family law, but is also swift enough to handle sporting and entertainment litigation.

Obtaining degrees from NYU and Brooklyn Law School, he has practiced law for over two decades. Intent on giving back to his community with his knowledge and abilities, Abelow is the very example of what an attorney should be. A kindhearted soul with an excellent attention to detail, this attorney has a high success rate and a modest personality.

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Help Ross Abelow Help Homeless Strays Find a Home

Imagine how that little dog is feeling when he is sitting in the dark cold ally watching you eat your thick juicy burger. His little tummy is rumbling from starvation. He is beginning to look emaciated. His ribs are showing and his hair is beginning to fall out. The poor dog can imagine how it would feel to have a decent meal to fill his tummy again. Once upon a time, he had a home. Someone loved him enough to make sure he always had plenty of food and water. Now it is all he can do to find a few bites. The food is usually trashed out of the trash containers. It’s usually unhealthy and unclean but the puppy doesn’t care. He is so hungry that he would eat almost anything. This puppy could have a great life if anyone would take the time to love him. That’s all he wants out of life. Love and food are his need.

How can we help these lost and hungry animals? Yes, we might buy a bag of dog food to leave for the dogs. This bag off food would probably not last one day with the number of dogs hungry in the city. We can help in other ways. We can donate money to the go fund me page that Ross Abelow set up. We can also adopt one of the lonely homeless animals at the shelter. Every time a dog or cat leaves the shelter, another takes his place. There is a great need for more space at the shelters. Donations to the go fund me page will be given to the animal shelters in New York and the surrounding areas. These donations will purchase more food, more medicine, and more blankets for the animals. If enough donations come in there may be room for more animals. Ross Abelow is working with his community project trying to get the animals shelters where they can pay for more things that are needed.

You can find out more information about Ross Abelow and his go fund me page for strays by visiting his website. Ross loves helping others and his passion is in helping community strays off of the streets. Help him and the animal shelters by donating to the go fund me page.

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