Why 2018 is The Chainsmokers Biggest Year Yet

Forbes magazine has newly released articles about The Chainsmokers that gives information about the millionaire pop duo, and the single that sold millions.

Drew Taggart (28) and Alex Pall (32) are an EDM/Pop duo that have risen in the charts significantly in the past couple years, earning them self as no. 2 on Forbes list of the highest paid DJ. Their current earnings for 2018 is $45.5 million, making this their biggest year yet. Along with their success as one of the world’s highest paid DJ’s in 2018, their single; “Closer”, which features music artist Halsey; has reached 10 million sales in the United States. The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) certified the single back in 2017 as a seven-times-platinum song. The single has dominated sales, streams, and radios since its release. Now with 10 million units sold the song is certified Diamond.

“Closer” was first released in 2016 and hit the top of the Hot 100 list by late summer. The song then became one of the fourth longest-running No. 1 in U.S. history, as well as; the longest-running No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic songs chart until they were replaced a few months ago. Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey’s “The Middle” now sits at the top as No. 1.

This single helped both the Chainsmokers and Halsey make their mark on the music industry. “Closer” earned them their first Grammy nomination. Although 21 Pilots single; “Stressed Out” won the Grammy nomination that year, the tune went on to receive multiple awards. The Chainsmokers already had a wide fan base and had released singles that were top 10 hits. But, “Closer” is the song that drove them to immense success. For Halsey, “Closer” was her breakthrough single, paving the road for her continued success in the music industry.



The Jay-Z and Desiree Perez Effect in Music Business

Desiree Perez is doing some very interesting things when it comes to her role as an entrepreneur. She has never wavered when it comes to creating a brand that is strong and able to compete with music labels. Her time at Roc Nation has been valuable because it has allowed Jay-Z to continue recording and doing other things that he needs to do. All of her contributions have allowed magazines like Billboard to pick up on this business leader that knows the ropes when it comes to artist development.

That is a big part of her skill-set, but this is not the only thing that Desiree Perez has been known for her. She has been able to add a boost of revenue to the Tidal music streaming company. It is a premium service, and it appears that someone like Desiree is the perfect person to help promote this brand.

She has proven that this premium music service has a place in a world of free music streaming possibilities. Perez has been able to do this by getting with Jay-Z on the blueprint for exclusive content. This is something that has made people take a second look at this music streaming service.

According to Billboard, Perez is the one that has been on board when Sprint took interest in Tidal. She became the person that has helped this company move further than what anyone may have ever thought that it would be. She has been adamant about finalizing deals for contracts and making a path where there was no path for premium streaming services in the music world.

Her tenacious spirit has allowed her to become a real power player in an industry that is typically dominated by men. This is one of the reasons why Billboard recognizes her achievements.

Desiree Perez’s Social Media: twitter.com/desireeperez01

Clayton Hutson and His Production Contribution to 3 Tours

Clayton Hutson is a production manager and live sound engineer. He served as the automation manager for One Republic’s Honda Civic Tour in 2017. Hutson performed multiple duties for his work with the Aaron Lewis Tour. He was the FOH/Monitor engineer, Production manager and Tour manager. Hutson was drawn to the tour because of its debut use of the DiGiCo’s SD11 console.


Clay Hutson’s company offers concert planners the following services:

  • Production Management
  • Production Design
  • Show Producer
  • Monitor Engineer
  • Stage Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Rigging


For the 2017 One Republic Tour, Clay Hutson was the automation manager. He was working with VER and was in charge of the Kinesys Elevation 1+ systems, a variable speed chain hoist system. It met the clean production mandate by eliminating excessive cables. It allows several motors and controllers to be powered by a single system. Using a Vector software program, data cables leading to lighting, LED panels, trusses and rigging are triggered by time cues.


VER had to engineer an alternative to the 16:9 screen in the middle of The rig was lighting heavy and blocked the LED wall. So, VER automated the lighting trusses to clear the video wall during changeovers. Then, during changeover before One Republic, VER removes the 40-foot video wall completely in 10 minutes.


The Honda Civic screen is a high wall that shows promotional footage between acts. The screen was run by a LC2012 HD LED Processor. During the first two acts only two trusses of lighting were in use, still keeping One Republic’s ultimate production design a secret from the public. Once the wall was removed, One Republic’s clean set design was displayed.


Clay Hutson was excited about using the new DiGiCo’s SD11 console. He’s been using them for years. He started out using the first hand-built DiGiCo D5 with Marilyn Manson’s tour 10 years ago; he also used a SD7 with the Maxwell tour and a SD8 with several smaller short touring gigs. Because of travel constraints, the tour needed a smaller compact mixing system. The DiGiCo SD11 console was the perfect solution. It was small enough to carry beneath the tour bus and be checked in as baggage when flying and it was cost effective. Plus, Hutson was familiar with the features, functionality and sonics of the DiGiCo’s console and pleased to use it. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/clayton-hutson-1a2e