Partnerships Are Key to Market America’s Success and Meeting Customer Needs

After 25 years, Market America is the number one choice for consumers to purchase their products online, and the number one choice for entrepreneurs. Through consumers are able to find all the latest products as well as products that are exclusively offered to their shoppers. This type of retail operation has also been extremely rewarding to the company’s independent partners. Independent partners are celebrated for their accomplishments at Market America Events. The company offers ever-changing dynamics of product lines, and independent partners are the first to be exposed to those products and to learn more about the company. Many of independent partners have been attending the events for several years, while some of them are first-time attendees who are always welcomed into the fairly diverse community of partnerships.

The unique business relationship between independent partners could not occur without the 180,000 worldwide distributors that make it possible to meet the high-expectations that Market America has set for their customers. Customers look to the company to fulfill customers needs for items such as groceries, home and garden supplies, automotive repair items, pet supplies and even online financial services, and what Market America knows.

The exclusive cosmetic line “Motives” was designed by the company’s Senior Executive Vice President Loren Ridinger, who recently partnered with actress LaLa Anthony, co-star of the hit series POWER on the Starz Network. The product line has been greatly received by Market America shoppers, and it was recently presented during the company’s 25 year celebration event for independent partners and guests of the event. The company celebrates the great achievements by independent partners and their teams. Because of that recognition, the team spirit is always high and helps independent partners to stay committed to bringing exciting products to customers, and Market America on Facebook.

Market Americas sets a standard that continually brings the type of people who are supportive of one another and want to see others reach their success. The company has achieved more than $7 billion in sales and continues operations all around the world; adding an additional operation in Malaysia, in 2017. Market America headquarters is based in Greensboro, North Carolina, and