GoBuySide: Why New York Is the Best Place to Find Candidates for Financial Management Positions

New York is a great place to be based in if you are operating in the investment and financial management industry. There are so many companies in that industry who are located there. New York is THE hub for the financial industry, with Wall Street being located there. If you are looking to fill a position at a firm, the best place to look for is in New York. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

There is always a benefit of having a personal touch. When you live in New York and have been breathing the air of the financial industry there, you will make a much better job candidate than if you were living outside of New York and you flew in just to take a job in an investment management firm there. Of course, it will all depend on your qualifications, but the reality is that someone who lives in New York will probably have better connections in the financial industry there and will be more familiar with how things work there.

In addition, with the networking tools that people use today, there is often a lack of personal touch. Take Facebook networking, for example. Many people use Facebook and Twitter in order to network, but finding people on those networks often means that you are going to miss out on the personal touch part. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

GoBuySide takes an approach of doing highly specialized research to find you the best candidates in the investment management industry in New York. They are going to find you people with a personal touch, not just people who are highly qualified for the position.

Unfortunately, many recruitment agencies, including recruitment agencies in New York, have failed to adapt to new situations. Many are still using outdated recruitment and networking methods, methods that have been obsolete for quite a while. GoBuySide, headed by Arjun Kapur, is always staying on top of industry trends in order to stay in touch with the current situation in the financial market. They work hard to bring you only the very best candidates in New York.

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