Yeonmi Park: A Voice for The Oppressed

Oppression is real and rampant throughout the world. One of the countries that is riddled with oppression is North Korea. Especially with the oppression and the iron fist ruling of dictator Kim Jong-Un, the country has been found in a really bad condition. Citizens of the country are left with no choice but to escape. However, they also don’t allow people to leave. In order for people to get out of North Korea, they have to be smuggled out. Yeonmi Park is one of those people that had to be smuggled out. However, even life outside of North Korea has proven to be a nightmare for her when Yeonmi Park was picked up for trafficking.

She eventually got reunited with her mother and has made it out of that trafficking situation. They have all underwent some major horrors being trafficked. Yeonmi Park has gone on to speak about the horrors that she has gone through under the rule of the Kim dynasty and during her escape from North Korea. Among the sources that she has talked to is Yeonmi Park has released a book on, entitled “In Order to Live”. This allows people to get the full story on all that has happened to her and the people involved.

As of right now, Yeonmi Park is trying to become an activist for human rights with the hopes of bringing an end to the rule of the Kim Dynasty and setting North Koreans free from the oppressive and manipulative rule that has been in effect for years. For one thing, she has made a huge impact in the fight against North Korea.