Lower Monthly Car Payments Is Possible When Working With Ignition Financial

I learned the hard way not to sign paperwork without reading it, even if someone gives me the gist of the entire document that I’m signing. I thought I knew what I was paying when I signed the paperwork for my new car, but I had no idea that they were charging me over 25% interest, even though he told me that the payments were only going to be $350 each month. I thought that because the payments were low enough that my interest rate couldn’t possibly be high, but I had no idea. I made an amateur mistake because I was young.


It turns out that the loan was set up for five years, so after I had paid into it for two years, I learned about refinancing. Again, another mistake I made because I was young and inexperienced was not knowing that I could always refinance the car anytime. I did very well in the two years that I had the car because I never missed a payment, and I was never late on a payment either. My credit rating was affected in the most positive way by me paying on my car payments.


I started checking with different lenders, but I just didn’t have the time it took to shop around. Ignition Financial saved me a trip out of the house because they have a refinancing application online. I decided to take a few minutes to fill out the application, and I was very pleased when I got positive news that I could be able to refinance my car with their company. I learned that Ignition Financial has more than enough lenders to go around, so I had several different options when I was ready to refinance with them. I made a date to go and see them to complete the process.


Since their offices were very close to my home, I had no problem getting over there, and I loved the person that I was dealing with because they were so professional and knew the answers to all the questions I was asking. I was more than ready to slash my payments because it had been too difficult paying so much money every month on my car payments. After leaving their offices, I walked out with an interest rate of 16%, and now my monthly payments are going to be $175 each month. Ignition Financial is the best.