Getting Workable Treatments for Cancer-Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics

One of the diseases that have been a menace to the medical community in the 21st Century is cancer. Getting viable treatments for the disease has been the dream of many for decades now. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done to reduce the number of people that succumb to cancer every year. One researcher who has been working on getting workable treatment alternatives for cancer is Clay Siegall. His clinical trials company, Seattle Genetics, has been in business for the past two decades and has been quite successful in the venture.

Clay Siegall studied Zoology at the University before proceeding to do his masters and Ph.D. in genetics. He started working as an assistant for another clinical tests lab before he left to start his own company, Seattle Genetics. In 1998, together with a friend, Clay opened Seattle Genetics. Their hope was to create functional cures for cancer.

Clay states that the road to success hasn’t been easy for him and his company. There was a time that he was having such a rough time that employees’ salaries were going unpaid. He adds that it is his resilience that helped the company get past the hard times. The company had their first IPO in 2005 and have been listed on NASDAQ as SGEN since then. The real success of the business, however, came two years ago when one of their trial treatments got the nod from FDA. Currently, the medication, which treats more than ten different types of lymphomas is being stocked and sold all over the world. More than 60 countries have adopted the treatment.

The sales have been perfect for Seattle Genetics. In the first year they sold their treatment, the company made more than $300,000 in drug sales alone. The amount has been increasing steadily. When asked what he sees in the future of the company, Clay is quite to state that plans are already underway to expand the clinical trials company. They already have more than 11 other drugs which are in their final clinical trial stages, and they hope that they will also get approval. The success of Seattle Genetics can be attributed to the visionary leadership provided by Clay Siegall and the great team of researchers that work with him in the development of the treatments for cancer. Clay Siegall will transform the scene of cancer treatment as we know it, and his current success with Seattle is just a step towards bigger and better things.