Gareth Henry Talks about Adding Value to Your Real Estate Ventures

As an investor, you may encounter various limitations, but you will always strive to ensure that your profit margins are stable and growing progressively. Investors such as Gareth Henry are confident that technology has also had a positive impact on industries such as real estate. At the moment, the repositioning trend is the most implemented when it comes to the real estate industry. Since urban renewal was being applied in the past whereby people would move to the suburbs for security and convenience, this term has now been replaced with the repositioning practice. Repositioning has come in handy since it is helping investors to increase their profit margins. Investors should also pay close attention to the following guidelines.

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Always Appreciate Your Strengths

According to Gareth Henry, repositioning entails enhancing the quality of a property. It can be applied to any real estates such as a multi-family resident and a single-family home. It can require even repainting a piece of property among many more activities. Although anyone can accomplish various tasks such as painting, the question remains whether people have the time and money to carry out such a business. Unless you have a huge amount of money at your disposal, it is good to appreciate your strengths.

Always Choose Your Targets

Some regions have the scarcity of property regarding commercial and residential entities. Gareth Henry concludes that property in such areas is costly and every square foot must be utilized to ensure that you have obtained the value for your money. Technology is also playing a significant role in transforming our workforce. Statistics showcased that a large number of employees in the U.S. had relocated to remote areas and this opens more opportunities for repositioning. Online purchases are also gaining popularity.

To carry out some minor repositioning, you can consider the following factors:


Some changes such as adding a coat of paint have a significant impact on how a tenant will feel after viewing your house for the first time. Factors such as appearance determine how much a tenant is willing to pay on a monthly basis to reside in your house. You can also enhance the landscaping around your home and exterior, and interior finishes can also be adjusted.


According to Gareth Henry, structural repositioning involves making changes to the layout or facilitating the construction of facilities such as pools as a way of attracting additional revenue. The structural repositioning strategy will cost you a considerable sum of money, and it involves higher risks.