Help Ross Abelow Help Homeless Strays Find a Home

Imagine how that little dog is feeling when he is sitting in the dark cold ally watching you eat your thick juicy burger. His little tummy is rumbling from starvation. He is beginning to look emaciated. His ribs are showing and his hair is beginning to fall out. The poor dog can imagine how it would feel to have a decent meal to fill his tummy again. Once upon a time, he had a home. Someone loved him enough to make sure he always had plenty of food and water. Now it is all he can do to find a few bites. The food is usually trashed out of the trash containers. It’s usually unhealthy and unclean but the puppy doesn’t care. He is so hungry that he would eat almost anything. This puppy could have a great life if anyone would take the time to love him. That’s all he wants out of life. Love and food are his need.

How can we help these lost and hungry animals? Yes, we might buy a bag of dog food to leave for the dogs. This bag off food would probably not last one day with the number of dogs hungry in the city. We can help in other ways. We can donate money to the go fund me page that Ross Abelow set up. We can also adopt one of the lonely homeless animals at the shelter. Every time a dog or cat leaves the shelter, another takes his place. There is a great need for more space at the shelters. Donations to the go fund me page will be given to the animal shelters in New York and the surrounding areas. These donations will purchase more food, more medicine, and more blankets for the animals. If enough donations come in there may be room for more animals. Ross Abelow is working with his community project trying to get the animals shelters where they can pay for more things that are needed.

You can find out more information about Ross Abelow and his go fund me page for strays by visiting his website. Ross loves helping others and his passion is in helping community strays off of the streets. Help him and the animal shelters by donating to the go fund me page.

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  1. With your help, Ross and the shelters may be on the right tract to helping feed and house the puppies on the streets. They hope to raise over $5000 dollars. It is a case where essaybulldogs has done the best part.

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