Honey Birdette’s Controversial Lingerie Advertising Billboard

Honey Birdette is the founder of a lingerie brand that began in 2006. The brand provides high quality bedroom sensual and luxurious accessories. Further, Honey Birdette provides lingerie and bedroom toys to its customers for pleasure parlor. Recently, public criticism were directly alleged to Honey Birdette lingerie brand about the flash mob in support of marriage equality.

The managing director of this lingerie brand however dismissed this criticisms. Models together with 60 employees from Honey Birdette flooded Sydney CBD Street in support of marriage equality. The company covered the event live on their Facebook account drawing divided reactions from their customers.

Some customers viewed this as a marketing strategy for the company while others did not clearly find out the core intent of the demonstration. The controversial demonstration is particularly centered in Honey Birdette’s Lingerie Billboard that attracted massive reaction from the public. The billboard comprises of two women wearing the latest collection of women’s underwear, one of whom has exposed nibbles.

The advertisement attracted a range of reactions from their customers and the public in general. Some claim it is offending while others find no problem at all. According to Phil Martin, Adelaide City Councilor, people have the right to consumer only what they want. He further notes that the advertisement was not intended to objectify women.

In summary, Phil Martin argued that the advertisement was potential in offending the public. He advised that the image would have otherwise been posted inside the company to target Honey Birdette customers only. Council Anne Moran also stated that the image was more to the edge of not being appropriate but it was standard and right. The eye-catching advertisement came under a holistic spotlight from the council and public with divided view about its suitability to the passersby.