How EOS was born

For many, finding the perfect lip balm meant rushing through each aisle at the drug store until you find just the right one, trying to decide between 10 brands with the same flavor can get very distressing.

Seven years ago, the game was changed by pastel-colored balls called EOS lip balm. They took the world by storm, one store at a time. Beauty editors raved about the in-ordinary flavors like honeydew and grapefruit, and couldn’t get enough of the orb like shape apart from the average cylinder.

It all started nearly 10 years ago when Sanjiv Mehra went hand in hand with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to brainstorm about how they could step outside the box within the beauty department.

The lip balm category had more potential than any other, mainly since many the products were indistinguishable. “It appeared to us that everybody in this category was being lazy. That was an opportunity.” A study showed that most Lip Balm users were women, whom had also complained that applying the product wasn’t fun or enjoyable any longer. “The products that women depend on every day should deliver moments of delight that elevate these daily routines,” Mehra says.

The three came up with the legendary lip balm we know today, with soft round packaging, pastel colors, wonderful smells and flavors. Through the entire production timeline, the team focused on creating an emotional connection with the user. After getting products on the shelves, the team began advertising on eBay to women around to age of 25-35 using magazines, television ads, and the almighty internet.

Looking back, they believe their unique backgrounds plaid a large part in their success. “That approach of using an entrepreneurial mind-set and big-company discipline is part of how we do things every day at the company.” Says Mehra. Visit the website: