James Dondero Uses Highland Capital Management To Save Dallas

The name James Dondero equates high-quality financial services. The man has done a great job at ensuring that the people of Dallas, Texas enjoy viable financial services. Dondero works for Highland Capital Management. He has been part of the firm for over ten years. As the co-founder, he streamlined the management to provide the best. Dondero exudes confidence in client service. He understands the value of working with his team to incorporate high-quality services. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Background Look

For more than 30 years, Dondero has garnered vast experience in his field. He equipped himself with skills in handling distressed investing. As the head cheerleader of Highland Capital Management, he commits to excellence. Dondero knows how to develop collattralized loan obligation. He also knows how important the equity market is to clients.


James Dondero’s skills extend to oriented solutions services and developing financial portfolios. His input to the field extends to leadership. He is the board chairman of Highland Capital Management. In leadership, it does not stop there for him. Dondero values community work and development. That is why he partners with charity organizations to elevate the less fortunate. Until now, he has worked with over 10 organizations to stabilize education and businesses.

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Financial Management Skills

In financial management, Dondero has mastered the art of guidance. He offers insight on safe and aggressive financial dockets. To Dondero, the future lies on being able to make critical decisions. That is why he talks to his clients about viable financial planning. Because in business there is profit and loss, Dondero works with his clients to curb losses. He manages their portfolios with due diligence as well.


James Dondero attended the prestigious Virginia University. He bagged the Beta Alpha Psi and Betta Gamma Sigma. Having majored in finance and accounting, he equipped himself with the relevant skills. Besides, he also earned certification by CPA. Dondero is now able to use his academic credentials to assist clients.


The community reveres Dondero for his input. He has transformed Dallas into a major, modern society in many ways. Handling finances is one of them. Currently, he works with many clients to enhance the stability of their businesses and finances. Follow James on Linkedin.