Alaor Famous BMG Recap

BMG Bank’s CEO, Marcio Alaor, took in the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and gave his recommendations on exhibits that were the best. One comment he made is that this year’s CES did not have any particular new product, service, or even very original technology that was the talk of the Internet. Most products shown had been presented before, but did have incremental improvements showing. Mostly he thought there were a lot of cool new ways that people have adapted existing ideas into new product areas.

General Motors (GM) made a splash with their final modifications to the Chevy Bolt for 2017, which will actually be available in GM lots sometime later this year. Hybrid and electric concept cars were also the themes for both Ford and Volkswagen.

The biggest interest came from a new type of air travel, albeit solo travel. Mr. Alaor also mentioned appliances with more remote and robotic functionality to take advantage of always available remote computing.

The Ehang 184 is a very large remote controlled drone aircraft that is big enough to carry one passenger. Sure, drones are everywhere now, but according to Mr. Alaor, never one like this. It was invented by a company in China that plans to offer an personal transport service.

The passenger will not be able to pilot the vehicle. Piloting will be done remotely by professionally trained drone pilots and only on preplanned flight paths. Theirs was the only drone booth completely mobbed! Marcio Alaor pointed out that he might have just seen the beginnings of flying cars, as long joked about in the cartoon show, The Jetsons.

Samsung showed a future model refrigerator with automated features and an Internet-connected video camera. If you are at the supermarket and forget exactly what you need, just ask the fridge at home to have a video conversation with you. It will show you what is still on a shelf and you can see what is missing. It will retail for about $5,000 USD. Marcio’s observations can be Found on

BMG has become a traditional bank, with over 85 years of history in Brazil, that is growing into the type of bank customers expect in the modern world. He has made sure BMG upgraded to the latest banking systems, he has also improved avenues for investment through new investor services. Read more on the Blog for Marcio Alaor.

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