Neurocore Addresses Depression Misconceptions

There are millions of confirmed depression sufferers. However, the actual number of people suffering from the depressive disorder might be even higher than reported. One of the issues that can stand in the way of accurate reporting, diagnosis and even treatment is the misconception towards depression. Neurocore addresses these misconceptions.

One misconception of depression is that it is the same as feeling sad. While it is common for people to say that they are depressed when they are sad about something, there is more to depression than just mere sadness. As a matter of fact, many people who suffer from depression often report a state of numbness as opposed to an overwhelming sad emotion. See more information about Neurocore at

Another misconception is that depression can only be treated with antidepressants. There is this movement going around where people are saying that if the person is not on anti-depressants, then he is not depressed. This is dangerous because depression is a highly varied issue. This can also cause many people to go without diagnosis because of shame or fear of ridicule because they don’t have the right type of depression.


Often times, antidepressants are believed to make the problem worse instead of better. Many people who have been diagnosed with depression opt for something that is less medicine-based such as talk therapy, exercise and healthy eating. This is often accompanied by the belief that some nutrients can actually have an effect on mood.

One thing Neurocore tries to get at is the root cause of depression. Each person is different when it comes to depressive episodes. The best way to solve an issue in this sense if by going after the root cause. For each individual, it could be different. This may require sessions of therapy for the individual to find the cause of depression so that he will be able to treat it successfully. Read more about Neurocore at