NY Implements Legal Team to Fight Frivolous Cases; Ross Abelow Also Upholds NY Law

Many people attempt to play their odds in court. Cases never deemed significant make their way into the courtroom, and with highly paid attorneys, these cases actually generate positive results. Lawsuits against the New York City Police Department are the most common cases, and such litigation cost tax payers an impressive 202.6 million dollars in 2015. In order to fight back against what are described as frivolous claims, New York implemented a legal team serving the purpose of fighting these cases in court.

As discussed by the New York Post, this legal team has actually been seeing positive results, and has won ten of eleven cases so far. The original article provided examples of facetious cases that have surprisingly won in court, such as the Ruhim Ullah case, in which a machete-wielding man who had been shot by the NYPD in defense was able to sue the department and won. Cases like these make the legal system appear weak, and it needs to stop. In not so many words, the team of attorneys declared that the legal system is not a game of chance nor a competition. The chief of the program has been proud to announce the positive results, and what they will continue to mean for the city as well as the rest of the country.

The positive outcomes thus far certainly demonstrate the capability of the team to grow as the public attempts to fight back. In turn, it is crucial that other New York attorneys stay savvy and knowledgeable about frivolous cases that have won in the past. Ross Abelow, for example, is a New York attorney specializing in family law, but is also swift enough to handle sporting and entertainment litigation.

Obtaining degrees from NYU and Brooklyn Law School, he has practiced law for over two decades. Intent on giving back to his community with his knowledge and abilities, Abelow is the very example of what an attorney should be. A kindhearted soul with an excellent attention to detail, this attorney has a high success rate and a modest personality.

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