Richard Blair, Through Wealth Solutions, Enlightens on Retirement Planning

Richard Blair is the owner and chief executive officer of Wealth Solutions, Inc. The firm has its headquarters in Austin, TX. Richard is a financial expert who offers financial advice to clients, based on his 23 years’ experience in industry securities registration. Richard established Wealth Solutions with the aim of making a positive impact on the lives of small business owners, individuals, and families. Richard has, for the longest time had a passion for using his knowledge and experience in retirement planning to aid people plan for their retirement and to live in their retirement.

Richard Blair has even in the past been drawn to education. Surprisingly, Richard’s mother, wife, and grandmother were teachers. Therefore, he understands better than anyone else the importance of teaching and how it can aid in growing the confidence and knowledge of people. Richard got into the financial services industry immediately after graduating from college when he established Wealth Solutions 1994. Blair noted that he wanted to offer professional and personalized financial advice to his clients.

Everyone, according to Wealth Solutions, should have a plan that guides them through their financial goals. Richard Blair, through Wealth Solutions, helps clients to manage their wealth and plan their retirement. Richard serves clients in Austin, Texas. He is dedicated to ensuring that community members are armed with financial roadmaps so that they have guidance through an array of life’s milestones. Richard Blair created a three-pillar approach that he uses to develop an all-around financial plan. Consequently, the financial expert, through the three pillar approach gets to view a client’s current financial situation as well as their retirement needs so that he can offer them a comprehensive plan.

The first pillar, according to Blair is to establish a financial roadmap for his clients. He first identifies the strengths, growth opportunities, goals, and risk tolerance of his client so that he can get a deeper understanding of the client. The second pillar is based on developing a long-term and practical strategy that is tailor-made to suit the needs and goals of a client. After coming up with financial goals and formulating strategies to offer growth and liquidity, Blair then gets into the third pillar, which is monitoring and implementation. He is keen on the implementation of the strategies by monitoring each client.