Paul Mampilly’s AI Stock Recommendations

Paul Mampilly was recently featured in the Affiliate Dork article, “Artificial Intelligence Stocks that Paul Mampilly Believes Will Rise Sky High.” The article was written by Brandon Ferguson and discusses the recent performance of the AI industry.

Paul Mampilly suggests a number of stocks to his Profits Unlimited readers. His recent AI recommendations at the Total Wealth Symposium in 2017 had high-performance rates. His number one pick made a gain of 145% while his other two picks saw returns up to 86% and 29%.

Currently, Paul Mampilly is recommending stocks like Nvidia. This is one of the more popular choices in AI at the moment because it is a specialized semiconductor company based in the U.S. This company saw the release of a variety of AI products in 2016 to help gaming, self-driving cars, and even Big Data. The company has seen a recent rise in popularity due to the graphics processing unit.

Mampilly also recommends the “Google of China”. Baidu has created an open-sourced platform that allows people to make adjustments to their search engine. This allows them to create a personalized experience according to his or her own preferences. The company also uses AI in their device called the “Little Fish” which is similar to Amazon Echo. The Little Fish is a huge foundation for most IoT devices in China. Baidu may even be one of the best stocks to own at the moment because AI is only a small part of the company at the moment. As they begin to integrate AI into more of the company, it will see a huge rise in value. Baidu is also following the lead of Google to look for other possible revenue opportunities.

Mampilly also reveals that Xilinx is a great company to invest in. This company might not be as well known as Nvidia, but it performs just as well. It is expected to change the course of a variety of industries because of the improvements in ASIC chips. Not only are their ASIC chips completely programmable by the coder, but it also creates a necessary edge in the machine-learning industry.

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