The Incredible Businessman Behind the Fountain House Wine Dinner: Jeremy Goldstein

Nothing exceeds the good in supporting any given good cause while enjoying a great meal and some fine wine. That is the reason why Jeremy Goldstein, together with Omar Khan and Jim Finkel are hosting the most lavish wine and dine evening in support of the Fountain House organization. This is an organization that was formed to assist all the men and women suffering from mental illness in the state.


The Fountain House and the Difference It Is Offering


The World Health Organization has labeled mental illness as the humanitarian crisis we are experiencing today. Affecting more than 450 million individuals in the entire world, mental illness has known to affect both communities and families. This has led to the loss of jobs amongst many people, prevented people from maintaining their relationships, finishing the educations, caring for their loved ones as well as managing their own finances. Nevertheless, Fountain House has now proven that this could not be the issue.


For over 70 years now, the great Fountain House has been vigorous in the support of those people living in different kinds of mental illnesses. The great organization was formed by six great minds who met as patients in Rockland State Hospital based in Orangeburg, NY. The Fountain House was formerly called “We Are Not Alone”, which was the best fitting label that could fit every person with any mental illness who feels lonely in their struggles.


The Group later bought a great house in the New York City through the support of their affiliates. This was with a key aim of giving their organization a home which they could serve other people from. The building came with a fountain in the outside hence the name Fountain house.


Jeremy Goldstein Involvement in Fountain House


Jeremy joined Fountain House in the year 2010. He has a degree in law from the New York University based in Chicago. He also boasts of his Bachelor of Arts, Jurius Doctor as well as a Masters of Arts. Now he serves as one of the boards of directors of the Fountain House.


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