The RealReal Finds the Fakes

The RealReal is sophisticated, classic, and tasteful. When you shop at The RealReal, you are guaranteed to get the real deal and not a knockoff. Their customers appreciate that and know that they are getting a great deal. They can wear what they really want to wear without busting the budget and can look great on a dime.

The RealReal has over $100 million in used Chanel items and has generated $100 million in sales in the past year alone. The RealReal is a luxury consignment shop that has it going on, and it has gotten noticed. Even the big luxury stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus can see the great benefit if the store. The RealReal is helping to boost the value of secondhand luxury articles, and this is boosting the value of luxury items in their stores. This is because shoppers realize that they can sell their purchases later on if they want and make a profit which can go toward purchasing new items that they want.

The RealReal’s CEO and founder, Julie Wainwright, is proud to have developed a brand that is known for its genuine items. All of the items that reach the store goes through a strict process in order to identify any fakes. There are even contests where prizes are awarded to those who find the fakes.

The RealReal provides great service to its customers and will even pick up items. They even once returned a pair of $100,000 diamond earrings that a seller did not intend to leave in a purse that she was selling. Many of the items sell in 30 days, and inventory turns over very quickly. The RealReal is all about providing a service that makes the customer enjoy shopping and prides itself on selling real luxury items.