Victoria Doramus : Everyone Survives On Love

Often when individuals go through a period of isolation and despair, the most common result is the need to give back and be there for others. Victoria Doramus‘ situation was no different, she had been plunged into the darkness of addiction, and when she finished fighting and winning her battle the need to bring love and comfort was right there with her. “Despite all its beauties, this world can be a cruel place,” says Victoria Doramus, and that’s why she is supporting the “Best Friends Animal Society”, an organization that helps end the killing in animal shelters across the nation.

The societies story begins in the 80’s when researched show that over 17 million cats and dogs where being put down every year. Some of the first to be put down where the old and sick animals that unfortunately were either too costly to maintain or that simply nobody wanted. Not wanting to wait for legislation to be implemented, the societies volunteers would re-locate as many animals as they could to safer places where they could receive not only medical attention but love a well.

Victoria Doramus strongly believes that one day, no animal will be killed simply because they have no home or they’re sick and old. Today the society is able to bring medical attention to over 1600 animals at any given time which is a testimony of how hard work does pay off. Victoria Doramus comments that animals are not that different from humans, like us, we are lost without love and this doesnt just apply to addicts but to every living person. In addition to the “Best Friends Animal Society”, Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) also works for the Best Friends Network that brings societies and shelters together to throw fundraiser to help out the shelter finacially as well as adoption events. Although theres hundreds of people working around the clock to save these animals, Victoria Doramus urges everyone to please get involved.