Why the Davos CAP Calculator could be a game-changer

The launch of the Davos Cap Calculator by Davos Real Estate Group comes along with a lot of good promises for the firm’s clientele. Being a subsidiary of Davos Financial Group, the CEO of the group, David Osio, teamed up with Davos REG’s Executive Director, Gerard Gonzales, to launch the application.

Davos Financial group is a company in the US that has gained huge influence in Latin America and Venezuela, over the last two decades. The group has many independently registered companies under it, all that work towards one objective, which is to provide their clients with investment strategies based on their needs and expectations. The group aims to achieve this by combining premium products, and work within the financial regulations that are in place.

Davos REG is a subsidiary that deals with asset management. The company has, over the years, been trying to improve its services. Gonzalez hopes that the release of this application serves as the breakthrough the company has been waiting for. For six months, he had been working together with a team of talented technicians to develop the application. During its launch, he stated that that wasn’t the only thing they had been working on. For example, he had been trying to link Davos REG to other international firms in the same field as them, so that they could expand their boundaries. The main target has been Spain, Europe.

The mobile app, which is compatible with the iOS and android platforms only as at now, brings with it many features that will definitely ease the lives of its users. First, the app will allow one to estimate what amount of rent he is to charge on his property, if he is to hit his target income. To add to this, one will be able to monitor the gain of his asset. Finally, a unique feature that totally stands out is the mortgage calculator. With this feature, property owners will be able to calculate their mortgages, putting into consideration the interest rates, and the funding period.

About David Osio

As an entrepreneur, Osio has taken the time to develop Davos Financial Group, a financial advisory company that he founded in 1993. The Group consists of subsidiary firms that have each been independently registered to undertake specialized activities. Presently the CEO of the Financial Group, Mr. David had built a strong portfolio prior to the founding of his company. He served in different managerial positions, and as a lawyer, between 1988 and 1993.

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