How Richard Mishaan Design is Making the World More Beautiful

Whenever Richard Mishaan Design comes up any conversation, an aura of excellence suddenly fills up the air. Mr. Mishaan has made a name for himself as one of the most visual artists who aren’t afraid to express his genius idea through interior design, jewelry, fashion as well as fine art.

What makes the signature Richard Mishaan Design look to be different and a breath of fresh air is his ability to combine quite some elements, giving a remarkably hot finish that more often than not leaves peoples’ jaws on the floor in awe. A lot can be said about his personality in his art and its such kind of freedom that always makes art what it is – authentic.

Before the Richard Mishaan Design brand became what, it is today, Mr. Mishaan had to work hard. He began by being Philip Johnson’s apprentice right after the Columbia University School of Architecture and New York University where he got himself a BA. From there, he was in a position to get all the required experience which he has used to make sure that his art is cemented as one of the best.

Rich doesn’t stop there. He always makes sure that he is taking things to the next level with his authenticity and has even penned down a couple of books. It is his goal that budding artists are in apposition to express themselves in every single way. He has done so by publishing two books, each showcasing the Richard Mishaan Design and how one can be authentic by allowing their creative juices to flow unchecked.

Through the Richard Mishaan Design, one can easily see and appreciate his deep understanding of the art of luxury and quality, which is what everyone looks to achieve as far as art and design are concerned.

Sahm Adrangi’s Career With a Difference

Soon after publishing a heartfelt article, “An Ode To Those Who Wander,” the writer received a call from Sahm Adrangi to discuss the GNC Holdings. Mr. Adrangi is a former bond trader at Wall Street. He was also a hedge fund credit analyst before becoming a hedge fund credit manager. The meeting was scheduled for the weekend. Eventually, the two met, and the writer found out that Mr. Adrangi has been a staunch follower of his writings on GNC. Sahm has been building his portfolio in Wall Street over time before he decided to retire.

In retrospect, Mr. Adrangi is a Penn State graduate who through hard work, determination and personal connections found his first job as an intern at the Merrill Lynch. He spent the next three years in the company working as a bond trader. He later moved to Longacre as a credit trader in the $3 billion hedge fund. At Longacre, he gained an extensive experience which enabled him to found his hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital in 2009.

After his time at Longacre, Adrangi moved to Paulson & Co where he worked with their credit team. At Paulson & Co, Sahm made over $6 billion for the company through trading mortgage bonds. After leaving Paulson, he worked at Bowery Investment Management for three years as the credit PM. In mid-2015, Mr. Sahm decided to quit the busy Wall Street and NYC’s high cost of living.

Earlier on before the meeting, Mr. Adrangi had published an article: “Northern Dynasty: The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercially Viable.” Through the article, the two had an opportunity to reflect on their times at the NAK. Their one plus hours meeting was very fruitful. The two had a connection and had the opportunity to discuss different available investment opportunities.

Through the meeting, the writer saw the good nature of Adrangi and observed his love for investments. Mr. Sahm currently works at his own firm, Kerrisdale Capital where he manages over $300 million in investments. The fund is more focused on long-term value investments as well as event-driven scenarios. The company through Mr. Adrangi loves to share its investment experience to the greater investment community.

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Beneful Is Nutritious

When you want to make sure that your dog is getting the proper nutrition, you want to feed it Beneful. Beneful is a great way to make sure that your pet will be healthy and lively. You can choose from different flavors until you find the one that your dog likes the best.

With the great commercials that are out for Beneful, you will find the information that you need to know about the dog food. You can also see how pet owners take the time to walk them in various places so that they are able to get a lot of fresh air and exercise.

Saving money is important. When you are looking to buy Beneful, you can access printable coupons on the Internet. Make sure that you take them with you as you shop for sales and promotions too. You will want to get plenty of Beneful to keep your dog happy.

A Keen Analysis On Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr has been in the production industry for over a decade. She has gradually learned the ropes towards staying relevant in the industry. Being the head of Colibri Studios comes with tasks such as developing content, ensuring that the company gets partnership deals and nurturing creative talent.



The Colibri Studio founder has been exposed to diverse areas of production which has helped her stay competitive. She has experience in animation, advertising, marketing and digital production. Bridget works tirelessly to ensure that Colibri is headed to higher heights.



What makes her motivated is that she has a great team full of talented people who bring in ideas. Apart from that, she prides in her ability to come up with creative ideas. Teamwork is essential which is why Bridget strives to make sure that when she comes up with ideas, her team is aware of them.



Planning is essential towards the success of a business and one’s productivity. For Bridget, she believes in sorting her day out before she reports to work. Her most productive hours are from 9 am to 12 pm. During these hours, she comes up with creative content which she researches on it looking at the pros and cons.



One may wonder how she gets her act together. With family, she has figured a balance to ensure that none of the two aspects suffer. Bridget has to make sure that she takes lunch with her son and partner as it is their main meal. In the evening, away from work, together with her partner, she takes her son for an evening walk around the park.



Afternoons are less busy for her as she tries to get more partnership deals by emailing her potential partners. She also keeps herself updated with the current market trends. This gives her an idea on what areas to exploit.



Bridget has her eyes on Virtual Reality. This is one aspect of technology that amazes her and she believes that it has a way of making people relate. She highly advocates virtual reality for education as well as museums. Her production team has grown from managing only five people to over 200 of them.



Creativity is a feature Bridget has. Her ability to come up with unique content has helped Colibri compete with other companies. For people who are about to start their ventures, she advises that you need to have a well-laid business plan. Also, ensure that you begin communicating about the new business even before it starts to create anxiety to potential clients.


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Insights into the Career of a Former Hedge Fund Analyst

After a recent publication, a former bond trader turned hedge fund credit analyst from Wall Street reached out to talk about a particular company, GNC Holdings Inc. He agreed to share insights into his 12-year career on Wall Street until he retired. Having graduated from Pennsylvania State University, SahmAdrangi employed his social skills and hard work until he landed an internship at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management company. His hard word was resilient, and he spent the next three years at the bond desk trading credit. After his tenure at Merrill Lynch, he landed a credit trading job at Longacre, a $3 billion hedge fund.

It was at Longacre that he crossed paths with Adrangi, founder of the Kerrisdale Capital. He later worked in Paulson & Co.’s credit team, where he was able to make over $6 billion. He then moved to Bowery Investment Management as Credit PM. He finally decided to retire from the fast pace of New York lifestyle in 2015.

About SahmAdrangi

As founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Mr. Adrangi has been actively involved in every development stage of the firm since founding it in 2009. He spent less than $1 million to set it up, and currently, it is responsible for over $150 million. Before starting the firm, Mr. Adrangi worked at Longacre Fund Management as an investment analyst. At the position, he was in charge of conducting investment studies and analysis for both the equity and credit funds. Before his position at Longacre, he worked at Chanin Capital Partners, where he was in charge of educating creditors in out-of-court and bankruptcy restructurings. He holds a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economics which he earned at the Yale University.

Mr. Adrangi’s firm shares research with several firms and industries, and in recent years the company has focused a lot on the biotechnology sector, in which it has amassed a lot of expertise. And apart from publishing his explorations, he has also built a reputation as an activist in several investment deals. He has been invited as a speaker to several events and has featured in high ranking publications like the New York Times and Washington Post.



The Prosperity of Jason Hope in Entrepreneurship

Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in Finance at Arizona State University. Jason Hope acquired a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) at W.P. Carey School of Business. He initiated a mobile communications company known as Jawa as part of his startup investment. Jason is a futurist and a philanthropist. He has a significant interest in biotechnology. He develops grant programs for entrepreneurs and facilitates mentorship programs to high school students in Scottsdale. He shows full commitment and dedication to national politics in Arizona and politics that relates to business. He is always committed to serving his community through the provision of modern technology products and professional advice to business traders and people who aspire to become prominent investors.

Jason Hope’s primary source of revenue is technology. He owns various technology companies that specialize in marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), digital media solutions, interactive software, and business information systems. He uses social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter in marketing. He believes that using such marketing strategies helps in sharing information, tapping business opportunities, and generating new businesses and new connections with people from all over the world. He has also been a guest blogger for various technology-related companies. He disseminates information regarding technology through writing articles and posting them on blog websites of specific companies. Jason refers to the internet as the most significant technological advancement. He also said that technology is the internet of things that connects various devices to each other.


Jason believes that technology has the potential of transforming business operations. Jason further explains the benefits of embracing advanced technology to people including improvements in public transportation. Jason is recognized for donating five hundred thousand dollars to SENS Foundation Fund. He firmly holds on his view that advancement in technology should improve people’s quality and way of life through prevention of diseases. Jason aspires to achieve greater success in technology in the future. He was recently interviewed and explicitly mentions his plans of developing technology that helps in preventing diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson. Jason reassures that this type of technology will help to reduce the financial expenses incurred in researching on ways of curing particular diseases. He reaffirms that this will be beneficial for the entire society and will substantially improve the quality of life.

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Jason Hope calls for more investment in technology that will change peoples’ lives

Jason Hope is a tech enthusiast from Arizona. He is very passionate about technology, and he believes that internet will revolutionize the way people go about their businesses in the future. Besides spending much of his time coming up with tech ideas, Jason Hope is also passionate about giving back to the community.

Jason was born and raised in Tempe and attended schools in Arizona. He holds a degree in Finance and an MBA from the State University of Arizona. Jason Hope also attended W.P Carey School of Business, which is part of Arizona State University. After his graduation, Jason ventured into a business where he established Jason Home Business Consulting. This is a tech-based firm that offers counsel to companies on how to develop business strategies, finding investors, raising capital and finding ways to increase their revenues.

Jason believes that institutions, individuals, and governments should allocate more resources on technology. When we revolutionize technology, we make our lives more enjoyable and also make tasks more manageable. Jason Hope has dedicated a lot of his time researching on technology and its infrastructure. He has mainly been interested in the Internet of Things (IoT), and he believes that it is headed in the right direction. While working as a business consultant, Jason has met and interacted with some of the top entrepreneurs in the country and inventors and helps them to build a solid business plan that can improve their technological potential.

Besides being a tech-savvy, Jason Hope is also a futurist. He firmly believes that technology is a huge factor that will change the way people lead their lives. Improving technology will also help to make people more productive. Jason shares his numerous ideas on his blog. In one of his articles, Jason says that technology can be advantageous since the greatest inventors have made huge amount money out of it. They have also revolutionized the world and made it a better place for everyone.

Jason has participated in numerous philanthropic causes to support his community. He gives back to the community through SENS Foundation which seeks to help patients suffering from chronic illnesses. The foundation puts a lot of resources in researching of the alternative medicine to treat the most common chronic diseases. Unlike the conventional medicine that seeks to manage the symptoms of chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, lung disease, amongst others, SENS Foundation is researching on how these chronic diseases can be prevented from occurring. The Cambridge University-based Foundation is conducting research that will enable people to achieve a better quality life.

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Talk Fusion: Follow Your Passion

Passion is something that is one of the greatest things in the world. It could be passion for anything, really. It could be passion for a favorite football team, family, or just life in general. However, without passion, it is hard to get much of anything done in today’s world. People need passion. They need to feel alive. Sadly, many people have been beaten down by the world and they have lost their passion. They have become a robot or a zombie. They don’t get pleasure out of much of anything in the world today. They are simply going through the motions and waiting bi-weekly for their paycheck. That is just existing. That is not living.


Bob Reina does not want people to just exist. He wants them to fully embrace their passion, whatever it is. For a lot of people, they are very, very passionate about film. There are people that have vlogs, blogs, and all sorts of ways where they talk about their passion. With Talk Fusion and their video features such as video emails and video newsletters, they can get their voice out there. Everyone has a voice and it is important to use it for something positive. When they use it for something positive, great things can come out of it.


The time to embrace that passion was yesterday, as they say. Talk Fusion has 30-day free trials for new customers at the present time ( It is a great time to take advantage of this. I know a lot of people are scared to try new things and I don’t fault them for that. There is no reason to be afraid, however. They need to embrace this positive change in their life. I understand why they are afraid, but they don’t need to be afraid as Talk Fusion is easy to use and most of all, it is tons of fun! Learn more:


Talk Fusion is what people with passion need. The word need over want is important to remember. They need this to fully embrace the person they are and the life they want to live.


Bradesco’s Current President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Worked In Almost All Facets Of Banking

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an enigma in the Brazilian banking industry. He currently serves as the president of the country’s second-largest private bank, Banco Bradesco. Arguably one of the most experienced bankers in the country, his opinion on matters related to the economy is highly sought after by those in government and members of the press. In fact, it was highly reported that held the respect of former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff and was at one point in contention for the finance minister’s post. Consequently, Bradesco is quite fortunate to have him overseeing its hundreds of billions worth of assets and over 100 thousand employees. Equally, Brazil is also lucky to have such an informed and experienced man as one of the greatest influencers of its economy.

While Luiz Carlos Trabuco has excelled at every single position he has held, it was his time at Bradesco Seguros that got him noticed in the industry. After initially working as the executive vice president of the insurance company for four years, he was promoted to become its president in 2003. At the time, just as with other facets of the Brazilian financial sector, the insurance industry was experiencing tremendous growth and was consequently characterized by numerous players trying to jostle for the available clients and profits. Despite the industry’s dynamism, Luiz Carlos Trabuco won the number one spot in the market for Bradesco Seguros by growing the number of policies held to approximately 25 percent of all those available in the market. In addition to the client base, he was also able to grow the insurer’s asset base as its value more than double from R$ 32 billion to R$ 78 billion within Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s six-year stay as the company’s president. At the time of his leaving, the subsidiary contributed an estimated 38 percent towards Bradesco’s overall returns compared to the low 26 percent it contributed before he took over.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s time at Bradesco Seguros was the last of many positions that prepared him for his destined role: that of the president. Following the retirement of Marcio Cypriano, on account of hitting the retirement age of 65 stated in the company’s bylaws, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named the president of Bradesco in March 2009. His ascendancy to the top had been a long time coming given the fact that he was one of those considered by the board a decade earlier when Cypriano eventually got the post. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was fortunate to find a foundation already laid out by his predecessor and went about quickly building on what had been started. With the first six years alone, he was able to grow the bank’s branch network coverage from about 3,500 to about 5,000 agencies spread across the country. Additionally, he has also adopted faster growth strategies where they have availed themselves – for instance, the 2015 purchase of HSBC Brazil in a multi-billion dollar deal.

While Luiz Carlos Trabuco has very much remained true to the Bradesco way, he has brought a slightly different brand of leadership and management to the bank. He time and again shown that he is not afraid to scout talent outside the bank, as opposed to within, where it is in the best interest of the bank. Additionally, he has also introduced a corporate university at the bank with the goal of optimizing its leadership capabilities. The university has been highly effective and has empowered drones of executives within Bradesco. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the university was named the best corporate university globally for 2017 by GlobalCCU.

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Aloha Construction Matters in the Construction Industry

Many individuals hear the words “construction industry” and immediately think of multi-billion corporations in the industry. However, the construction industry, which is associated with the highest number of jobs created in the US, is made of small to medium firms like Aloha Construction. Firms like Aloha Construction contribute in generating jobs for employable Americans. For instance, in July, the construction industry created over 6000 jobs; 12,000 jobs less than the industry introduced last year. The noticeable decline in the number of jobs created by the sector is blamed on the presidential election conducted last year. Aloha Construction is part of the companies that recruited new staff.
Immediately firms in the construction industry reported weak business; the effects began being felt by other sectors of the economy. Apparently, these sectors depend on each other more than we all think. For instance, companies like Aloha Construction borrow money from lenders such as banks. When business is low, they refrain from borrowing, and lenders experience slow business. Likewise, when local manufacturers of building materials have few orders, the manufacturing sector immediately begins feeling a pinch. Loans and construction materials may become expensive forcing consumers to stop buying homes or requesting roofing, guttering, siding, and window & door replacement services offered by Aloha Construction.
Recently, Aloha Construction was among many companies that indicated that business in the construction sector was showing signs of improvement. The lake Zurich based company is known for its roof repair and roof installation expertise. Many contractors in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin prefer to contract Aloha Construction to install roofs in their projects even though those contractors are capable of roofing; the company is revered in roofing because it has specialized in roofing for many years. Also, the company has undertaken thousands of projects in the Lake Zurich area. All their customers have rave reviewed their services.

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