Robert Ivy- The Architect Guru

Robert Ivy- FAIA is the Chief Executive Officer and also the Vice President of The American Institutes of Architects. He received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievements Awards. The award was given by the Mississippi Institutes of the Arts and Letters a non-profit institute due to his exceptional artist’s architectural design. It’s the first instance for an architect to receive such award and from POLK, and it usually was given to the artists connected to Mississippi and the art patrons who have beautiful lifetime body of work. The lifetime artistic work ranges from creating, supporting and performing of extraordinary artwork that is worthy receiving a special honour.

Robert Ivy is the recent artistic architect to join the list of distinguished Mississippians with the previous ones including Eudora Welty, the writer in 2001. Actor Morgan Freeman received his honour in 2007, writer Shelby Foote acquired in 2004, Walter Anderson the late artist received his in 1989, and 200o singer Leontyne Price got the award.

According to Nancy LaForge, the MIAL President in the architect industry Robert Ivy is the worthy ambassador in the industry since he has made the general public have easy access to architecture. Ivy is a well-renowned commentator, author, and writer on matters concerning architecture worldwide. Robert Ivy, a native of the Mississippi, was crowned the personal of his professional achievement.

Robert worked at McGraw Hills Architectural Records as the Chief Editor and later in 2011 he joined the AIA, and under his leadership, the Architectural Record improved significantly. The Architectural Record became widely disseminated and prestigious architectural journal globally receiving numerous awards like National Magazine Award for their General Excellence. Ivy led the McGraw Hills company in designing and construction media in China and the Middle East during its expansion by launching of the Architectural Record on Mandarin version.

Robert Ivy has authoritative biography known as Fay Jones that was published in 2001 and its now enjoying the third edition. The book main aim is showcasing different works of Frank Lloyd Wright American architect devotees with the North America Art Library Society citing the Fay Jones as the highest standards of design, production, and scholarship.

He attended The South of Sewanee University and received his English in Arts and later to University Tulane for his Masters in Architecture. Ivy once served for U.S. Navy as an officer before being a renowned architect.

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All about the Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group was established back in the year 1998. It was founded by three gentlemen namely Randal A. Nardone, Wesley R Edens, and Rob Kauffman. The Fortress group is located in New York City and mainly deals with investment management. Fortress later on expanded its activities into real estate-oriented investments, debt security and hedge funds. The group grew rapidly with its private equity funds rising to 39% within a period of about six years.Fortress Investment Group manipulates their specialized expertise that have a wide experience in traditional asset management, investment strategies, liquid markets, credit, and private equity. Fortress Investment Group LLC manages assets for over 1700 private investors and institutional clients globally.At Fortress Investment LLC, investment performance is their main pillar. By the end of 2017, they had a total of 953 asset management employees, including the 216 investment professionals both in their headquarters in New York City and their associate offices internationally. Fortress group has its core competencies which are;

Capital Markets

Fortress has widely experienced expertise in capital markets, securing low- cost and low risk financing for the group’s investments by accessing the equity capital markets.

Operations Management

Fortress has come up with a set of tools to work on structural, strategic, and operational challenges. This has enabled the group to acquire more value from the complex investments.

Corporate Mergers and acquisitions

Fortress Investment Group has a wide experience in mergers and acquisitions. This has enabled the group to work in collaboration with boards of directors and different stakeholders to come up with an optimal structuring of an investment.

Industry Knowledge

Fortress has deep information on the kind of industries to invest in. The group has come up with a team of investment professionals to work on execution of different investments.The kind of leadership at Fortress has also been a key factor that has resulted to its success. The leadership at Fortress has remained committed to maintaining enviable corporate governance practices and policies. The Board of Governors at Fortress has come up with a frame work to establish the highest level of accountability and integrity in business.Mr. Peter L. Briger, Jr. serves at Fortress Investment LLC as a Co-Chief Executive Officer. Since the year 2002, he has been a member of the Fortress Management Committee. He also serves as a member of the board of governors since the year 2006. The other Co- Chief Executive Officer is Wesley R. Edens who is also a Co-Founder of the Fortress Investment LLC. Other members of the Fortress board of governors are Michael G. Rantz, Douglas L. Jacobs, George W. Wellde Jr., and David B. Barry.The successes of Fortress Investment LLC are clearly evident. In the year 2014, it was named the management firm of the year by HFMWeek. It was also, in the same year, named the Hedge Fund Manager of the year by the institutional investor. In both 2010 and 2011, the Fortress investment was recognized as the Credit-Focused Fund of the Year.

Enhanced Athlete and Useful Product Choices

Some people concentrate on exercise sessions that are all about exemplary outcomes. These individuals sometimes feel like they’re at a standstill, however. Progress in the exercise world can seem rather elusive at times. People who are in the middle of dealing with exercise ruts often crave knowledge from others who know exactly how they feel. They frequently seek tips from people who know a lot about strong bodybuilding practices. Enhanced Athlete is a company that can help individuals who feel frustration that involves workout dilemmas. Enhanced Athlete is many different things all wrapped into one neat package. It’s a store that specializes in the sales of athletic equipment, first of all. It’s a team that consists of experts who know a lot about health and nutrition matters. It’s even a video blog source that gives people information that involves the massive bodybuilding realm. Dr. Tony Huge is the respected bodybuilder who launched Enhance Athlete. This company works to teach individuals who wish to gain muscle and do away with pesky fat at the same exact time. Enhanced Athlete is equipped with 1,000 plus informative video clips that discuss many aspects that involve bodybuilding. People who watch these clips can receive information that relates to fitness. They can receive information regarding all of the realities that are associated with getting fitness glory as well.


The people who pay attention to Enhanced Athlete are devoted to it. Enhance Athlete concentrates on an assortment of relevant specialties. Personal training is just one of them. Enhanced Athlete’s qualified team members set up training regimens that are 100 percent individualized. They come up with these routines by taking a variety of factors into consideration. They think about their clients’ specific objectives. They think about accessibility. They think about the level of time their clients have to devote to getting things done. They even consider the compositions of their bodies.


Enhanced Athlete has a couple of affiliated firms. These are known as Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching. This notable company is headquartered in Carson City in Nevada. It provides people with a wealth of choices in products that can aid them with strong performance, fat burning and more powerful muscles. It offers thorough training services to people. It offers a convenient mix of guides and video clips as well. Enhanced Athlete’s product categories are fat burners, muscle builders and performance enhancers. People who want to do anything they can to get more stamina often depend on Enhanced Athlete’s offerings. People who want to be able to stay active, energetic and lively all day long often depend on them, too. Individuals who want to interact with other Enhanced Athlete fans can head to the company’s online forum.

Ricardo Tosto Analysis on Regularization of Assets Abroad Law

Ricardo Tosto is one of the co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Tosto is a greatest entrepreneur of Brazilian law. He represented companies and people in many cases which made him famous. He is more specialized in litigation and he has manoeuvred complex lawsuit that gave him excellent reputation. Moreover, he advocated for the government, prominent politicians and non-governmental organization.

Recently Ricardo Tosto was talking about a law that provides regularization of assets abroad. Law 13; 254 opens a way for technical exchange between foreign lawyers and Brazilian lawyers. Ricardo Tosto said that this law will bring positive partnership. His partner Nelson William also agrees with him that this law creates a bridge between national and foreign lawyers.

Before this law was approved, it went through a lot of hard steps in the congress. At first it was supposed to be taxed an income tax of 17.5% plus a fine of 17.5%. After a long discussion, Mr. Manoel junior, the rapporteur of the text presented a new proposal that minimized the income tax rate to 15% and a fine of 15% too.

Tosto also explain the possibilities of acquittal for crimes like tax evasion, money laundering and misconduct quoted by law 13.254. According to the custom, only major crime like smuggling, corruption, drug trafficking will not be amnestied. In this framework, Ricardo Tosto stresses that it becomes important for the partnership between international layers and national layers to complement laws and map individuals who are interested to keep their resources a secret. Keeping resources secretly abroad without the knowledge of Brazilian tax authority is a major crime. And this is why the law of regularization of assets is significant in dealing with those individuals who own illegal money outside the country. Moreover strong ties between advocate professions in different countries will make it hard to divert resources and use them unlawfully outside Brazil.

The law of repatriation of assets or regularization of assets abroad is very significant. This will enable lawyers from different nations to work together with Brazilian lawyers against illegal activities like corruption and smuggling of resources from Brazil. Ricardo tosto played a key role in implementing this role.

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Robert Ivy: Well Deserved Life Time Achievement

For a man who first studied English at Sewanee: The University of the South, you would not expect for him to then Master in Architecture at Tulane University. Two disciplines that, for the most part, could not be more different. Beyond the fact that they both deal with paper and perhaps pencils at some point, Robert Ivy is a man who deserve everything that is coming to him. For on June 2, 2018, the Mississippi Institute of the Arts and Letters will present him with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award as a Mississippi-connected artist and patron of the arts.

This recognition can be considered the culmination of his life thus far, where in the roles he has held, Ivy has acted as a champion for the well-being of the public. In the way he has communicated the importance of design in a field that, in the past, often fell short of making change beyond the physical. Instead, as an architect, he has advocated for a new wave of architects and a manner of speaking.

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It can be argued that his influential career started when he became Editor-in-Chief at McGraw-Hill’s magazine, Architectural Record in 1996. While under his leadership, the Magazine became the worlds most widely available architectural based publication, garnering several notable awards such as the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. While McGraw-Hill’s design and customer media was expanding into parts of China, he introduced the first Mandarin version of the Architectural Record, as well as a version of it in the Middle East.

Robert Ivy is also noted for the biography he wrote, Fay Jones: Architect, which covered the life and works of the famed architect who apprenticed under Frank Lloyd Wright. The Art Library Society of America goes as far as to consider it a standard of work in the field. Ivy, in 2017, was even awarded the Dean’s Medal by the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture of which only six other have been awarded.

After becoming EVP and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, he his leadership has resulted in more its highest level of members since it was founded in 1857. In addition to this accomplishment, AIA now has over 200 international, state and local chapters, far surpassing the expectations of its original founders whilst also standing by the organization’s values and mission. The main headquarters for the organization is located in Washington DC.

Robert Ivy is more than deserving of recognition.

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Jeremy Goldstein Is The Compensation Expert Employers Need

Jeremy Goldstein has been working to solve the current dilemma facing employers around the country when it comes to the incentives they offer. Stock options are what employees of the past are used to, but today they are being avoided altogether, by both employers and employees. Not only are stock options unreliable for employees, not being a guaranteed form of compensation, but they are very costly for the corporation giving them out. What’s worse, even if the stocks drop and the incentive diminishes, the costs are still there in terms of the accounting work that needs to be done to show those costs.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most qualified experts in the industry today when it comes to compensation. He is a highly practiced legal expert that specializes in executive compensations at his law firm, Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. In the past 15 years, Jeremy’s law firm has helped close deals for major corporations around the country, saving billions of dollars in the past decade alone for employers. With a decorated background in the law industry and a strong foundation in academic law and business from New York’s University School Of Law and Chicago Universty, Jeremy Goldstein has the insight to create workable solutions.


One of the best ways to appease employers as well as employees will be to offer knockout options, says Jeremy Goldstein. This way companies will still be able to offer these options without the added risks and substantial costs that are related. That being said, it doesn’t eliminate all of the problems, just the major ones on the table at the moment. Jeremy believes employees are less worried about stock options than they are about better compensation in the form of increased pay. Learn more:


As for employers, should they continue to offer options to their employees, there are still risks associated with it. Jeremy has published several articles discussing the knockout options and how they will affect employees if they use them. In most instances, knockout options are beneficial and even suggest long-term company growth with continued use according to some studies s=done in the past few years.

OSI Group is One of the Best

OSI Group is the largest privately owned food processing company and purveyor of food products, processing services, plus research and development options to an international customer base consisting of retail stores and the food service industry. OSI Group’s origins can be traced back to Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who, in 1909, started a small, family-owned meat packing and butcher shop on the outskirts of Chicago. From the company’s humble roots, through their exclusive partnership with McDonald’s beginning in 1955, to their current international success in diverse markets throughout Europe and Asia, OSI Group has grown into an industry leader and proud member of America’s top 100 for food-related business.

The lofty achievement of becoming one of America’s top food companies comes in part from the core values OSI Group holds themselves to. They focus on creative and innovative solutions to unique customer needs; customers that OSI sees as partners embarking on a successful business venture together. This customer solutions mindset is balanced by the other core value of putting the company and employee needs first. OSI might be a multi-billion dollar corporation, but they are still very much of a family business mindset. This has been the guiding principle of CEO Sheldon Lavin who has been at the helm of OSI Group for over forty years. Through his leadership, the company has grown from being primarily involved with food processing for McDonald’s to having 55 facilities in 16 countries and has acquired staples of the industry such as Tyson Food, Baho Food, and Flagship Europe.

Alongside their values and tangible growth, another clear marker of OSI Group’s success is their methodology. Not only do they offer food and food-related products, but they also offer R&D services to better tailor their process to customer needs. Every major facility in the company has a test kitchen where specialists in food creation and production work out the best way to solve whatever problem the customer might levy at them. This work involves taking into account the nutritional value of the food, the shelf-life, how well the food conforms with marketing research, sensory analysis, how large-scale production would look, and how everything as cost-effectively as possible. Once the perfect plan has been created, then the best packaging and logistics system available is employed to get the product to the customer quickly and efficiently. From concept to dinner plate, OSI Group serves up a delicious deal for customers.

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Mark Mckenna: Doctor Turned Entrepreneur

Are you interested in the fields of elective healthcare and business? Have you ever heard of a guy that’s known as Mark McKenna? Well, if you haven’t heard about this extraordinary man, then you’re not along. Though he isn’t a household name, Dr. Mark McKenna has done some amazing things to enrich people’s lives. The New Orleans-native is one of the most savvy individuals you’ll ever meet. If there’s an issue, he’ll find some kind of solution, especially when it comes to dealing with health/medical care. Dr. Mark McKenna started his professional career as a medical doctor. Thanks to being so ambitious, this man has taken-over real estate as well as taken-over elective healthcare via medical aesthetics.

Dr. Mark McKenna has played a key role in rebuilding New Orleans. Thanks to his brilliance in the real estate department, he was able to provide low-to-moderate housing for people of a certain income. This housing was heaven-sent, especially after the Hurricane Katrina’s wrath. Hundreds to even thousands of people benefited from his services. In addition to that, Dr. Mark McKenna used his business-savvy sense to buy flooded property in the area and then he would turn around and sell them to real estate developers. What more can you ever ask from just one person? Though he has always had love for the medical industry, McKenna was now turning-over a new leaf in a sense.

His latest project, OVME, is a technologically advanced medical practice with all of the trimmings. The great thing about this practice is that it does a great job of connecting health-conscious consumers with proper health services. OVME goes overboard by providing an advanced application that lists the plentiful services in the area. Minimal-invasive procedures is OVME’s game, and these services can be provided from the comfort of your own home. We should give a round of applause to Dr. Mark McKenna, and his fantastic creations.

Talkspace Talks Mental Health

Talkspace, an online therapy app that allows users to work with mental health professionals, has posted two interesting blog entries. The first is about how the season of spring can make people feel energized as they emerge from their winter hibernation, which is a good thing, but can also them feel manic. To help, Talkspace posted a playlist of spring-oriented songs to help listeners adjust to the season through music.

The second blog posting is about the differences between PTSD and Complex PTSD. In a nutshell, PTSD is generally the result of a single traumatic event whereas Complex PTSD is a result of multiple traumatic events over an extended period of time.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is a therapy app that is becoming increasingly popular. Based in New York City, the app matches up users with appropriate therapists. After a match has been made, the user texts back and forth with their therapist.

The service is far cheaper than therapy in a traditional setting, and it has proved to be highly effective. Essentially, Talspace combines the convenience of the digital age with old-fashioned talk therapy. The firm hires fully qualified therapists, and its work is being watched closely by those interested in how technology is making it easier to treat mental health issues.

Mighty Fortress Church: Finding a Good Place To Celebrate Resurrection Sunday

Many people are faced with a challenge when it comes to resurrection Sunday. Many people do not know where to go to church. As a matter of fact, it is very common for people to consider themselves believers and still not be connected to a church. There are a lot of reasons for this. For one thing, they may have been given a bad image about church when they have grown up in it. Another possibility is that they have heard a lot about church in general and have decided that this is something that they might want to stay away from. Visit to know more.

Fortunately, there is a church that makes sure that they stay close to the teachings found in the Bible. This church is called Mighty Fortress Church. One of the challenges that Mighty Fortress Church has managed is to rightly divide the truth of God. Therefore, they know how to teach the right principles as found in the word of God. Therefore, they are better able to serve and minister to people who come. They are also better able to present themselves as an example to believers. This is one thing that is going to attract the people who are truthful. Watch this video on Youtube.

Mighty Fortress Church is one of the best places to go in order to celebrate resurrection Sunday. For one thing, they make sure that they are focused on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. They bring about a service that is meant to renew hope and encourage people to continue living for Christ. The best thing about resurrection Sunday at Mighty Fortress Church is that the place is filled with people that are totally sold out to Christ. When people are totally dedicated to the life of Christ, then they are going to experience all of the wonders that such a life has to offer.

To go along with the resurrection Sunday and other services, there are study groups that people can go to which are good about lifting people up and encouraging them. They can also go deeper into the Word than they could at the weekly service.