The Academy of Art University: A Center for Beautiful Creativity

What are the things that are most important to you? For some people, it is their family and for others, it could be their passion. At the Academy of Art University students are encouraged to develop their passions. The school is completely dedicated to helping students access their own personal talents to become the professionals that they have always wanted to be. The school is dedicated to educating its students in the ways of fine arts and design. This can come in a variety of forums such as interior decorating, painting, photography, and even animation. The point is that student should be able to get a degree in something that matters to them personally.

One student that is making waves in the animation world with his degree from the Academy of Art University is Jan Philip Cramer. Since he obtained his degree, Cramer has been working very hard in the film industry to make sure that his animation is top-notch. He has done such good work in an industry that people have invited him to work on major products in recent years. Some of the work that he has done would be instantly recognizable, such as Deadpool. The work that he does has even earned him enough admiration to include him on the recent blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War. “Academy of Art University Grad Showcases Animation Expertise in Avengers: Infinity War” featured on discusses the some of the work that he has been doing since leaving the Academy of Art University.

For individuals like Cramer, it was nothing to fight for their dreams. The problem is that countless students all over the United States are being pushed into degree programs that they are not passionate about. At the Academy of Art University, they know what it feels like to be pushed into a direction that is contradictory to your passions. They have taken the charge to help their students pursue their own passions very seriously. Their work will continue to highlight the best professionals in the art world, whether it be in acting, design, painting, or any other medium that people can display their creativity.


GreenSky Credit Founder Helps Company Raise Millions In IPO

GreenSky Credit is a company that works for customers in a way to help them get loans for a variety of home improvement projects. The company’s customers are able to apply for these loans using the company app on their smartphone devices. The company has quickly and quietly become a large financial tech company in the United States. It made a public debut just recently.

The company is based out of Atlanta and has already seen its fair share of good stock prices since becoming public. GreenSky Credit had originally started with shares priced lower, but their expectations were quickly met and exceeded. They plan to use the stock market money they raise to help allow their investors and management team to take their leave. The founder of GreenSky Credit had most of the invested share of the company and this money will allow for the other investors and management team to have more stake in the company as well.

Like stated earlier, the company has quickly and without much notice grew to be one of the largest firms of financial investment technology companies in the nation. It is a startup that grew out of the public eye for more than 12 years. Before it even became public, GreenSky Credit was founded with investments from different investors including some help from ICONIQ Captial, TPG and PIMCO. These investors had no issues coming on board because the founder was able to prove the amount of steady profits the company had already established with no outside help.

The online presence of GreenSky Credit has made it to begin getting compared to other online lending giants like OnDeck and Lending Club. These companies are a bit different than GreenSky because they have struggled immensely as public companies. GreenSky Credit has always prided itself in being different than the rest. The company transfers much of its risk to their deposit-rich banking partners such as with SunTrust, Fifth Third and Regions. These banks fund the loans to the company and then keep those loans on their company balance sheets. In this way, GreenSky doesn’t find itself on the hook for any defaulted loans.

Talk Fusion: Follow Your Passion

Passion is something that is one of the greatest things in the world. It could be passion for anything, really. It could be passion for a favorite football team, family, or just life in general. However, without passion, it is hard to get much of anything done in today’s world. People need passion. They need to feel alive. Sadly, many people have been beaten down by the world and they have lost their passion. They have become a robot or a zombie. They don’t get pleasure out of much of anything in the world today. They are simply going through the motions and waiting bi-weekly for their paycheck. That is just existing. That is not living.


Bob Reina does not want people to just exist. He wants them to fully embrace their passion, whatever it is. For a lot of people, they are very, very passionate about film. There are people that have vlogs, blogs, and all sorts of ways where they talk about their passion. With Talk Fusion and their video features such as video emails and video newsletters, they can get their voice out there. Everyone has a voice and it is important to use it for something positive. When they use it for something positive, great things can come out of it.


The time to embrace that passion was yesterday, as they say. Talk Fusion has 30-day free trials for new customers at the present time ( It is a great time to take advantage of this. I know a lot of people are scared to try new things and I don’t fault them for that. There is no reason to be afraid, however. They need to embrace this positive change in their life. I understand why they are afraid, but they don’t need to be afraid as Talk Fusion is easy to use and most of all, it is tons of fun! Learn more:


Talk Fusion is what people with passion need. The word need over want is important to remember. They need this to fully embrace the person they are and the life they want to live.