All about the Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group was established back in the year 1998. It was founded by three gentlemen namely Randal A. Nardone, Wesley R Edens, and Rob Kauffman. The Fortress group is located in New York City and mainly deals with investment management. Fortress later on expanded its activities into real estate-oriented investments, debt security and hedge funds. The group grew rapidly with its private equity funds rising to 39% within a period of about six years.Fortress Investment Group manipulates their specialized expertise that have a wide experience in traditional asset management, investment strategies, liquid markets, credit, and private equity. Fortress Investment Group LLC manages assets for over 1700 private investors and institutional clients globally.At Fortress Investment LLC, investment performance is their main pillar. By the end of 2017, they had a total of 953 asset management employees, including the 216 investment professionals both in their headquarters in New York City and their associate offices internationally. Fortress group has its core competencies which are;

Capital Markets

Fortress has widely experienced expertise in capital markets, securing low- cost and low risk financing for the group’s investments by accessing the equity capital markets.

Operations Management

Fortress has come up with a set of tools to work on structural, strategic, and operational challenges. This has enabled the group to acquire more value from the complex investments.

Corporate Mergers and acquisitions

Fortress Investment Group has a wide experience in mergers and acquisitions. This has enabled the group to work in collaboration with boards of directors and different stakeholders to come up with an optimal structuring of an investment.

Industry Knowledge

Fortress has deep information on the kind of industries to invest in. The group has come up with a team of investment professionals to work on execution of different investments.The kind of leadership at Fortress has also been a key factor that has resulted to its success. The leadership at Fortress has remained committed to maintaining enviable corporate governance practices and policies. The Board of Governors at Fortress has come up with a frame work to establish the highest level of accountability and integrity in business.Mr. Peter L. Briger, Jr. serves at Fortress Investment LLC as a Co-Chief Executive Officer. Since the year 2002, he has been a member of the Fortress Management Committee. He also serves as a member of the board of governors since the year 2006. The other Co- Chief Executive Officer is Wesley R. Edens who is also a Co-Founder of the Fortress Investment LLC. Other members of the Fortress board of governors are Michael G. Rantz, Douglas L. Jacobs, George W. Wellde Jr., and David B. Barry.The successes of Fortress Investment LLC are clearly evident. In the year 2014, it was named the management firm of the year by HFMWeek. It was also, in the same year, named the Hedge Fund Manager of the year by the institutional investor. In both 2010 and 2011, the Fortress investment was recognized as the Credit-Focused Fund of the Year.

Sahm Adrangi’s Career With a Difference

Soon after publishing a heartfelt article, “An Ode To Those Who Wander,” the writer received a call from Sahm Adrangi to discuss the GNC Holdings. Mr. Adrangi is a former bond trader at Wall Street. He was also a hedge fund credit analyst before becoming a hedge fund credit manager. The meeting was scheduled for the weekend. Eventually, the two met, and the writer found out that Mr. Adrangi has been a staunch follower of his writings on GNC. Sahm has been building his portfolio in Wall Street over time before he decided to retire.

In retrospect, Mr. Adrangi is a Penn State graduate who through hard work, determination and personal connections found his first job as an intern at the Merrill Lynch. He spent the next three years in the company working as a bond trader. He later moved to Longacre as a credit trader in the $3 billion hedge fund. At Longacre, he gained an extensive experience which enabled him to found his hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital in 2009.

After his time at Longacre, Adrangi moved to Paulson & Co where he worked with their credit team. At Paulson & Co, Sahm made over $6 billion for the company through trading mortgage bonds. After leaving Paulson, he worked at Bowery Investment Management for three years as the credit PM. In mid-2015, Mr. Sahm decided to quit the busy Wall Street and NYC’s high cost of living.

Earlier on before the meeting, Mr. Adrangi had published an article: “Northern Dynasty: The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercially Viable.” Through the article, the two had an opportunity to reflect on their times at the NAK. Their one plus hours meeting was very fruitful. The two had a connection and had the opportunity to discuss different available investment opportunities.

Through the meeting, the writer saw the good nature of Adrangi and observed his love for investments. Mr. Sahm currently works at his own firm, Kerrisdale Capital where he manages over $300 million in investments. The fund is more focused on long-term value investments as well as event-driven scenarios. The company through Mr. Adrangi loves to share its investment experience to the greater investment community.

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Madison Street Capital: Helping Companies Get Financing

Madison Street Capital’s reputation built on the pillars of excellence, leadership, and integrity. The company’s core business entails giving both privately and publicly held firms the financial advice they need to prosper. The last few years have been quite tough. Getting financing today, requires a financier to be confident about returns on investment.
The experts at Madison Street Capital understand that it is not just essential to assist companies to get financing. It is also essential that the financing arrives in good time. They create a model that allows both the investors and owners of a business to benefit. The company has enough experience and knowledge that allows them to match the right investors with the right businesses in a timely manner. They deal with clients from different fields. They always manage to create successful unions.
Professionals who have loads of experience and expertise prepare the tools used at Madison Street Capital. They are well suited to all areas of corporate finance including mergers, acquisitions, market pricing, due diligence, valuation, deal structuring, and implementation and design of exit strategies.

The company has been responsible for the success of hundreds of companies throughout America. The experience they have in corporate finance is what has made them a leader in the critical area of advisory services for dependable corporate financing. The company has offices in Asia, Africa, and North America. This global view has helped them give emphasis to business networks and local businesses as well.

Businesses Are More than Just One Persona

Madison Street Capital recognizes that a business is not just about the CEO. Thus, they dispense something known as tough love. The experts at the firm are brutally honest. If something needs to be restructured, they ensure that the business owner knows about it. The reason is that a business’s success means the success of a community and the relatives of the employees. At times, the firms’ experts may not always agree with a potential client. However, even during those times, they always leave full of wisdom.

Philanthropic Work

Madison Street Capital’s philanthropic work has been quite impactful. One example of this was after the devastating effects of the hurricane. The firm collaborated with the United Ways fund to help business get back on their feet. Their partnership back then helped to identify and secure financing for businesses that could turn around their fortunes. Madison Street Capital experts were in New Orleans and other areas identifying businesses that required assistance.

Try Madison Street Capital

For independent and third party opinions, tax planning, wealth preservation, business valuation, and other key areas of corporate finance, it is the firm of choice. Their expertise in middles market financing has already helped hundreds of companies. Your business can also join their list of successful businesses. Contact them today.

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Dick DeVos Leading in community Initiatives

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts fund raising managed to exceed the target set for the planned expansion project. The organization choose however decided to continue rising the funds and are now targeting $50 million extra.


The Kennedy Center press release reported that the campaign had locked $135.9 million for the project. The campaign begun back in 2013. Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has supported the cause with a donation of $1 million.


Dick DeVos has had a great career having worked in different executive positions. He has worked with the Amway, NBA Orlando Magic, and The Windquest where he still serves as the president.


When Dick DeVos was the President of Amway, he managed all aspects of the firm’s operations which were in 50 different countries. In his final year working for Amway, the company reported sales of $4.5 billion. Before Dick DeVos was promoted to become the President of Amway he was the vice president and was in charge of operations in 18 countries outside North America. At some point, DeVos also served as the CEO and President of Orlando Magic after his family acquired the team.


DeVos has used his success in business to support a broad range of community initiatives. Education Freedom Fund that he started has given more than 4,000 scholarships to disadvantaged children in Michigan. He Founded West Michigan Aviation Academy and is on the board of education in the school. The school aims at providing arduous training programs which are aviation focused. DeVos has contributed to improving healthcare including a $212 million convention center, $75 million downtown arena, $90 million medical schools, $130 million heart hospital, and a $30 million Downtown Market.


Dick DeVos has also written a best-seller book, (Recovering American Values) which was published in 1997.


DeVos does enjoy sailing and has also won twice the National Champion Sailor. Also, he is a qualified jet aircraft and helicopter pilot.


Dick DeVos is a graduate of Northwood University and has been married to Betsy for over 35 years.


West Michigan Aviation is a public charter high school that offers free tuition to students. Dick DeVos founded the school with support from his wife, Betsy. They began the school owing to their passion for education and aviation. West Michigan Aviation opened its doors in 2010 in the Gerald R. Ford International Airport grounds.


In 2010 the school first class was a renovated 25,000 sq. ft. Office space. Later on, the school was able to expand. West Michigan Aviation has seen rapid growth with the expansion that has provided more expanded space. The developments have made it easy for curriculum, student life and aviation programs become easier. The school capacity can now accommodate 500 students.

Gold Prices Are Up By 20 Percent In 2016 And Hedge Fund Giant George Soros Is Investing Big In The Precious Metal

George Soros is one of the most successful hedge fund investors in the business. Soros has a history of making some incredible deals and piling up a sizable fortune in the process. The key to good investing is being right more than wrong, and Soros stands on the side of right. Forbes lists Soros as one of the richest people in the world, but he wasn’t always rich, and he is not always right when it comes to investing. Soros is a Hungarian-born refugee that escaped the Nazis during the war. He made his way to London, and he started waiting tables to eat. George was bright enough to be accepted to the London School of Economics, and he graduated with a degree in philosophy. He moved to New York in the 1950s and started working on Wall Street. Sixty years later,George Soros is a billionaire many times over and a philanthropist that promotes democracy and the open society principle around the world.

Soros has been very vocal about the future of the stock market. The Soros Fund has more than $3.5 billion invested in the market, but that number is 37 percent less than the 2015 number. George Soros believes China is going to throw the world into a major recession, and he is changing his portfolio to reflect that event. Soros recently purchased 19.4 million shares of Barrick Gold. Barrick Gold is the largest gold miner in the world. According to, Soros also purchased 2.1 million shares of put options on the SPDR 500 EFT Trust. That investment means Soros is betting that the S&P 500 will drop in value.
Read more: Billionaire Soros Cuts U.S. Stocks by 37%, Buys Gold Miner

Even though Soros has a great track record, there are still many investors that think Soros is overreacting to the Chinese economic situation. China still has more than $3.5 trillion in reserves and the government is smart enough control their spending. But George Soros thinks the Chinese banks are overextended with bad debt and the yuan is overvalued, The only way out of their economic mess is to use more capital reserves to protect the banks and the yuan. That will send shock waves through financial markets, according to Mr. Soros and the rest of the world will fall into a devastating recession.

Motley Fool also wrote an article about Soros and his gold fetish recently. That article reinforced the Soros economic belief to a degree, but there are investors that still doubt that the stock market is going to lose the value that Soros described in his various interviews. But one thing is certain. George Soros believes in gold, and that belief is enough for the gold market to increase in value regardless of what happens in the stock market. 
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What Next After The Incorporation of Olympic Valley Fails?

For the Lake Tahoe north shore communities, the early storms and cold temperatures came as a welcome relief from the drought that threatened to see the closure of ski resorts and other businesses that were dependent on them. Times had been tough for the past few years in the region.

When it came to politics, the region faced the threat of incorporation of the Olympic Valley. The valley is home to the Squaw Valley Resort. To Andy Wirth and other resort owners, the early storms came as a blessing, as the resorts in the area opened weeks before the stipulated date, this going against the norm that had existed for about a decade.

More good news came in the form of the withdrawal of efforts by the proponents of the incorporation of Olympic Valley. Wirth, the President, and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, saw the incorporation as a threat to the business and civic climate of the region. His company had invested heavily in opposition to the incorporation efforts.

There would also have been a decline in the level of services that are crucial for the people such as snow plowing and road maintenance. He describes the incorporation as a recipe for fiscal disaster. The incorporation would lead to the isolation of Olympic Valley from the pool of resources by the north shore communities. Read more: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

However, those in support of the incorporation argue that the company was serving selfish motives in opposing the move. They also pointed out that the company preferred going through the Placer County Board of Supervisors, rather than facing a town council.

The plans and vision of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings for the region are great, with planned investments in retail and commercial developments to improve its real estate. The company also has plans that will see Squaw Valley connected to Alpine Meadow ski areas by a gondola. With the incorporation efforts out of the way, Wirth urged the community to embark on improving transportation and working on other issues as a community.

Andy Wirth is the man with the passion and dedication of serving the people and businesses in Olympic Valley. Wirth serves as the President of a successful company, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. With his continuous efforts, the area has become a top destination for tourists from all over the world looking to ski.

He supports various community and environmental causes in the Lake Tahoe region. Wirth co-founded a team by the name Wounded Warrior Support, that is involved in raising funds in support of the Navy SEAL Foundation.


Laidlaw & Company Offers Better Investment Advice For Every Client

Laidlaw & Company is a BrokerCheck.FINRA investment firm that stands in for the people who want to have a better experience spending their money. No one can do their investments on their own, but someone who is really looking at the markets with a keen eye will notice that they can save a lot of time and energy if they choose to work with Laidlaw & Company.
The brokers in the office at Laidlaw will intake ever client who comes through the door, and they get an idea of how someone wants to invest their money. People who love to invest will have the advice they need, and then the brokers are going to start giving advice about where every client should spend their money. There are a lot of clients who are going to need that advice so that they can make good decisions, and there are other clients who just do not have the time to do the research on their own.

The people at Laidlaw & Company are going to show people a variety of options that start with regular investing and end with something like wealth management. Wealth management is really easy to handle because it is just moving around the family money to places that are safe. However according to a study made by website PR Newswire, there are other ways to invest. The company can be very creative, and they will make sure they have the right investment tool for every person who is in need. They have access to the capital markets, and they make sure that every person who chooses a specific kind of investment can change at any time.