Sahm Adrangi’s Career With a Difference

Soon after publishing a heartfelt article, “An Ode To Those Who Wander,” the writer received a call from Sahm Adrangi to discuss the GNC Holdings. Mr. Adrangi is a former bond trader at Wall Street. He was also a hedge fund credit analyst before becoming a hedge fund credit manager. The meeting was scheduled for the weekend. Eventually, the two met, and the writer found out that Mr. Adrangi has been a staunch follower of his writings on GNC. Sahm has been building his portfolio in Wall Street over time before he decided to retire.

In retrospect, Mr. Adrangi is a Penn State graduate who through hard work, determination and personal connections found his first job as an intern at the Merrill Lynch. He spent the next three years in the company working as a bond trader. He later moved to Longacre as a credit trader in the $3 billion hedge fund. At Longacre, he gained an extensive experience which enabled him to found his hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital in 2009.

After his time at Longacre, Adrangi moved to Paulson & Co where he worked with their credit team. At Paulson & Co, Sahm made over $6 billion for the company through trading mortgage bonds. After leaving Paulson, he worked at Bowery Investment Management for three years as the credit PM. In mid-2015, Mr. Sahm decided to quit the busy Wall Street and NYC’s high cost of living.

Earlier on before the meeting, Mr. Adrangi had published an article: “Northern Dynasty: The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercially Viable.” Through the article, the two had an opportunity to reflect on their times at the NAK. Their one plus hours meeting was very fruitful. The two had a connection and had the opportunity to discuss different available investment opportunities.

Through the meeting, the writer saw the good nature of Adrangi and observed his love for investments. Mr. Sahm currently works at his own firm, Kerrisdale Capital where he manages over $300 million in investments. The fund is more focused on long-term value investments as well as event-driven scenarios. The company through Mr. Adrangi loves to share its investment experience to the greater investment community.

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