The Incredible Businessman Behind the Fountain House Wine Dinner: Jeremy Goldstein

Nothing exceeds the good in supporting any given good cause while enjoying a great meal and some fine wine. That is the reason why Jeremy Goldstein, together with Omar Khan and Jim Finkel are hosting the most lavish wine and dine evening in support of the Fountain House organization. This is an organization that was formed to assist all the men and women suffering from mental illness in the state.


The Fountain House and the Difference It Is Offering


The World Health Organization has labeled mental illness as the humanitarian crisis we are experiencing today. Affecting more than 450 million individuals in the entire world, mental illness has known to affect both communities and families. This has led to the loss of jobs amongst many people, prevented people from maintaining their relationships, finishing the educations, caring for their loved ones as well as managing their own finances. Nevertheless, Fountain House has now proven that this could not be the issue.


For over 70 years now, the great Fountain House has been vigorous in the support of those people living in different kinds of mental illnesses. The great organization was formed by six great minds who met as patients in Rockland State Hospital based in Orangeburg, NY. The Fountain House was formerly called “We Are Not Alone”, which was the best fitting label that could fit every person with any mental illness who feels lonely in their struggles.


The Group later bought a great house in the New York City through the support of their affiliates. This was with a key aim of giving their organization a home which they could serve other people from. The building came with a fountain in the outside hence the name Fountain house.


Jeremy Goldstein Involvement in Fountain House


Jeremy joined Fountain House in the year 2010. He has a degree in law from the New York University based in Chicago. He also boasts of his Bachelor of Arts, Jurius Doctor as well as a Masters of Arts. Now he serves as one of the boards of directors of the Fountain House.


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The Chainsmokers’ newest music video features Camila Mendes

The newest music video by Electropop group The Chainsmokers’ features actress Camila Mendes as the main character. Camila, an actress on the T.V. show ‘Riverdale’, plays a hotel employee who refuses to accept her bosses orders and instead decides to rip off her uniform and dance across the hotel to the music of The Chainsmokers’ song “Side Effects”. “Side Effects” is The Chainsmokers’ 5th song released in 2018 and the duo is currently working on their next album.

The Chainsmokers’ were first formed in 2012 under Alex Paul and Rhett Bixler as the players and Adam Alpert as the manager. Bixler left the group the same year and young DJ Andrew Taggart stepped in when he was informed by Alpert that a spot in one of his groups opened up. The Chainsmokers’ began by first creating remixes of different groups with a collaboration alongside Prianka Chopra by early 2013.

In September of 2013, The Chainsmokers’ had their first live performance at Terminal 5 with their single “#Selfie” being released just a few months later. The single was streamed to Republic Records by January of 2014 where it achieved great success internationally. Two more singles were released by March of 2015 and the group decided to sign up with Disruptor Records by April of the same year.

The arrival of summer marked the release of 2 additional singles titled “Good Intentions” and “Roses”. “Roses” became successful enough to achieve multiplatnum status in the United States and The Chainsmokers’ went on to release their debut EP titled “Bouquet” in October of 2015. The following year would see the release of 3 new songs, performances at both the Ultra Music Festival and the 2016 MTV VMAs, and the achievement of becoming one of the top 20 DJs within DJ magazine.

2017 brought in more singles and more performances for the group. The song “Paris” went on to gold status in both Canada and the United States with their album “Memories…Do Not Open” achieving platinum status by August. 2018 saw the release of more singles and a collaboration with the American rapper Juice Wrld.

Matt Badiali and Freedom Checks

At least everybody in the United States has heard about freedom checks. All investors whether an expert or new in the investment world have probably come across freedom checks or have listened to people talking about them. Freedom checks have some benefits that come along with them. However, most people are taking them to be just like any other scam in the market. There are so many people in the investment world who always try to take shortcuts to achieve success. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Nonetheless, there are those investors that take their time before they can invest in a new opportunity because they are aware that the market is full of scams and scammers. The good news about freedom checks is that they are real and legit. In addition to this, if people follow the right steps, they are likely to receive impressive returns with the checks.

Matt Badiali is the man who first talked about freedom checks. Matt was seen holding a big check which was looking like the one the government gives people after their tax refund. What confuses people more about these checks is the fact that they do not know who Matt Badiali is and what makes him the right person to introduce the checks on an advert.


Matt Badiali is an investor as well as a geologist. As a geologist, he has traveled to various places around the globe to inspect oil fields, coal mines including other fuel sources to determine their legitimacy. In addition to this, he traveled to these mines to talk to the workers about how they were operating services. Because of the nature of his job that allowed him to travel across the world, he has had the opportunity of interviewing some of the world leading energy suppliers CEOs. In 2008, when the stock market crashes, Matt was among the few people who were smiling. He went against his family and friends to invest in the energy sector. He bought stocks at $0.06 each which he later sold in 2010 at $2.64 giving him 4,400 percent profit. According to Badiali, checks are legit, and people should not have doubts about them when it comes to investing. Watch this video at Youtube.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Participation in the development of Dating Apps

Dating apps are gaining increased market coverage with platforms such as Tinder and Bumble having global recognition. Whitney Wolfe Herd is one of the developers and entrepreneurs who are behind the new trend. Whitney Wolfe Herd serves as the founder of Bumble dating app that mainly targets the female gender. Forbes estimates that the dating app is worth more than $ 1 billion. The investor has 20% in the company. She has been instrumental in attaining both the growth and continuity of the organization.

Whitney Wolfe involvement in the tech world can be traced to Tech Labs where she worked when she was 22. She took part in the creation of different projects and marketing activities. However, she was later to move to Tinder which shaped her career in dating apps. She took part in the founding of the organization, identifying the name and recruiting new members. She served as the vice president of the marketing activities. Despite the active contribution, she left Tinder in 2014 after a confrontation with the leaders. For more latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

opposed to the idea of having her in an executive position. They argued that it would paint as being less professional. She sued the Company and was awarded stock shares amount to $ 1 million. Her shares in both Tinder and Bumble have placed her net worth at 230 million dollars. At just 29 years, she is an investment guru in the social media platforms. She exhibit values like hard work, commitment, innovation and determinations.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Background Details

The Bumble founder was born in Utah but later moved to France. Her early education was in Judge Memorial Catholic High School. Her higher education was in France where she attended the Sorbonne University and the Southern Methodist University. While still in school, she took part in many marketing and social activities. The engagements were essential in shaping her leadership skills. They also played the role of boosting her professional network. The professional links proved vital during the formation of Bumble in 2014. In short, she is a successful entrepreneur who has managed to transform dating activities and empower the female gender.




End Citizens United Continues To Reject Corporate PACs

As part of the election season, End Citizens United recently announced that 111 Democratic candidates had won their respective primaries and advanced to the general election. One thing all these candidates have in common is that they’ve all agreed not to accept any money from corporate PACs. Additionally, they have found that 60 percent of candidates who are attempting to flip seats from red to blue have rejected campaign contributions from big corporations. From various congressional races in Ohio to the hotly-contested Senate race in Texas, Democrats have used their campaign finance reform stance to make Republican candidates appear inferior by comparison. This has caused them to look much more appealing to prospective voters in the general election. Read this article at The Atlantic.

This comes on the heels of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee exceeding their fundraising goal about three months prior to the general election. With over $75 million currently raised, the DCCC is expected to exceed a total sum of $100 million before November 6. End Citizens United is confident the candidates they’ve endorsed will find much success in the midterm elections. End Citizens United is an organization dedicated to overturning the decision of FEC vs. Citizens United and keeping big money out of politics. It is currently estimated that online contributions accounted for a third of the funds raised for the DCCC in the past year and a half.

The tide began to turn for the Democrats in the aftermath of the presidential election when candidates were able to flip six seats from blue to red. Now, with just under two months until the general election, the midterms appear to be looming large over Washington DC as people begin discussing the potential blue wave that may wash over our government. End Citizens United is confident that Democrats will be able to take back the Senate, House and, Congress. They’ve already spent over two and a half million dollars on campaign advertisements alone to show how confident they are in their abilities. However, only time will tell. So we wish them the best of luck in their campaigns and hope they are successful.

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Sussex Healthcare Keeps Rolling On With An Impressive Commitment To Its Patients

It has now been more than two decades since Sussex Healthcare first opened its doors and the company is celebrating this remarkable accomplishment. The company was the genesis of the business savvy of both Shiraz Boghani and Shakif Sachedina. These two revolutionary businessmen were able to take their unique backgrounds and forge a powerful partnership in the healthcare sector. Sussex started out as a single care home but today the company boasts an impressive twenty-plus such home. The types of patients that receive care in these facilities range from the elderly and disabled to people dealing with dementia and traumatic brain injury.

These patients receive expert care from a team of caregiving an support staff that are highly trained and totally committed to serving the patients that they are entrusted with. The company places a huge emphasis on continuing education for its team members as well. Sussex also has an ingrained belief that the patients that they care for should have a great deal of access to stimulating activities of the recreational and leisure types. The company believes that quality of life for residents is improved when they are encouraged to stay active.

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the company isn’t the only big news that Sussex Healthcare has been celebrating lately. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has recently been announced as the company’s new CEO. Morgan-Taylor comes to Sussex by way of an impressive thirty-plus year career in the public and private sectors of healthcare. She began her career in this industry as a mental health nurse, a career that she began back in 1984. Bringing in someone like Amanda Morgan-Taylor really shows the commitment that Sussex Healthcare has to provide the best care and services in the patient care business.

At each Sussex Healthcare home, patient meals are prepared fresh on a daily basis and each home has its own qualified chef to make sure that patient nutrition needs are taken care of. Residents with Sussex Healthcare also have their individual nutritional needs evaluated so that specific plans can be formulated. It is just one more way that the company honors its commitment to its patients.


OSI Food Solutions: David Mcdonald, OSI Group President

OSI Food group is the only supplier of the US fast food chain McDonald’s. The OSI Group operating worldwide has been a new shareholder of Hynek Schlachthof GmbH in Tauberbischofsheim since February 1 through its subsidiary OSI Europe food production branches. The report is in accordance with the Frankish news and OSI group annual press release.

With retroactive effect from 1 February, Gunzburg-based OSI Europe food works secured all shares of Hynek Schlachthof GmbH, located in the Main-Tauber district. The burgers specialist is expanding position in the area of raw material security through the takeover. The US parent company OSI generated annual sales of about six billion dollars and supplied in 1955, the first McDonald’s store in Chicago.

Today, around 20,000 people are employed at more than 50 locations in 18 countries worldwide. OSI supplies most of the burger restaurants with the “golden M” in 75 countries as well as other system catering companies such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. In addition, various German retail chains own OSI own brands.

The family business Hynek had acquired the municipal slaughterhouse Tauberbischofsheim in 1993 and continued as a cattle slaughterhouse. The firm slaughters around 800 livestock daily. People in Europe have embraced OSI Group food products because of the level of health measures put in place while processing its products. The company under the leadrship of David Mcdonald has also been acknowledged and awarded because of its environmental conservation measures and policies.

To date, David Mcdonald led the company in the second generation and made the company to achieve tremendous success. He will continue to act as David Mcdonald after the takeover. He has been working closely with the OSI Group for about 15 years anyway. David Mcdonald service provider specializing in the slaughter of cattle include Hynek (GmbH), headquartered in Butthard near the border with Bavaria, and Hynek Nutztiere which deals with the purchase and sale of livestock and horse trade. Hynek expects the weekly slaughtered animals to be increased to up to 1,200. The number of employees – currently just under 50 – could also increase as a result.

In Western Europe, the OSI group operates 13 manufacturing plants and claims to supply eleven markets, while in Central and Eastern Europe it has seven manufacturing sites and 19 markets served. In Germany, the group is active as OSI International Holding GmbH under the branches of OSI Food Solutions Germany and Foodstuffs. German production sites can be found in Gunzburg, Bad Iburg, and Duisburg.

Upwork Helps You Get Things Done

A to-do list can be very beneficial and useful when it comes to getting things done. But what is s good process for creating an effective to-do list? According to Upwork there are actually a few good ways to create a to-do list that will get checked off.

First off, you want to make sure that you get everything on your list that needs to get done. That way oyu free up your mind and you won’t have unnecessary stress because there’s so much on your brain. David Allen, creator of the GTD Method, stated that by writing everything down, you give your permission to forget it.

You should prepare your list well in advance and to begin teh day with planning in mind when you are teh ,most productive. It will keep you supercharged throughout the day and is a good habit to form.

It is also best to keep a master to-do list or at least keep all of your notes, reminders, and other important events all n one place. there are also many great apps that will keep your life organized and chaos-free.

When creating a to-do list it is a good idea to also set a deadline for when you want to get your tasks done. Be sure to add how much time it will take and when you want to get it done. This will make teh task seem more urgent and you are more likely to tackle it sooner.

Upwork is a company that makes it easy to find, work with, hire, and pay freelancers. They are the perfect pick for any size of business and will get you on track with your goals.

Priorities are important. Things will come up that will throw a wrench in your plans but you should have your priorities in order so that teh most urgent tasks get done right away. You should also be re-evaluating your list since things change and some tasks may end up recycled form list to list. It also helps to break up big tasks into smaller ones to make them more manageable.

“Freedom Checks” And Potential Mind-Blowing Returns

“Freedom Checks” were the big phenomena this year on the investing websites and other media outlets. Upon their dramatic introduction, they were first met with skepticism from average investors and financial pundits. The ads for “Freedom Checks” were extremely sensational and seemed too good to be true. Financial advisor and renowned geologist Matt Badiali is featured in one of these ads holding a check that looks like a government check and it is worth over one=hundred grand. Although the ads did make it appears this was a sort of get rich quick hoax, this is a truly legitimate investment opportunity that is just misunderstood by even seasoned investors.

“Freedom Checks” are the payouts from “Master Limited Partnerships” to their stakeholders. One of the criteria to be labeled an MLP is that the company must pay ninety percent of their profits to people who invest in their company. This may seem like a disadvantage, but they are not required to pay federal income taxes, which means the company has higher profits anyway. An investor in an Master Limited Partnership has a unique advantage in that he does not have to pay any income taxes on his distributions he is paid from the MLP. This is different than regular dividend-paying stocks, where investors pay taxes on dividends. The only taxes the investor pays are the capital gains tax for selling the shares when they decide to liquidate their position This all adds up to a higher rate of return for an investor.

It an individual is dying to get in on the action and start getting their fair share of “Freedom Checks”, they simply need to have a brokerage account and a small starting capital. Some of these companies sell on the major exchanges for as little as ten dollars. An investor can buy shares in an MLP like the way they would purchase shares in any other company. There are currently over five-hundred companies that fit the criteria to be labeled a “Master Limited Partnership”. Once an investor chooses an investment, they will start to receive “Freedom Checks” like the way they would receive a dividend payment.