A Thriving Entrepreneur, Keith Mann Also has a Heart for Low-income Students

Educating the next generation is the most important job of the previous generation because they are the future of America. Keith Mann realizes this, and so he partnered with Uncommon Schools to help more students to attend college when they graduate from high school.


Uncommon Schools is a charter school for students who come from low-income families, and their focus is to provide an optimal education for these students while preparing them for college.


Keith Mann and his wife Keely agree with their mission, so they joined together to promote this concept. Mr. Mann donated $10,000 to the second Uncommon School that was built in Brooklyn, and now today, there are Uncommon Charter Schools in New Jersey and Massachusettes as well as NYC.


When this second school opened, all the students needed standardized testing by the state of New York. Keith Mann encouraged businessmen from Dynamic Search Partners to donate, and together he collected over $20,000 to donate for the testing; all the students had their tests and began classes.


Who is this NYC entrepreneur and philanthropist?


Keith Mann is a New York businessman who has been in the executive search industry for over 15 years with Dynamic Executive Search. While managing DES, he started the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002 within the agency. As he gained experience in the industry, he began to see that the hedge fund and private equity firms needed more client services, so he filled the gap by founding Dynamic Search Partners.


In less than a decade, Mr. Mann has taken DSP to the top of the financial executive search field in NYC. Annually, he completes over 200 client mandates, and DSP has a reputation for having the most extensive database in the country.


Mann is a successful businessman committed to helping the next generation succeed also. This explains why he is committing his philanthropic efforts towards Uncommon Schools.


Last year, he found another way to benefit the students;he opened a college scholarship fund. Every year, a student is selected to receive $5,000 for their college tuition. As DSP continues to grow, Mann donates more to see students attend college.